Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye) - Recap

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The scene opens in the Kawailoa Forest Reserve where Judge Kamalei and his daughter, Katie, are on a zip line she tells that she is happy that he is doing this. She goes off the zip line and Judge Kamalei gets a phone call from an unknown caller. He is asked if he said goodbye to his daughter before she went on the zip line. Suddenly the zip line breaks and Katie falls to her death. Meanwhile, Danny takes Grace to a hotel to visit her Uncle Matt, Danny’s brother. He has gifts for Grace and Danny tells that it has been too long. Danny gets a call about the murder and tells that he has to take Grace back to her mother’s and Matt offers to watch Grace for the afternoon. Danny agrees.

At the zip line, Steve tells that the cord is charred with some residue. He tells that it was a charge that was set off by remote and the killer was not far away. Chin Ho finds tire tracks in the mud and takes pictures. Kono asks if the Judge can think of anyone who could have do this and he tells that he doesn’t have a clue. He excuses himself and Danny tells Kono that they are looking for someone who knew the judge and exactly where he would be. Danny tells that a protective detail needs to be on the judge. At the headquarters, Chin Ho recognizes the tracks as a late SUV and Danny tells that the explosives were remotely triggered with a walkie-talkie remote. Kono tells that she is trying to get the Judge’s threat file, threats made to the Judge. She shows the individuals that the Judge put away and the list is in the hundreds. Steve tells that they are going to narrow down the list. Meanwhile, the bomber is making a new bomb for a potential next victim.

Danny goes to pick up Grace and Steve is with him to meet his brother. Danny warns that Matt is Mr. Personality. He sees that Rachel has joined them and she tells that Stan is away for business. Matt tells Steve and Danny to stay for some Surf and Turf and Steve agrees. The dinner goes to the night and they are talking about how Danny handcuffed Matt to the monkey cage at the zoo when he was younger with plastic handcuffs. Danny sees two men watching them and immediately pick them up as Federal. They follow them and the two men identify themselves as Agent Adam Markowitz and Agent Edward Kipton. Danny asks why they are following them and they tell that they can’t discuss it with them and Steve calls the Governor and Kipton tells that they are following Matt because he is under investigation for money fraud and laundering. Danny doesn’t believe it and the Agents tell that they are going to indict him soon; they are just waiting for something. Steve tries to reason with Danny, but he tells Steve that Matt helped him out when he got divorced from Rachel and could never do such a thing.

Steve and Kono meet Deputy Prosecuting Attorney James Chen and he tells that it is possible that a Drew Purese stands out because he was paroled. James tells that he is staying at an old girlfriend’s place. Steve and Chin Ho go to the place. Meanwhile, James says goodbye to his son when he gets a call. It is the bomber and he asks if he got the chance to say goodbye to his son. At the apartment, Steve and Chin Ho bust in on Drew and his girlfriend getting “busy”. James tries to tell his son to get out of the car, but it is too late. The car explodes. Steve and the rest of the team arrive on scene and Steve picks up a chip. Chin Ho tells that it wasn’t Purese and Kono comes up with cameras and cell phones of people involved. Danny visits Matt, who is in a hurry to go. This arouses suspicion and Danny sees a card for a Charter Plane Company and takes a picture of it. Danny tells that he is meeting with a “new client” and Danny tells that he will see him in a little bit.

At headquarters, Steve picks out the SUV in one of the pictures. The wheels are all muddy and the tire threads match. They see a rental tag. Danny calls and tells that he is going to be a while and Steve tells him to hold tight and he will be there soon. Chin Ho goes to a hobby shop and the cashier tells that a guy came in and bought three. There is one more target. Meanwhile, Danny and Steve are following Matt and Danny calls the Charter Plane Company that he took a picture of. They have no listing for Matt. Steve and Danny see Matt approach a house and Danny pulls out a sound retriever and hears the conversation between Matt and his client until they go inside. However, the thing that gets them is why a potential client would have to pat Matt down prior to entering his house. Steve tells that it is someone who doesn’t want to get caught.

Steve goes up to Matt at the beach and Rachel is there too with Grace. He drills Matt with questions on who his new client is and Grace tells that there is a fish. Rachel picks up on Danny’s aggressiveness and asks what is going on. Danny tells about the possible indictment and that he can’t tell Matt about it. Rachel tells that Matt is his brother and doesn’t have a choice. Later, Danny visits Matt at the hotel and tells that he talked to someone at the SCC and they told him that Matt is facing an indictment. Matt confesses that he took the money because he lost $58 Million in a day and had to make it up. He tells that he had to take the money to make it. Danny is disappointed and tells that he is going to fly to New York with Matt and Matt is going to turn himself in. Meanwhile at headquarters, Kono tells that she found the guy. It is Travis Roan, father to a Thomas Roan. His son was killed in prison and Judge Kamalei and James Chen helped put Thomas away as an example. Elizabeth Roan, Travis’s ex-wife, lives on the island. Steve and Chin Ho visit her and she tells that she doesn’t know why Travis would do this, but tells that he never said goodbye to Thomas. She tells where he is staying at.

Steve and his team arrive at the motel and find the model airplanes. The third remote is missing and he just left. Chin Ho finds a letter where Thomas blames Defense Attorney Diane Meachum. Steve calls Danny and tells where the suspect is headed and Danny is close by. Meanwhile, Travis gives Diane’s son, Brian, his backpack and tells him that he forgot it. He tells him to double check his homework. Kono tells that Diane is driving a mini-van. Brian meets Diane in the van and Diane gets a call from an unknown caller. However, it is Steve. He tells her to get out of her van and leave everything inside. Danny arrives on scene and sees the SUV. He goes up to it and it is Travis. He has his hand toward the trigger and Danny has his gun drawn. Steve comes around the other side. Travis breaks down and Danny arrests him for the murders. Danny tells Steve that Matt was planning to leave the country first thing in the morning by using and alias. He goes off to pick him up. Steve goes with him.

However, when they get to the hotel, the door is open. They enter with guns drawn and meet Federal Agents. Agent Kipton asks where Matt is and blames Danny for tipping Matt off. He tells that he left before the meeting could take place. They show footage of Matt meeting with Pedro Fuentes, an accountant for the Cartel. However, the meeting never took place and the Cartel is underground again. Steve tells that Danny needs to tell them and tells Kipton that he rented a plane. However, he tells the Feds to go in a different area. Danny drives to the Charter Plane Company and sees Matt boarding a plane. He tells that he can’t go to Federal Prison and that he is not strong. Matt tells Danny to either shoot him or let him go. Danny can’t shoot him and Matt gets on the plane and leaves. Danny goes to Rachel’s house and tells that Matt is gone and that he lost him. He cries on Rachel’s shoulder and the episode ends.