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Ke Kinohi (The Beginning) - Recap

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The scene opens with Steve being awakened by a noise. He grabs his gun and goes into the living room. All is quite. He sees a person trying to get into his dad’s toolbox. He is attacked by two other men. Steve puts up a fight until he is tazed. The toolbox is stolen. Later, the team arrives and Steve tells them not to bother with the crime lab because the people wore gloves. Danny gives ice to Steve and tells that it will help. Chin Ho tells that it doesn’t seem like they broke in. They ask who he told of the toolbox and Steve tells that he just told the team about it. He pauses and tells that he told his sister, Mary, as well. They race to Mary’s rental property and find the place torn apart. Danny suggests that Mary wasn’t here, but they find blood on the floor and a tooth.

At headquarters, Chin Ho tells that he pulled up the phone records and comes up with the last person that Mary called was a guy named Malmo. Steve recognizes him right away. They get to Malmo’s surf shop and Steve tells that Malmo taught them all to surf when they were younger. They go up to him and he tells that he told Mary the death of her mother. He told her the truth and Malmo tells that he saw an Asian cop that was looking under the car that his mother was in before it blew up. Steve tells that he should have seen it coming and blames himself. Danny tries to have Steve think positive. Mary calls Steve and tells that she is the trunk of the car and Danny tells Chin Ho to try to trace her call. Steve tells Mary to kick out the light and look outside. She tells that she is going up upwards and Chin Ho tells that they are going on a highway. Steve and Danny drive to the helicopter pad and take it up to find her. They find the car that she is in within minutes. Two gunman come out when they land and Danny and Steve shoot them. They bring Mary to safety.

At headquarters, Mary recovers and tells that she is sorry that she went through the box. He tells that he doesn’t care and understands. She tells that the postcard that was from Malmo’s surf shop because it said something important. Steve tells that he know that the letter said MAG, but they didn’t find anything like that in the tool box. She tells that the postcard is written in cop shorthand and that the G is a 6. MA6 is short for male, Asian, 6-feet-tall. He tells her not to worry about anything and that they are handling it. He tells that all the evidence that was in the toolbox is gone. However, Mary tells that they are not because she took pictures of everything. They put it on the computer and they have Japanese letters and Chin Ho comes in and tells that the street version of the Yukaza is involved.

They get to the bar where they hang out and Steve rides in on a Dicatti. They question all the members and find the man whose tooth was knocked out. However, he won’t open his mouth. Danny grabs him and forces his mouth open. The missing tooth is confirmed and Steve takes the man’s cell phone. They get the number of the calls to Hiro Noshimuri. Steve tells that was the code that his dad was trying to break. It was leading to that man. At a restaurant, Steve interrupts him and tells that he knows that he had something to do with the kidnapping of his sister and also of the death of his mother. He tells that he has a date. Suddenly Governor Jameson comes up. Steve is not happy and leaves. Later Governor Jameson comes into headquarters and tells that Hiro Noshimuri is an asset to Hawaii and that he is a good man. However, Steve tells about the kidnapping of Mary and tells that he organized it. She believes him and tells that if he is going after Hiro, he is going to be sure that he is 100% correct and to follow the right steps. Steve goes up to Danny and tells him to dig up everything he can on Hiro and he tells that he is going to uncover him.

They go to the club where they questioned the street Yukaza and arrest them this time. Chin Ho tells that the cop that was seen by Malmo was Hiro’s brother, Koji. He tells that they are going to need a photo of Koji from 18 years ago. They find one at the house and then head over to the surf shop. When they get there, Malmo isn’t 100% sure that it is him. Suddenly two Asian men come up and start shooting. One of the men gets away and the other one dies before giving any information. The shooter’s phone rings and it sounds like Hiro. Steve tells that the caller was Hiro and Danny tells that he doesn’t have enough evidence. At the club, Kono finds the tool box in the trash and Steve tells Danny that they are going to find the crook that did this and Hiro is on his list. Danny tells that Hiro is getting sloppy and he is going to slip up. Steve tells Kono to search for prints on the tool box.

At a golf course, Steve meets Hiro Noshimuri and his brother Koji. Steve asks if Koji didn’t mean to kill his mother, but he is silent. Hiro tells that Steve doesn’t have enough evidence and Danny tells that they have enough because Hiro’s prints were all over the tool box because he had to just see what Steve’s dad had on him. Danny arrests Hiro and Steve tells a man who comes up that the game is done. The man is Wo Fat, the man from the previous episode. Steve takes a second glance at Wo before he leaves. At the Honolulu Airport, Steve says goodbye to Mary and she goes back to Los Angeles. At headquarters, Danny tells that Koji was just found dead. He was in a car accident.