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Ko'olauloa (North Shore of O'ahu) - Recap

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The scene opens with a surfing contest and Kono Ian Adams are left. Ian surfs and then suddenly crashes. Kono swims out there and a ski boat comes to get him. At close examination, he has been shot and he is dead. Kono is not happy and Steve and Danny arrive on scene and Danny doesn’t like surfing. Chin Ho comes up and tells that Ian is dead and that Kono knew Ian from the past. Kono comes up and tells that she wants this one. Danny tells that he hates it when rich people get killed because they want something everyone wants. Steve tells Chin Ho to follow the money. Danny is teased of his clothing at the beach and he doesn’t understand him.

Chin Ho starts to talk to people and one woman tells that Ian talked about the whole thing. Kono talks to Carlton Bass and she asks where Ben Bass was and he tells that he no longer talks to him. He gets interrupted by a press conference. Steve asks if there are a reason why someone would have killed Ian and Carlton tells that he had a lot of enemies. They look at the video and determine that the shot didn’t come from the beach. They triangulate it and tell that the bullet came from the North Shore. He tells that they can’t get in because there aren’t any roads. However, this doesn’t stop Steve and tells that they don’t need roads. Steve and Chin Ho on dirt bikes headed to the location.

At the office, Danny comes in and tells Kono that she should be off duty and tells that it is sad to be a cop that is not there in time. She asks if Danny ever had a teacher that he mentored and he tells that he did. Kono tells that it is the same and she needs to pay it back to Ian after all that he has done for him. Meanwhile on the North Shore, Steve and Chin Ho look at the chances that there was a shooter and they look for some clues. At another location, Kono walks up to Ben Bass and tells that she is a cop and that Ian died. She asks if anyone would have wanted to kill him. He tells that Ian got killed possibly by the greediness and that he wasn’t there at the surfing competition because of his father. Meanwhile, Steve and Chin Ho find clues and Chin Ho shows blood from a wild boar and Steve sees an insignia of the Kapoo, the protectors of the islands from the Howleys, aka white people. Danny jokes and Steve tells that they will get hurt if they don’t respect their land. Chin Ho puts Levi Parker and Diego Stone are two that stand out. Ian Adams was the witness in their trials that put them away.

Danny and Steve look around more and they visit Tropics Bar and Grill and meet with Kawika, a member of the Kapoo. They ask for his help to find Diego and Levi or he will arrest Kawika too. They stand off and Steve tells that he came there for a reason. Kawika tells that he will deliver Diego and Levi. Meanwhile, Kona and Ben walk back to his place and he tells that Ian walked up to Ben a few days ago, but he turned him away. Ben lives there. Steve and Danny wait for Diego and Levi. They arrive and they tells that they weren’t anywhere near the pipeline. He calls and he tells that they are good. Ben and Kona talk more and Kona asks what happened between Ben and his dad. He tells that he was out on a boat with him and it was planned by Ian and Carlton and that they had a plan to rule it all. However, Ben didn’t want anything to do with it. They kiss after Ben telling there was something nice of the island, but are interrupted when a hut is caught on fire.

Kona arrives in the office and Steve and Danny ask if they are alright. Chin Ho tells that the island where Ben is living is owned by Shortfin International and Ian Adams is the owner. Steve tells that the rifle needs to run through ballistics. Kona volunteers to do it. Chin Ho visits Ian’s assistant and she pulls up that Ian paid Gillis Brothers Law firm money. They were his Estate planners. Ben comes into the station and Kona tells that Ian put Ben as his beneficiary and Ben tells that he didn’t know. She tells that she needs his rifle to run through ballistics. Later, Kona tells that the rifle came back clean and Levi and Diego are the owners of the same bike rental place as the ones that burned down the hut on the island. They arrive at the shop and Diego and Levi take off. Steve catches up to them and they tell that they don’t have to tell them anything. Kawika comes by to make sure that they are cooperative.

Randall Barrett is the one that is in charge of everything and he tells that he didn’t do anything. Later, Ben is at Carlton’s house and Steve and the rest of the team are there too. They arrest Carlton because Ben is actually Ian’s son and that Carlton got jealous that Ben was going to be left everything and that he killed Ian before he finalized everything. The episode ends with everyone out in the water having a ceremony to Ian and spread out his ashes to the sea.