Palekaiko (Paradise) - Recap

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The scene opens with two men hunting wild boar. They chase after one and suddenly, they see a woman come out of the brush in her nightgown disoriented. Meanwhile, Steve and Chin Ho are spear fishing. They finish up and Chin Ho tells that he needs to eat the fish he catches. He tells that is not going to be a problem. Back at the house, Steve shows Chin Ho the toolbox that his father left for him. He shows a number to him and Chin Ho tells that it belongs to a case back when they were numbered non-electronically. He tells that he might know a guy that can look into it and find out more. They get a call and they have to go. They arrive at the medical center and Kona tells that the couple that was abducted was Jake and Erica Harris, a newlywed couple. They find Erica Harris there and she doesn’t remember anything. In the hallway, Mrs. Harris, Jake’s mother, comes in and tells that if Jake is missing, Erica had something to do with it.

At the station, Five-O team go through the identities and find that Jake had a lot of money and was second partner to a law firm that belonged to his father. Erica met him after working there six months and the two got married. Danny is believing the Gold Digger theory brought up by Mrs. Harris. Danny tells that Erica looks like a victim this way. They go back to meet with Erica and she still doesn’t know why that a number belonging to another hotel was called 4 times. She tells that Mrs. Harris is crazy and she tells that she did nothing to Jake, but all the evidence is pointing to her. She gets offended and walks away. Later, Chin Ho and Kono investigate Erica and Jake’s room and find that there was something pumped into their room from the adjacent room. Chin Ho thinks that it is acetone.

Danny and Steve go to the hotel room that Jake or Erica called and it is locked. Danny tells that they need probable cause and tells that he thinks that he heard a cry for help. Steve kicks in the door and they find pictures of Jake and Erica all over the place. Suddenly there is a man approaching the room. Steve grabs him and he is Curt Miller, Private Investigator, and he is investigating a case too. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono get into the other room and find the source of the acetone. In another room, Kono finds Jake Harris. The murder happened around 2 am and that would explain Erica’s story. He tells that acetone was pumped in the other room. Back with Danny and Steve, they question Kurt and he tells that Mrs. Harris, Jake’s mom, hired him to follow Erica and Jake. He tells that he only found out that Jake and Erica were in love with one another. Steve tells Erica about Jake and she cries. In the car, Danny tells that he was on the force new when he had to tell an eight-year-old’s mother that her son was shot in a drive by. Steve tells that he remembers when an officer came to his door when his mother died in a car crash. He never understood why his dad felt sorry for the cop that had to tell them until Steve had to do it.

Chin Ho and Kono visit Max Bergman, the medical examiner. He tells that he found the acetone and that Jake didn’t put up a struggle. He tells that he heard of something like this before and shows a site where there is a man who kills couples who have just been married. They tell that they have a serial killer on their hands. The victims are similar and the killer has a type and they get a call and they found the rental car. However, inside the rental, there is nothing. They look through the forest for the room that Erica said that she was in before she escaped. Meanwhile at the station, Kono tells that she found a guy who has been in the photos more then once of Jake and Erica. They found their serial killer. In the forest, they find the room and see that there is morphine inside and rope. Kono tells that the killer is traveling by cruise ship. He calls Steve and he tells that “The Eternity” a cruise ship and get a name. Bradford Matinsky is the killer and they have to dock the ship.

Steve and Danny put on flowers so that they can blend in. Danny and Steve get to Bradford’s room and it is empty. They hand out pictures and tell the workers to radio them if they see him. Steve and Danny investigate Bradford’s room and find the wedding rings that he takes as trophies. Steve finds an itinerary and they need to find who the next couple is. One worker gets eyes on him and tells that he is following him. Bradford sees him and surprises him with a fire extinguisher in the face. Steve trails and just misses him. They get a call from Chin Ho who tells him that Bradford was engaged before and he was left at the alter. The next couple on his list is Elliot and Kristen Clark, a newlywed couple staying at the hotel.

Elliot and Kristen Clark are getting a massage when she gets a call. It is Bradford pretending to be the front desk. The Clarks enter and Elliot is hit in the head with a glass bottle and Kristen is taken by Bradford. He gets her in the back seat of the car and Danny and Steve drive by him. They start to chase him and get him at the end where he gets out of the car with Kristen and walks to a cliff. Danny tries to talk to him and tells that he knows when someone leaves him and Steve plays around and tells that he needs to simply shoot him. Bradford is distracted for a second and Steve shoots him in the shoulder. He drops Kristen and takes a look at the edge. Steve tries to stop him, but he jumps to his death. Later at the station, Steve tells Mrs. Harris that she needs to forgive Erica and hopes that she will forgive her. Mrs. Harris goes in to talk to Erica. Chin Ho interrupts and tells that the case number was about a car accident that was taken out by someone. Steve’s mother didn’t die in a car accident, it was murder.