Mana'o (Belief) - Recap

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The scene opens with a fire throwing group at a Luau. Two men unwrap something they think is a pig, but it is a man with a badge of the Honolulu Police Department. Meanwhile, Danny is with his daughter and she lost her doll. Danny finds her doll and gets her ready to go to her mother out front. His daughter kisses him goodbye. Danny sees that his daughter left the dolphin that goes with her daughter’s doll and Amy Hanamoa tells that Meca is dead. They sit down and she tells that she doesn’t know of the investigation. She tells that none of the officers are telling her what is going on. Danny tells that he will take on the case.

At the Five-O Headquarters, Chin Ho tells that everything is clean cut and Chin Ho tells that the killers were sending a message. A man name Cage is lead on the case and Chin Ho tells that he is Internal Affairs. He tells that Cage is tough and will not stop to get to the bottom of things. Danny and Steve visit Cage at the driving range and he tells that he is not able to speak about the case involving Meca. Danny tells that Meca was his friend and that Cage needs to tell what he knows. Cage tells Steve that he needs to back off from someone who is possibly involved in things that Internal Affairs needs to investigate. Danny tells that he is going to talk to real cops and leaves. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono go to visit Amy and her son Billy and ask if Meca had any enemies while Kona looks at Meca’s laptop. Chin Ho tells htat he has delt with Internal Affairs. Danny walks into the station and everyone has been told by Interal Affairs to be quiet about Meca. One officer, Kaleo, tells that he can’t say anything, but slides a piece of paper telling him to meet him somewhere in an hour.

In the car, Steve tells that it is possible that Meca was involved in something because of the fact that the evidence is pointing. Chin Ho calls and tells that Meca had a plane ticket booked to Singapore a day before he was murdered. Steve is starting not to believe that Meca is so innocent. They meet with Kaleo and he tells that people are talking that he was on the take. He tells that Ochoa, a drug cartel, like to send a message. They drive back and Steve tells that he wants to tell something to Danny, but doesn’t want him to get mad. He promises and Steve tells that he doesn’t think that Meca is innocent. Danny loses it and Steve tells him to calm down. At the headquarters, Chin Ho shows Ochoa’s trail of bodies that have been dubbed the Cartel. Emilio Ochoa is the leader of the Cartel and Chin Ho tells that they need to talk to someone if they are going to find out who the new supplier is. They visit Kamercona and he is hesitant at first to give up the name. He asks if they like Modern Art.

They go to a Gala and Chin Ho shows his culture when Clifton Bowles original comes up. They find a man named Bastille, the new supplier. He tries to call for security, but Danny and Steve are ready. He tells that he is not talking. Danny straps him to the hood of the car and drives around quickly. He tells that there is a new shippment coming in. Later at the headquarters, Kono tells that there are wire transfers to an account in Singapore. Danny believes that Meca was following the money and it got him killed. Steve tells that it is also possible that Meca is the owner of the accounts. Danny walks out and tells that his word is not good enough. Chin Ho meets up with him at the bar and tells that he knows Cage and that he is tough. He tells Danny that Cage was the one who investigated him and that he didn’t rest until he got everyone in the squad to believe Cage over him. Chin Ho tells that he has Danny’s back to the end. Danny realizes that he is going to have to do something that Steve wanted him to do in the first place.

Danny goes to the prison where Sang Min is being held and tells him to pick up the phone. He gets him to tell him that Meca was not the mole in the department by getting something in return. They are going to go for Emillio Ochoa and Cage walks in. He tells that he has been going after him for a while and wants to go with. They are a little hesitant but allow him to go. They have Bastille in the back for the deal and he tells that Emillio is going to kill them. They tell him to settle down and they get out of the van. Emillio is there and he notices Danny and Steve. He tells Bastille that he got new men and then tells that he doesn’t like that. He runs off and Kaleo tells that he will go after Emillio. The rest of the team shoots Emillio’s men and there is a gun shot. Kaleo is there over a dead Emillio. He tells that he drew on him and he had to do it. They get up to them and Emillio is definitely dead and so is the case on Meca. Danny gets off the phone with Amy and tells that the police department is going to cover the funeral but no ceremony. Steve comes up and tells that there are holes in the entire thing. Chin Ho and Kona come in and show that the bullet holes mean close contact. Kaleo knew Emillio and Emillio knew Kaleo.

They go to the department and Danny and Steve walk up to Kaleo’s desk. They show that the account that was in Singapore is Kaleo’s. Danny tells that Kaleo has been selling out the department for years and only Meca was one to stand up. He tells that Kaleo killed Meca. He punches him in the face three times and Steve arrests him. Later, Danny keeps his promise with Sang Min and shows his son to him. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk to them, just look at them. The day of the ceremony finally comes and the entire police force is there to pay their respects. The Five-O team show up in full uniform and they all pay their respects. Danny thanks Steve for showing up and Steve tells that Danny is his partner and that is how it goes when they are partners.