Hana 'a'a Makehewa (Desperate Measures) - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone being evacuated from Five-O headquarters. Steve and Danny arrive and find Chin Ho kneeling. He has a bomb around his neck. He tells that they surprised him and he woke up with a bag around his neck. They tell Chin Ho that they are going to get him out of the situation. Chin Ho’s phone rings and it is an unknown caller. The scene flashbacks 24 Hours earlier at Danny’s apartment, Danny is hanging a Christmas tree and it is not that good looking. Carmecona comes in and has a Santa suit that Danny asked for, but it is the size of Carmekona. He tells that he needs it altered and tells that he dresses up like Santa every year for his daughter. He gets a call and leaves. Steve and Danny meet up with Chin Ho at headquarters and he shows a picture of a dead man. Steve recognizes him as Luther Magianas, a major arms dealer. He was found in the river, but Max, the medical examiner tells that he was dead for two days before his body was dumped in the water.

They go inside and Kono pinpoints the primary crime scene. It is at the Ekalani Resort and Luther had a villa there. They pull the security footage and Steve recognizes the man with Luther. It is Victor Hesse, the man who killed Steve’s father and the man Steve shot twice. He calls the governor and tells that Victor Hesse is still alive. They go to the private villa, and verify that Victor Hesse was there. Steve tells that they were probably working on a deal together or Hesse is trying to eliminate the competition. Steve gives Chin Ho the phone that was recovered from Luther’s pocket and Chin Ho goes back to the headquarters and uses rice to suck up the moisture from the SIM card. He puts it in and gets the call log. Chin Ho calls and tells that Trent Augusta is the last person Luther called. Steve and Danny arrive at the location of Trent and see chicken fighting. They tell that they are not going to concern themselves of the illegal chicken fight, they just want Trent. They meet Trent and he tells that they referred Victor to Frank Gaylie, a private doctor.

The team goes to the home of Frank and finds the bullets that Steve put in Victor. They look behind a cabinet and find a dead Frank Gaylie too. Steve and Danny go to the prison and Danny complains that the prison has a better Christmas tree. They talk with Sang Min again and this time Sang Min tells that they are going to need him to talk with Kashimoto, a facilitator for people in the underground. They get Sang Min in a suit and put a tracking anklet on him. They go to the private club and meet Kashimoto. He tells that he will have his men escort them out and Steve shows photos of people that Victor did “business” with. He tells that he put him up in a condo and tells that he likes to hang out in a bar. Chin Ho and a team go to the Condo, but no Victor Hesse. Danny and Steve arrive at Bar 35 and leave Sang Min in the car with a handcuff to the steering wheel. They show Sang Min spitting out a pin.

Danny and Steve walk in the bar and find Victor. Steve chases him but once Victor is outside, Sang Min got out of the handcuff and drives off with him. They stop a taxi and chase after them. Chin Ho is close to their destination and rides to the docks where Victor and Sang Min are parked. He arrives at the docks and enters a boat. He sees the tracking device on a bed and is hit on the back of the head. They go to the present scene and Chin Ho is in front of the headquarters and Victor calls and demands $10 Million and safe passage. Danny gets back from talking with the governor and she tells that they don’t negotiate with terrorists. Kono comes up and Steve tells the stakes. Kono looks at Chin Ho and Steve asks what the look is for. Chin Ho tells that there is a police locker that has $20 Million and that was the same locker that $200,000 was missing and where Chin Ho was framed for taking. He tells that the blueprints are in his house. Victor calls again and Steve tells that he can get the money but he needs 4 hours. Victor gives him 3 hours.

Later, Steve arrives with the blueprints and Danny feels that it is suspicious that Chin Ho has blueprints in his house to a place where he did not steal money from. Kono stands by what Chin Ho says. Steve tells that he doesn’t care about that and tells that they need to get in. They go to the place and pose as city workers. Steve gets in the locker and takes the $10 Million. An old lady asks to know what Kono and Steve are doing and just when she walks off to check with the city, Steve surfaces. They leave. Kono tells Chin Ho that they have the money and he tells her to be careful. Steve goes off to the drop site and Victor tells that he is in the desert and he will see him. He tells Steve to come alone and Steve looks toward the back and tells Kono to stay down.

Steve lets Kono off and goes up to Victor. After a short monologue of how Sang Min is gone enjoying his freedom. Steve gives Victor the money and he tosses it in the fire. Steve gives Kono the go ahead and she shoots his shoulder. Steve tackles him and uses Victor’s thumb print to deactivate the bomb. Chin Ho is safe to live another day and Steve watches as $10 Million is burned. Later, Steve walks out of the governor’s office and she is upset of Sang Min and tells that Victor is locked up. However, he didn’t tell her about the $10 Million. Steve tells that nobody is going to be looking for the money. Later that evening, the Five-O team and Carmekona are stapling Danny’s Santa suit and sewing. Grace comes in and Danny comes out dressed as Santa. The next day at the prison, Victor Hesse has a visitor. It is Wo Fat. He asks how close Steve is to know of the case his father was investigating before Victor killed him. Victor tells that he is too close. Wo Fat tells that is something that they are going to have to take care of then.