Powa Maka Moana (Pirate) - Recap

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The scene opens with a party happening on the boat. College kids out for Spring Break. The Captain gives newly employed Susan a chance at the wheel. Suddenly another boat comes up and the Captain tells Susan to get the kids down below. However, she is too slow and the kids are forced down by the men in masks. On of the kids has a cell phone and drops it after taking some video footage. The Captain is shot when he tries to kill one of the men. Meanwhile, Danny and Steve are pushing Steve’s dad’s old car up a hill. Steve offers that Danny steers and Danny is upset that Steve made him push for 9 miles. A tow truck comes and asks if they need help. Steve gets a call and asks the tow truck to take them to the Coast Guard. They go off and find the boat that was high jacked by pirates and find the body of the captain and one of the pirates. They are about to leave when they hear a sound. They open a cabinet and find Susan alive.

They talk to her and she tells that she snuck away when they were loading the passengers on the other boat. Steve shows a set of guns and she tells that they had AK-47 guns. She tells that she saw one of the guys and it was not the body they found on the boat. They get her to shore and Susan’s fiancé runs up and thanks them for getting her safely to shore. At headquarters, Kono shows the video footage from the cell phone. Danny comes in and tells that the FBI called and told them that the parents all received ransom calls and that the parents are flying in now. Steve tells that they are going to set up a meeting place at the Hilton and they need to give answers. They meet with the first couple who get in and they play the recording of their conversation. Steve tells that he will find their daughter.

Danny is stretching his back because of pushing the car. Karmekona comes up dressed in a track suit. He sits down and tells that he is training for Sumo. Steve asks about what he knows about Pirates and Karmakona tells that a few years ago, there were a young group of people who have been framing the Tongan gang for the murder. He will make some calls. At headquarters Chin Ho tells that the medical examiner sent back results and the pirate that was found was killed a day earlier than the Captain. They feel that they killed him or someone dumped the body to frame the Tongans. Steve gets a call from Karmakona and he tells that there is a guy with a pawn shop that stores the things stolen by the pirates. They visit Lono, the owner of the pawn shop and he tells that he runs an honest business. Danny tells him to open and Lono tells him to forget it. Steve tells that he has 5 seconds to open the door. He refuses and Steve brings in a grenade and ties it to the door. They go outside and explodes the door open. They walk in and find that Lono has the things that he said he didn’t have. He tells where they can find the Tongan gang.

Steve and his team enter the house of the hideout of the Tongans and find out that the kids are not there. Steve asks where the kids are. Meanwhile, the kids are sitting in a cage in a warehouse. At the station, Steve and Danny talk to the main leader. He tells that he didn’t kidnap anyone because all he does is rob people, but no one gets hurt. They show the picture of the dead Tongan and he tells that is his cousin. He says that he got a call from someone asking to do a job. He didn’t ask what it was about. They parents arrive in Hawaii and Steve tells that they are doing everything they can and for the parents to not do anything. One parent, Morris Brown, wants to pay the ransom. Steve tells that nothing positive comes from kidnapping and Steve tells his team that they are going to change the statistic and get the kids back. They get back to headquarters and Kono shows that no one paid for the cruise on their credit cards, but the charges were for drinks. One of the cards was charged today.

They go to the Club where the kids were at and meet with Boko and he tells that he and Bobby were working last night. Suddenly, Bobby starts to run. They catch him. He tells he doesn’t know about the kids being kidnapped. Kono finds out that Bobby kept the imprints of the cards. Boko tells that there was a guy who was older and Chin Ho sees cameras. They take the footage back with them and identify one of the kidnappers. HPD calls and tell that they have the kidnapper on the phone. The man uses a voice changer and tells that they were told simple instructions to get the money. Steve tells him to not kill any of the kids and the kidnapper tells that it is a little late for that. Kono traces the call to Sand Island. They arrive there and the kidnapper is gone, but they find the body of one of the kids. It is Justin Brown and he is dead.

They make the death notification to Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown answers the door and she tells that it is all Morris’s fault. He goes in the hallway and tells Steve and Danny that he dropped off $400,000 and thought that was Justin at the door. They get back to headquarters and the kidnapper calls again. He tells Steve to get the money and a plane. He tells that he wants Susan to deliver the money. They tell that they have to do it no matter what they think. They get the parents to bring the money and Steve talks to Susan. She tells that she will deliver the money. The team situates and gives Susan and earpiece. She goes inside with the money. One of the kidnappers tells that he knew that it would work. Susan smiles. She has been involved in it from the beginning. They open the bag and it is nothing but phone books. Steve talks to Susan and tells that he knew that she was fake. They enter and the main kidnapper runs off. Steve catches up to him on a bus and shoots him. He uncovers his mask and it is Susan’s fiancé.

Steve gets back and the Sergeant asks how Steve knew that Susan was in on it. Steve tells that the kidnapper named Susan by name. The papers never mentioned Susan’s name. The kids get escorted back to the Hotel where their parents are waiting. The kids have a happy reunion with their parents and Kono gives hugs. Steve smiles and Kono does too.