Na Me'e Laua Na Paio (Heroes and Villains) - Recap

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The scene opens at the Conopuha Hotel in Honolulu where a woman is enjoying a rest in the shade. Her son asks for her to watch him do a cannonball and then she loses track of him and gets up asking if anyone saw her son. He comes running up. She tells him not to scare her like he did. Suddenly, right where the woman was, a man in a superhero costume falls and dies. Meanwhile at the Five-O Headquarters, Danny and Steve get to work and Steve asks Danny what he has in his bag. Danny asks why Steve has to be in his business and Steve asks what is in the bag. Danny shows that it is a salad because Grace is taking nutrition class and was concerned of Danny’s weight. Steve says that is really sweet of him. They get in and Steve and Danny see that someone is in Steve’s office. It is a woman by the name of Agent Kaye from the CIA. She says that she wants him to surrender all the files that he has. She asks if she needs to go to the governor and Steve tells that he’ll bring the files to her later. Danny comes in and says that they have a case.

In the car, Danny tells that Steve should give the files to the CIA. He says that he would love to have an interview with Agent Kaye. They arrive on the scene and Max says that Spectau-Con, a comic book convention is in town and Max says that is why the victim is dressed up. He fell 10 stories and Max says that he was pushed out a sliding glass window. The victim’s phone gets a message. It is from “Psycho Kitty” that says that “he” is looking for the victim. Danny and Steve walk into the convention and they have to find “Psycho Kitty”, but it is going to be hard because everyone is wearing a mask. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono search Alex Baker’s, the victim, room. It is really cold inside, but there is nothing that would mean that he was pushed through the glass door. However, when they get to the balcony, the feel the glass and realize that it can from the hotel suite above them. They approach the door and there is a key card inside. However, it is not the right card. Kono uses the manager’s card and they get inside. Immediately they see the workings of the murder.

Back at the convention, Danny says that he underestimated the geeks and says that some of the girls are really attractive. Steve tells him to focus and Danny asks a guy dressed as Commander Cisco and calls him Captain Kirk. Steve apologizes and says that they are looking for Psycho Kitty. He recognizes her and tells them where they can find her. They approach Psycho Kitty and she says that she met Alex and knew that she had known him her whole life. However, her ex-husband Trevor told her that she couldn’t see Alex anymore and he told her that when he found him, he would kill Alex. At headquarters, Danny pulls up Trevor’s record and gets a call that his rental car has been spotted. Steve and Danny arrive and see Trevor getting in his car. Steve chases after him when he runs away. Danny has an ATV and asks Steve if he wants a ride. Steve catches Trevor when Trevor tries to run out in the ocean. However, when they get him on dry land, he tells that he didn’t kill Alex. He says that he went to see the Dolphins after his blow up with his ex-wife.

Chin Ho and Kono continue to look through the hotel room and Kono says that the room is registered to a Jonathan Demille. However, he has been dead for nearly a year, but a credit card was open up in his name. Chin Ho says that a $30,000 watch is still lying around and that it wasn’t a robbery, but the killer was looking for something. Kono says that Alex was drunk and that he was too wasted to make the mistake. The killer thought that Alex was his guy and through him over the balcony when he tried to come in. Chin Ho goes to the Davis Residence and asks to talk to Richard Davis. His wife says that he is not there. Chin Ho shows the watch that was found at the hotel room, but she says that the watch was stolen a couple of days ago she shows him the police report. Chin Ho looks around and sees that Richard has a collection of old sports memorabilia. Meanwhile a man in a suit gives Steve a folder. Inside is Agent Kaye’s file. She is “On Leave” with the CIA and is investigating Wo Fat. Steve goes to Kaye’s hotel room and kicks in the door. He tells her to tell him what is going on because he knows of the fact that she is on leave from the CIA and that she has gone on her own to investigate Wo Fat and says that he is going to call the agency. She tells him to stop and Steve says that she is only an Analyst and she tells that he Steve needs to leave. But, Steve tells that he met Wo Fat playing golf and that that he wants to help. She tells that she can use his help.

At the headquarters, Kono tells that the credit card receipts are for a strip club mostly. Danny tells that someone must be able to ID Jonathan Deville. They go to the club and the bartender tells that “Jonny D.” is a regular and that you can’t really contact him and that it is him that finds you. The bartender tells that he hangs around Tiffany a lot. Kono pulls the phone records on Tiffany and she spoofs Tiffany’s cell to make it look like Tiffany’s phone is texting Jonny D. Danny tries his hand at getting the text to him and he fails. Kono writes something nasty and Danny says that is “effective”. Seconds later, Jonny D. sends a text back and tells for “Tiffany” to be at the club. Meanwhile, Agent Kaye shows what she has on Wo Fat and says that he visited Victor Hess in prison. Kaye says that Wo Fat is the one who ordered the murder of Steve’s father. Steve asks why Kaye is working on her own and Kaye says that she was the one who named Wo Fat and an Agency grab team was sent out, but it was a trap. Her fiancé was on the team that was murdered. That is why she is now an Analyst. Steve asks what she is going to do when she finds him and she says the same thing that Steve would do. Steve shows the postcards that were delivered. Steve gets a call and tells Kaye to analyze the postcards.

Later that night, Jonny D. pulls up to the club and texts “Tiffany”. He sees Kono and Danny and reverses over tirespikes. He can’t go anywhere and Steve pulls up and blocks his way. Danny interrogates Jonny D. and he says that people who he steals from are insured. They show the picture of Alex and tell that someone thought it was him and Jonny D. says that a guy with a shaved head and goatee. Steve asks what he stole and Jonny D. shows his stash and Steve picks up a snow globe. There is an SD card inside. They ask where he stole it from and he doesn’t remember. They look at the SD card and it is password protected. Chin Ho comes in and shows the sketch of the man they are looking for. Kono breaks the password and shows that there is a video on it. It is a video of Lindsay Roberts, a local girl that went missing only to be found dead. They go to the home of Lindsay’s parents and they tell that the man in the video is Lindsay’s boss, Robert Davis. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono go see Max and ask if there is an autopsy report and ask if they could tell what the murder weapon was. He says that they didn’t at that time, but he kept the piece that was in Lindsay’s skull and says that he did a test on it to find that it came from a baseball bat from the 50’s. Chin Ho and Kono go to Richard’s house and arrest him and get the bat.

They take Richard to the interrogation room and he says that he wasn’t involved with Lindsay. Steve shows the picture and he says that he couldn’t do that to her because he loved her. He says that he never did a video. Danny comes in and tells that they have to see something. They find out that it was Anne who has been sneaking around and that her prints were on the SD card. Danny shows that Anne Davis writes checks to her Personal Trainer and a couple days ago, he got a bonus. Apollo Bell is the mystery man and go to arrest him. Later, Chin Ho shows the video of Richard cheating. She tells that she is not answering anymore questions. Steve tells that they don’t need that because Apollo Bell told them everything. Anne says that it wasn’t supposed to be murder and that she only wanted to talk to Lindsay. However, she told that Richard was leaving Anne for her and that is when she grabbed the baseball bat and hit her.

Later at the restaurant, Steve waits for Agent Kaye, but Wo Fat comes in and sits down. Steve points a gun on him under the table and Wo Fat tells that he has some “assurance” of his safety and that he knows where Agent Kaye is and will make it to the restaurant without any problems. Wo Fat tells that he wanted to meet the man who wants to know him. Wo Fat tells that if he was Steve, he wouldn’t dig too deep into the past of Steve’s family because he might not be happy with what he will find.