Ho'apono (Accept) - Recap

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The scene opens with a man running. The police are surrounding him and the man jumps a fence and runs off. Meanwhile at a Pearl Harbor tour, the man runs up and grabs a hostage and tells the police that he didn’t kill his wife. Later, Steve and Danny arrive on scene and meet Laurie Hills, a liaison for the governor’s office. She tells that Graham Wilson is the hostage taker. His only demand is to find the real killer of his wife. Steve tells that he is going in alone because Graham is a former Navy Seal just like Steve and he tells that he is going to be able to get through to him. They agree to allow Steve to take it on his own. At the car, Danny tells that it is bad idea and Steve tells that he is going to enter from the water and surprise him.

Chin Ho comes with Kona and they tell that Graham’s daughter was at the house hiding behind the couch at the time of the murder and they are going to investigate further what happened and Kona is going to see if she will talk with her about what happened. Steve gets ready and dives into the water. He comes out on the side and climbs up the ship. He walks through the ship and finds an old Navy officer on the ship as well. He tells that he is going to help Steve out. Meanwhile, Kona meets Lily, Graham’s daughter and asks if she would want a snow cone. She agrees. Back on the ship, one of the hostages asks for some food or she is going to pass out if she doesn’t get food. One of the other hostages gives her a candy bar. He tells that no one else is going to speak or they will get hurt.

At Graham’s house, Danny and Chin Ho are investigating and they find a journal written in Russian. Steve calls them and he asks if Graham is on any drugs. Chin Ho tells he has Flonosopan and Sleeping pills. They are medicines that treat people with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Clessco is the prescription doctor. The Navy Officer makes a noise and Steve tells him to run to the office. He takes his hat and enters the room where Graham is. Steve pretends to be a tourist and Graham tells him to sit down. Steve sees that the same woman who complained to be hungry is breathing rapidly. He asks if she is alright, but Graham tells her that she is fine. Meanwhile, Danny and Chin Ho meet with Dr. Clessco from the Navy and she tells that she diagnosed him with the disorder because of the fact that he had domestic violence. She tells that Graham started experiencing black outs and Danny feels that Graham could have killed his wife through a black-out and not even know it.

Back on the ship, one of the hostages tries to make a run for it and fight Graham, but is slammed into a bar and knocked out. Steve springs into action and grabs the knife that Graham was holding in his pocket and in the process, reveals that he is a formal Navy Seal and currently part of 5-O. He asks Graham what happened with his wife and he tells that he was going for a jog and then when he came home, she was on the floor. He tells that he met his wife in Germany and that she and he flew back to America with her daughter as well. Steve tells that he is going to have to help the man that Graham hit and Graham allows it. Meanwhile, Kona is having a snow cone with Lily and she tells that she loves them. Steve repairs the man’s head from bleeding all over the place and talks to Graham some more. He tells that he didn’t kill his wife and Steve tells that he believes him. He tells that he needed to clear his head today and that he means everything and Steve tries to walk up to him. He tells that he is done and Steve convinces Graham to let the one hostage go. He tells Steve to get into the bathroom and Graham locks him inside.

Steve calls Danny and Danny tells that Graham could have killed his wife for his black-outs. Steve refuses to believe it and tells that Graham’s wife was a Russian citizen and that the journal would hold clues. Danny tells that they are going to have the translation soon. There is a loud noise. It is the Navy officer to the rescue. Graham calls up Laurie Hills and tells that she locked Steve up and that if she pulls another stunt, then he is going to start killing. Steve is with the Navy officer and Steve shows that he could get a print from the knife. He sends it to Danny. Steve tells that his team has the motto, Leave No Man Behind. In the hall, the Navy officer tells that he served with Steve’s grandfather. Steve asks if the officer was one of the lucky ones and the Navy officer tells that he wasn’t on board that day. Steve tells that he is proud to be the grandson of a hero.

Kona and Lily draw and Kono asks her to draw what she was doing this morning. She draws her under the couch and a mystery man yelling at her mother. Suddenly a man approaches and Lily runs off. A car comes up and a man reaches out and kidnaps Lily. The car drives off and the man is gone. Danny tells that Steve that Lily is kidnapped and Steve tells that Graham didn’t do it and he tells that Steve is not to tell Graham about his daughter. Steve agrees. Steve tries to give Graham the chance to talk and Graham shoots the window. At the station, the team dig up that Lily’s real father, Yager Dubaj is the man who kidnapped Lily. They run off to catch the plane before it takes off.

Steve puts on a gas mask and sets off tear gas. The Navy officer gets all the hostages out of there. Graham is prepared and takes Steve hostage. Steve answers the phone and puts it on speaker. The team tells him that they are on their way to get Yager and Graham tells that he is dead from cancer. He doesn’t believe him and tosses Steve’s phone. Laurie Hills deploys SWAT and Danny and the rest of the team stop the plane and arrest Yager and his men and rescue Lily. As SWAT approaches, Graham is boxed in. Just as Graham is about to surrender his life, Steve tackles him. They arrest him. As they are walking up, Lily is there too. Steve tells them to give Graham a moment with his daughter. Graham tells Lily that she is going to live with his sister until he is better. They share a moment and Steve and his team walk off and the episode ends.