Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore) - Recap

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The scene opens in O’Ahu in the Ko’olau Mountain Range where Steve and Danny are hiking. Steve says that he got another envelope in the mail that contained a matchbox, another piece that was in his father’s toolbox. He says that he doesn’t know if it is Wo Fat trying to mess with him or someone is trying to lead him to Wo Fat. He tells Danny to take in the view a moment and says that the view is the only thing that hasn’t changed. Steve sees that some branches have been snapped off and looks over a cliff to find a body. Steve says that he thinks the man is still alive and goes to see if he is. However, when he gets down there, the man is dead. He tries to get back up, but slips and a boulder hits him in the face and the line breaks. Steve falls and breaks his arm. Danny tells him that he is going to call in an air rescue. He tosses Steve’s pack down to him and he makes a makeshift splint to support his broken arm with Duct Tape and a branch.

While Danny tries to get a signal, Steve uses his phone to make a recording of the body they found. He starts to say that the bullet is a through and through, but stops when he sees something inside the bullet hole. Steve pulls out fish scales out of the hole. At headquarters, Kono is on the phone and she is sad. She tells Chin Ho that their Aunt Millie is going to die soon and that they should say their goodbyes. Chin Ho says that he doesn’t know if that is a good idea because of Uncle Keako, but Kono tells him that it was Uncle Keako who called. Suddenly, Danny calls and tells them what happen to Steve and they say that they are going to send an air rescue. Danny also tells that they found a dead body out there. Danny gets back to Steve and says that the Army E-Vac is on its way. Steve tells that he doesn’t know if they have that time with the clouds coming and Danny pulls Steve up as the Army E-Vac gets there. Danny gets back to the station and Kono tells that the man they found was Jack Leung. He owns a fishing boat with his son Sean. She says that Jack has no criminal record until 3 days ago when he attacked Sal Groves, another fish boat captain.

Danny, Chin Ho and Kono go to the docks and Danny tells Kono to tell Sean what happened and they will talk to Sal. Kono gets to Sean and he is in the middle of teaching his son a knot. She tells him that she has bad news and Sean tells his son to practice somewhere else. Kono tells Sean that his father was killed. He says that he just saw him yesterday and says that his laptop was on when he came in. He says that he doesn’t know of anything with Sal Groves. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Danny tell Sal to cut his engines and he takes off, but they catch him. They talk to him and Chin Ho searches the boat. Chin Ho shows that he found Crystal Meth and a gun. Sal confesses that he picked up a job and he was trying to get Jack into the deal and says that he hit Jack with a baseball bat and says that Jack said that he didn’t want his son involved. Danny comes back to headquarters and says that they have Sal’s gun and are going to run it through ballistics. However, Sal doesn’t own a helicopter like he did in his file and that he was 5 miles out to see. Kono says that Jack was looking up the Rutherford case on his computer. Chin Ho comes up and says that the scales that were retrieved from the bullet hole is from a fish the natives call “Ahua” and there is only one restaurant who bought it. Kono gets a call and tells Chin Ho that they need to go and Danny tells that he will take Steve with him.

Kono and Chin Ho arrive at their Aunt Millie’s and Uncle Keako’s. People stare at Chin Ho and his uncle offers his hand. They go to see Millie, who is dying of Kidney Failure. She asks Chin Ho to promise to take care of his uncle. He says that he will. Uncle Keako comes in and tells Chin Ho that he wants to talk. Inside the room, Millie tells that she knows about why Uncle Keako and Chin Ho fight. She says that everything was good between them two and when she got sick, Chin Ho was dismissed from the force. Meanwhile, Kamekona picks Steve up from the medical center. Kono drives back with Chin Ho and wants to know if it is true that Uncle Keako who took the money and that Chin Ho took the fall. She asks if she is right and he tells that Uncle Keako took the money to get a kidney from China’s black market. She tells that he needs to tell the truth when Millie dies. Chin Ho tells that he is happy with the Five-O and whatever happened, it is in the past. Danny and Steve go to Morimoto’s restaurant and ask to see the fish that was delivered. Danny has to pick up the fish and is not happy about it. They find one fish with a bullet hole in it. Steve digs inside and pulls out a bullet.

Steve gets to headquarters and Kono tells that it is good to see him. He says that they found the bullet that shot Jack. Kono tells him that they found Jet fuel on Jack’s shoes. She says that High Blue Jet Charters was the one airstrip that uses the special jet fuel. They get there and the manager says that Jack works for him part time and says that he worked last night. He asks if something is wrong and they tell him that Jack is dead. The manager says that Jack looked at the computers for a flight manifesto. They look in his locker and find the flight manifesto and the jet is owned by a Lotus Leaf Holding company and there was one passenger. They look into it more at headquarters and find that primary to it is Donald Rutherford. They realize that Jack saw Donald Rutherford smuggling his son Jordan Rutherford, the one suspected of chocking and killing a Hawaii local, out of the country. Kono says that Donald purchased a gun and realize that the have a hit.

They go to the home of Donald Rutherford and he tells them to wait a moment. Danny tells Steve that he is probably trying to run and they bust in. There is no one there and the doors are locked. Steve pulls out his infrared goggles and sees that someone is in the floor. They find a trap door and go down into the cellar. They find Donald Rutherford and he has a gun on Steve. Danny tells him to put the gun down and says that he doesn’t need anymore trouble. Danny touches a picture of Jordan and Donald gets distracted and Steve grabs the gun. Later, Kono goes to Sean and tells him that they found the killer and that his father did a great job to bringing a killer to justice. She tells Sean’s son that his grandfather was a hero. He gives her the knot that Sean taught him to tie. Meanwhile, Jordan Rutherford is getting transported to be tried for his crimes. Later that night, the team goes out to dinner and a waitress asks to sign Steve’s cast. He willingly accepts and Danny says that she can’t because he hasn’t signed it and he was the one who saved his life. Kamekona sees that Steve is getting the attention over an injury and wraps a tablecloth around his arm, but it doesn’t work the same. They laugh and Chin Ho gets a call saying that Millie has died. The episode ends.