Heihei (Race) - Recap

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The scene opens with two security guards in an armored car driving to their pick up and the younger guard tells that he was a baseball player before taking a job as a guard. However, he pulled his arm and couldn’t recover. They pull up to the site and the younger guard gets the money to put back in the truck. Suddenly, four painters repel down and shoot the two guards outside the truck. The younger guard grabs on of the shooter’s mask and tells that his wife is about to give birth to his first born and the man shoots him. Meanwhile, Steve is repairing his house from the previous mission and Kamecona is there too. He tells that his cousins can do it and Steve tells that he likes to save money. Danny comes in and tells that they have a case and that he has been trying to call him all day. Kamecona reveals that he has been sitting on Steve’s phone and didn’t feel it vibrating. Steve tells him to keep the phone.

They arrive on scene and Chin Ho tells that it was an armored car heist. He tells that the younger guard, Jordon Townsend, is holding on. Kono comes up and tells Danny that the money inside of the truck that the killers stole is tracked by GPS. They arrive where the GPS leads them and they find that it is coming from the water. Kono gets dubbed to go in the water and Steve tells that he will join her. Minutes later, they come up with the money. Steve tells that the truck is down there as well. Later they pull the truck out of the water and Chin Ho finds that the “black box” has a hole in it. However, Kono believes that he can still get it. Danny and Steve visit Camille Townsend in the hospital and she tells that he is recovering. Danny gives her his card and tells her to call when he is willing to talk. At headquarters, they see that other men were in painter’s outfits too and one pops out. Gordon Smith, who has been involved in robberies, was at the scene of the crime. Steve tells that they are going to pay him a visit after they find out that he skipped out on a probation officer meeting.

They throw Gordon on the car and he tells that he was only responding to an ad that told that he would be paid money to paint. All he had to do was show up in white clothing like a painter. Danny and Steve figure out that the ad was a fake and that they were the diversion. Gordon tells that once he heard gun fire, he ran. At headquarters, Kono pulls up that the same killers have been involved possibly in several heists that hosts Triathlons. They have 18 hours before the next Triathlon. Danny gets a call that Jordon is awake. They get to the hospital and a reporter tells that they need a statement. Danny tells that they don’t want to let the condition of Jordon going public. However, the reporter tells that happened 3 hours ago. They rush inside and Jordon’s room is busy with doctors. A man in a doctor’s office and mask walks off. Steve runs after him but he is in the elevator already. Steve runs the stairs and beats it to the 5th floor. However, the man is gone. Kono calls and she tells that they got a hit on a chiropractic doctor’s office and tells that it was the place where the ad was posted.

They enter and no one is there. They find packets of blood and Steve tells that they are dopers, where they take their blood and then inject it back into them to give them a better chance to perform. Just like a natural steroid. Steve makeshifts a print kit and pulls up a print. Chin Ho tells that the SD card from the “black box” was empty. He tells that the video has to be the codes from the code boxes. Ky Rollins is the man with the print. Danny and Steve talk to him at an outside gym and he is lifting weight. He is not cooperating and they add more weight. He tells that he knows only the name Sabrina. They find a place that has the name Sabrina attached the racer’s name list. Danny tells that they should sit on the house. When they get there though, they can’t see anything. Danny has to ask Rachel, his ex-wife a favor. The favor is that they have to stay in her house to run surveillance. She is firstly objective until Steve tells that it is needed. They set up in the master bedroom and Rachel asks if they want tea and Danny laughs. She tells that it is civilization. Steve asks how Danny got her and Danny tells that he was working as a cop and she rear ended him. The driving lessons turned out to be dating and then marriage.

Later that night, they get movement and Chin Ho and Kono follow the two suspects. Danny sneaks into the house and starts taking pictures of maps and numbers of their race. Rachel comes in the bedroom while Steve is monitoring Danny and he tells that Danny is inside and it is clear that she is a little worried. He tells that Danny can take care of himself. Meanwhile Chin Ho and Kono are still following the SUV and they are not going on the trail they thought. Chin Ho thinks that they are planning their escape route. Back at the house, two bicyclists, the other two suspects, stop by but Danny doesn’t have time to leave and hides in the pantry. Steve tells that they need a diversion and Rachel tells that she has an idea. Just as one of the suspects reaches in the pantry, there is a loud crash. Rachel is outside pretending to be drunk and tells that they need to exchange names and insurance companies. Danny takes this as his chance to escape along with a flash drive. Rachel comes into the driveway with her damaged car and Danny tells that he has seen that before. She tells that it worked once. They have a moment of serenity and Steve tells that they need to go. Danny asks for a laptop to take with them.

It is the day of the Triathlon and they think that they have all four riders. They see the flash drive that Danny got from the house that it is the video from the armored truck and that it is a Diamond imports place that they are going to rob. They get up to the riders, but when they get there, they find out that the numbers were tagged differently. The heist is going on at the same moment and the four competitors race inside and get the diamonds with no problem at all. The Five-O team race through and find out the location. The riders exit and jump on their bikes. The runners are taken down one by one until all of them are arrested. Back at the hospital, Jordon Townsend is recovering and they are thankful for the Five-O’s help. Later, Danny thanks Grace for letting him borrow her computer and she asks if he caught the bad guys. He tells that he always gets the bad guys. He asks Rachel when he can pick Grace up at the weekend and she tells that she will call him. As he rides off with Steve, he looks in the side mirror and Rachel looks out the front window curtain as well.