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Po'ipu (The Siege) - Recap

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The scene opens with a man sitting at a table. A woman named Alison comes up and introduces herself. The man introduces himself as David. Later they are kissing and going to the hotel room. As they enter the room, they start to “get busy”, Alison pulls a wire from her bra and kills David. Later, Steve and Danny arrive on scene and Laurie Hills introduces Tom Mathews to them and he tells that General Pak, a prestigious general, is coming into town and Steve and his team is to protect him. Steve asks if he has any help on it and a familiar friend, Nick Taylor, who served with Steve, is there. Danny doesn’t like him off the bat and tells that he is a detective, not a Special Ops guy. Danny and Steve talk as they are going to David’s hotel room and Danny tells that he doesn’t like Nick. Steve tells that he is going to be happy if they have to go to guns with the case. Steve tells that General Pak is not going to be murdered on his watch.

Kono and Chin Ho investigate further and there are no sign of struggle and that David invited his killer in and they find out through evidence that the killer is female. Danny and Steve look at the surveillance video and see that David is shaking. Steve finds that she slipped something into his drink. That would explain the cancellation of the meeting on the attempt of assassination on Pak. In the car, Steve finds Danny’s picture of New Jersey. Steve tells that he can decorate the inside of the car, but needs to get his permission first. They drive by and see a lot of protesters out waiting for General Pak’s arrival. Back at the headquarters, Chin Ho has composited a picture of the woman from all the angles and shows it to them. Steve tells that he is going to find out more information from Nick to see where they are. Later, Chin Ho calls and tells that he got a hit on the picture and the Vallet at the hotel said that the killer pulled up in a Ford Taurus and he got an address. Steve tells that he is on his way as well.

They arrive at the home where the car is registered and they find that the home belongs to someone else. They find a room full of guns and find the owner of the house in a freezer in the garage dead. One of the hits comes back on people who would want General Pak dead and Nae Shan is one of them. They go to his place and when Steve tries to talk, he runs. However, Kono is right there. Nae Shan tells that he doesn’t want Pak dead, but put on trial for the crimes he committed. They are starting to believe that General Pak is a bad man. They go back to headquarters and Steve feels that David was compromised and was about to tell Tom Mathews, but was killed. Chin Ho and Kono come in and Kono tells that they found a locked CIA file. Steve has just the man to do that. They take the file to Nick Taylor and he tells that he has a guy. Danny still doesn’t trust him. Nick comes and identifies the assassin as Erica Raines, former CIA assassin. He uses spy terminology and Danny tells him to speak normal. Chin Ho tells that they have Erica at a market and they go to get her. Steve tells that they are going to need her alive.

They arrive on scene and after a while of looking, Steve gets her. She sees him and starts shooting and running. The gun fight continues until she is hit by a bus. Steve runs up to her and tells the team that she is dead. General Pak is there and Steve and the rest of Five-O are there too. Nick waits in another truck. Kono gets a call and it is the identity of the last caller on Erica’s cell phone. She calls Steve and tells that it was Nick. Steve tells the driver to go right and the driver pulls his gun and fires it. General Pak’s wife is shot in the shoulder. Nick sees that they have been compromised and sets off explosives in the truck ahead of Steve. They swerve and Steve kicks the driver out. The Five-O team stops and shoots Nick’s men and blow out Nick’s tires. They race away to Steve’s house and hide out there. General Pak wonders why Steve saved him and his family’s lives. Steve tells that is what he is supposed to do. Chin Ho notices that General Pak’s son is a little nervous and tells that he is a man because he didn’t cry and was there to help his mother when she was shot. General Pak tells that they have to protect him because his testimony of his crimes is going to end the war that is going on. Steve sees that the Honolulu Police Department pulls up, but notices that it isn’t really. His phone has been cloned and that Nick’s team was the one that Steve talked to and not the Honolulu P.D.

They get General Pak and his family in the bomb shelter and the rest the Five-O start to take the men down, one by one. The fight ends with Steve and Nick in hand to hand combat. Nick knocks Steve’s knife away and they tumble. It ends with Steve shooting Nick in the chest three times. The real P.D. show up and they notice that Steve killed Nick. Later, General Pak is leaving on an airplane back and he tells Steve and Danny that he is going to pay for the crimes that he committed. He tells that he is thankful for them. Danny tells that he is not going to fault Steve for believing Nick. He tells that he is only human. They go out for drinks and of course, Steve doesn’t have his wallet again, leaving Danny who is going to have to pay the bill.