He Kane Hewa'ole (An Innocent Man) - Recap

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The scene opens with Kono and Chin Ho driving and she asks if Chin Ho misses being a cop and he tells that he used to work the same beat that they are driving on. She asks whether he regrets from being a cop and he tells that he does, but smiles and tells that he doesn’t. They get a call about a high speed chase and Kono takes it. They speed after the car and Kono catches up to the car. Inside the assailant’s car, is a box that he keeps looking at. The police put tire spikes on the road and the car runs over them at high speeds. The car flips and the box falls out of the car. Chin Ho and Kono stop their car and get out. Kono stops by a the box and looks inside. She tells that she has blood on the box. Meanwhile, Steve is in the kitchen when Danny comes in. Steve tells that Danny should knock and Danny tells that UPS left him a box. Steve tells that he bought a Master Cylinder for his dad’s car. However, when he opens it, it is not a Master Cylinder. He tells that he bought it online. They get a call from Chin Ho and Steve tells that they are on their way.

They arrive on scene and Danny and Steve see motor cops and Danny tells it reminds him of Chips and tells that he is Eric Estrada. Chin Ho tells that the firemen are trying to get the assailant out of the car now and tells that the car is a rental. He tells that they have “part” of a John Doe. They walk up to Max, who has the box on his lap. Steve reaches in the box and pulls out a head of a man. Danny is disgusted and tells him to put it down. Kono tells that the team pulled out the driver of the car, but tells that he is not going to make it. Steve runs up to him and asks who he is and who he works for. All the driver can say is “Ming-Hua”. At headquarters, Kono tells that the rental company gave them a name of the man who sold the car to them. Spencer Owens is the man and Danny comes in and tells that the driver is not in the system. Steve asks about the identity of the head. Danny calls him Jack like “Jack in the Box”. They tell that it was too soon.

Kono sits down with Spencer and he claims that the car was stolen and that he doesn’t know who the driver was or the head of the man. He is no help at all and she tells that he can go. At the medical examiner’s office and Max tells that nothing has come up. Kono tells Chin Ho that Steve and Danny had no luck finding out who the dead people are and he gets the GPS that was damaged to work. The car was directed to a business park. Max calls and tells that he found that the Chinese man’s hair has traces of an auto detailing worker. Steve and Danny go to a shipping yard and talk to a man. They tell that they need to talk and a little boy runs up. The man introduces him as Ming-Hua. Steve fixes Ming-Hua’s action figure and he skips off. Steve asks about Ming Hua’s father is and Danny shows a picture of him. Mr. Chi confirms that it is his son, Han. Danny tells that they need to ask him a few questions. They tell that Han had a head in the car and Mr. Chi tells that Han worked for him and he last saw Han yesterday. He tells that Han told that he got a $1000 job. Dan asks why Han ran from the police and Mr. Chi tells that they are there illegally. Mr. Chi tells that Han would never kill anyone.

Danny doesn’t like the fact that Steve promises to prove someone innocent. Steve tells that there is no evidence that ties Han to the murder. Danny tells that every time when someone has a father involved, Steve gets all goofy. Steve tells that Han was only the messenger. Chin Ho tells that iodine was found in his system and that the victim was being treated for Thyroid Cancer. She tells that a medical center is the best to go to and Chin Ho reluctantly agrees to go. They get there and Chin Ho tells that he is fine and that if he has to meet someone he is not fond of seeing, he has too. A woman named Malia comes out. Chin Ho knows her because they used to be engaged. He sees that Malia is still wearing the engagement ring around her neck. She tells that he told her to keep it. He tells that he tried to protect her from all of what happened. She tells that everyone thought that Malia left Chin Ho. Kono walks up and is not happy to be talking to her. Malia recognizes the victim as Henry Duncan. Steve and Danny talk to Chin Ho and he tells that Henry had a wife named Nicole.

They get to Nicole’s house and the door is kicked in. They enter and find blood spatter on the wall, but no Nicole. Danny comes up to Steve and tells that Nicole that didn’t show up to work. Steve redials the phone and it is an Airline computer. Danny tells him to press *69 and Steve gets in contact with Robert Rovin and hang up. Danny recognizes it as one of the business that is at the address from the GPS. They go and visit with him and tell him the news. He is devastated and tell he last spoke to Nicole and tells that Henry was sick and she couldn’t leave him alone. Robert keeps looking at his watch and he gets a call and tells that he has to take this. Steve sees two suitcases. They see Robert running off and Danny and Steve tail him. They follow him to the docks where Robert meets with a guy. The man pulls out a gun and Steve speeds up to him and Danny jumps and rolls out. They walk around the corner. Suddenly the man jumps out and tries to shoot Danny, Steve shoots the man and see that it is Spencer Owens.

Afterward, Chin Ho tells that Owen’s gun is off to ballistics. Robert tells that he had to give $5 Million if he wanted to see Nicole again. He tells that Spencer told him that he was sending a package to show that he was serious, but he never got it. Kono beats herself up at the fact that she had Owens at headquarters and Chin Ho tells that she is not psychic. In the trunk of Spencer’s car, they find the rest of Henry Duncan. They go to the home of Owens and find nothing but luggage. Steve tells Chin Ho to look at flight itineraries. Danny tells that Nicole is involved and is staging her own kidnapping. Danny sees that champagne is found and find that Nicole’s lipstick is on one of the glasses. Chin Ho calls and confirms that Spencer is flying with a woman named Erin Barrett.

At the airport, Nicole is calling Spencer and tells that the plane is about to leave. She sits down and Steve and Danny sit next to her and tell that they know everything. They tell that her prints are over the crime scene and they ask why. She tells that she couldn’t get $5 Million out of her father if Henry died by Cancer. Nicole tells that Han was only a day labor guy and that if the guy would have succeeded, they would be in Paris. He tells that a little boy has no father because of her. She asks if he is done and Steve tells Danny that he has to get her away from him. Steve goes to the shipping yard and tells that Han was innocent and Steve gives Mr. Chi papers saying that they are going to be U.S. citizens. He is happy and gives Steve a Master Cylinder for his father’s car. He tells that if he needs help putting it in, for him to call him. Steve says thank you. Later at headquarters, they are watching “Chips” marathon and Danny and Steve fight over who is Estrada and who is Wilson. Kono tells that the Wilson and both Danny and Steve tell that it is him.