E Malama (To Protect) - Recap

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The scene opens at a FBI Safe house. U.S. Marshall Frank Moore calls for Julie Masters, a witness under protective custody, and tells that she is going to testify soon. Frank goes out and meets the officers that arrive. He sees that there are holes in their uniforms and realizes that they are not really police officers. He turns around and is shot. Julie runs to the bathroom and grabs a lighter and hairspray and waits for them to break down the door. Meanwhile, Danny is outside with Chin Ho and his ex-wife Rachel calls. He pushes the ignore button and tells that he does that so that they don’t yell in front of Grace.

They get inside and Steve tells that Aaron Brenner is the criminal who Julie is testifying against. He is being charged for being involved in the drug Cartel and tells that Julie’s testimony will put Brenner away forever. Steve tells that they are in charge to see if it is going to be a rescue mission or a body recovery. Rachel tries to call Danny again to tell that she needs to drop off Grace earlier on Saturday. Suddenly, two men stop the car with guns and tell Rachel and Grace to get out of the car. They take the car and leave Grace and Rachel in the middle of the road. Danny listens to the message and hears the car jacking. He tells that he needs to go because Rachel was carjacked. Steve tells him to call and keep them updated.

Steve and his team arrive at the house and find out that Julie fought off her attackers and dove through the window. They are in the middle of nowhere with Julie and the two attackers hunting her down. Chin Ho finds the two police officers that were originally going to pick up Julie in the trunk of the patrol cars. Steve gets suited up to go out into the forest to hunt them down. Chin Ho is going with and Steve tells Kono to find everything she can on Brenner and Julie. Meanwhile, Danny goes to HPD and finds Grace and Rachel there. One of the officers tells that the car has been found and her purse and money are in tact. Danny asks to speak to Rachel alone and she tells that Stan, her new fiancé, is involved in this and that it is unusual for the car to show up in an hour. At the Federal Court House, Kono speaks to Prosecuting Attorney Roberts and tells that they are still looking for Julie. Roberts shows pictures of individuals who were supposed to testify. She tells that Julie has until 5 PM, or Brenner walks a free man.

Back in the woods, Steve’s Navy Seal training kicks in and he tells that the criminals are an hour ahead of them. They approach a tree where they find Julie hiding. Chin Ho pulls out the medical kit and starts to tend to Julie’s wounds. She tells that she is supposed to testify for seeing a murder and that she will not miss it for anything. Meanwhile, Kono runs into Brenner and tells that she will make sure that he is put away forever if it is the last thing she does. Danny drives Rachel back to her house and they see that the front door is open. Danny tells Rachel to drive around and he will look inside. He goes inside and finds that the place has been tossed, but nothing was stolen. He tells that Stan is up to something. Back in the woods, Steve splits with Chin Ho and is in full soldier mode with black paint on his face. He is making a make-shift booby-trap when Danny calls. He tells what happened and Steve hears the tone in his voice when he tells that he is heading for the airport to pick up Stan he tells him not to hit Stan because he is a police officer. Chin Ho escorts Julie back to the safe house and she tells that she is doing this for her Autistic sister. She is going to put the bad man away according to her sister.

One of the shooters stumbles on to Steve’s trap and a tree log hits the man in the chest and knocks him out. Chin Ho and Julie are still walking when suddenly; the second shooter is there and shoots at them. This causes Julie to slip and Chin Ho to drop his phone and gun. They run off. Steve is with the other shooter and he tells that there were 3 of them and he tells him not to torture him. Steve tells that he has a collapsed lung and he has to cut a hole in his chest. Steve calls Kono and tells that he and Chin Ho split up and he has the witness. He tells her to look for the passengers on the plane and she finds the three shooters. Meanwhile, Stan gets in and Danny tells that he needs to talk to him. He drives him and he tells that his daughter had a gun pulled on her and it is all Stan’s fault. Stan admits that he and a Bruce Hoffman, a housing commissioner and he tells that he was hiking up the price every new meeting. Stan tells that he loves Rachel and didn’t want anything to happen. Danny walks into a restaurant and asks if he is the housing commissioner. Danny lifts him up and escorts him to the kitchen. He tells that he has the tapes now and places his badge on his forehead and tells that he can get his badge number off of his forehead.

Chin Ho and Julie get to a cabin in the woods and Chin Ho sees a motorcycle. He tries it and it is out of gas. He sees that the tractor has gas and siphons it. A truck pulls up and a man gets out. The other shooter comes around and Chin Ho tells Julie to get down. Chin Ho hits the shooter with a shovel and takes his gun. The man from the truck starts shooting and Chin Ho starts the motorcycle and Julie and him escape. Steve hears the gunshots and runs toward them. He sees Chin Ho pass and jumps out and shoots the driver of the truck. He tosses the body out and they drive to the courthouse. They get Julie inside and Roberts tells that they need to go now. Meanwhile at headquarters, Kono recognizes a woman as the legal council of Brenner. She is the Cleaner. She rushes to the courthouse.

Julie and Roberts talk to the Cleaner and she tells that Brennen wants to have life in prison instead of the death penalty. Julie and Roberts agree on the deal. The Cleaner tells that they need to go to the conference room. As she is about to pull a gun on them, Kono comes in and kicks her butt. They fight and it ends with Kono throwing the Cleaner through the doors. Danny drives Stan back to the house and Rachel and Grace welcome them. They hug and Rachel gives Danny a silent thank you. Meanwhile, Julie testifies against a scared Brenner and she swears to tell the truth.