Kai e'e (Tidal Wave) - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny trying to learn how to surf by Kono teaching him. He tells that he is ready to go and do it. Kono tells him to go and get it. Danny looks at the big waves and tells that they can work on the basics once again. Suddenly a siren goes off. It is a tsunami warning. Steve and Catherine run down the stairs and answer their phones. They each talk to their commanders and they have to go. She tells Steve to be careful. As Hawaii gets ready for the tsunami, Danny picks up Grace from school. Danny gets a call and Steve tells that he needs Danny to meet him at the Tsunami Warning Center because Norman Russell, the head of the Warning Center has gone missing. Danny tells that he has Grace and tells that he doesn’t have anyone to take her. Steve has just the person to handle the job.

Danny meets up with Steve and the person he has to watch Grace is KarmeKna. He tells that he will take care of her and Danny agrees. They go to the Warning Center and Sheldon Tunney, Deputy Director, tells that he is in charge as of right now and he tells that they need Norman because he knows the waters better than anyone. He tell that the last time he saw him was yesterday. Danny asks how bad the tsunami is going to be and he tells that based on the data, it is going to as high as a 3-story building and as fast as a Jet. Steve calls Chin Ho to investigate the home of Norman. Later at Norman’s, Chin Ho tells that it is forced entry and
Norman’s daughter, Courtney, comes in and asks where her dad is. They tell that he is missing and that they are going to find him. Kono look around and sees white paint scraped on Norman’s car and a sand bag. Inside, Chin Ho tells that Norman is using a computer at a different IP address and that he entered an incorrect password, “1015” instead of his regular password twice. He was trying to warn someone.

Danny and Steve drive down the road and Danny asks when they are going to get to high ground. Steve gets a call from Mamo and he tells that there is no way that a tsunami is coming. Danny tells that scientists are the smart ones that told that it is going to happen. Steve tells that Mamo knows things like this. Danny tells that you cannot create a tsunami. Steve tells that it is possible. He turns back around to the Warning Center. Meanwhile at Five-O Headquarters, Chin Ho and Kono are talking to someone and Kono asks if Chin Ho is still talking to Malia. Chin Ho tells that he was just checking on the evacuation. Steve asks how the Warning Center gets their data. Sheldon gives Danny the “field trip” version and tells that they get their data from space. He gets a page and leaves. Steve calls Catherine and asks her to track down any servers that could be using the same frequency. She locates one on a boat. She scans for people and there is a person on the boat. She gives him the location. In the car, Danny is confused why they are going towards the tsunami rather then away from it. Steve tells for Danny to trust him.

They arrive at the docks and Chin Ho tells that the tsunami is coming in right now. However, Steve looks out to the ocean and sees that the water is not reseeding. The water does this when a tsunami is coming. They go to the boat where the signal was coming from and find a woman on a computer inside. Steve enters and she runs for it. Eventually she is caught by Danny hitting her in the face with a masthead of the boat. They question her and she is not talking. Steve tells that he will be back and calls Chin Ho. He tells that the alert was a false alarm at 10:15am. Chin Ho remembers that was the incorrect password that Norman entered. He was warning them. Danny tells that he is going to get angry and Steve goes downstairs.

The paint is from a government vehicles and she pulls up the GPS of the cars. Kono tells the bigger the distraction, the bigger the crime. Steve comes up with the girl’s laptop and shows a picture of her and her daughter. They tell that if she wants to see her again and not from prison, she will talk. The girl tells that she only gets an email and she transmits the data. They tell her to start hacking to try to locate the email. Meanwhile Karmekona is with his family and teaching her an island game. Grace asks Danny if she can go home and he tells her that she can’t just yet. The girl tries to gets the location and receives an email from the person. The girl traces the email code.

On a deserted street, Danny and Steve drive up and they head to warehouse on the docks. The team arrives and they enter inside and find Norman and a guy guarding him. Steve and Kono enter and shoot the guy. He falls out the window and is killed. Chin Ho recognizes the man and the print comes through. Harrison Dunphy is the guy and they realize that he is former Coast Guard. Chin Ho tells that the Coast Guard worked on the case, but it was the Police Department that got all the credit. They realize that they are going after what they think is $28 Million. They contemplate allowing them to take off with the $18 Million. However, they feel that they need to finally come clean with it.

Steve and Danny call up dispatch for backup despite their fears. They tell that Commander Hale told them to stay away form the place they are going to. The team pulls up to the location and finds that Hale is there. They see the scratch and a Police Officer comes up and asks what is going on. Steve opens the back of Hale’s truck, but there is no money. Kono finds the sand bag and Steve realizes that he used the sandbags. He takes his knife and reveals the money in the bag. The Commander tells that he could have had $28 Million as payback from his service. Steve reminds that he took the service knowing the consequences. Later on, Steve meets in Governor Jameson’s office and he comes out and tells that the Governor thanked them and that all $28 Million was recovered from Commander Hale’s attempt. All the money was there.