Ho'opa'I (Revenge) - Recap

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The scene opens with a man on the beach holding a football. A woman and her son approach the man who the woman calls Reggie. The boy asks who he is and the woman says that Reggie is his father. Other men are with Reggie to which he says they are for his precaution. Later, Reggie and his wife, Lisa, talk and Lisa says that Reggie’s son, Kevin, didn’t even recognize him. Reggie says that they are close to catching a guy. He says that he only needs a little more time. Reggie walks out on the beach and hears gunfire coming from inside the house. He rushes inside to find the two men who were with him shot. He finds Lisa dead. Kevin comes out and he tells him to stay back. He gets shot in the hip and he shoots at the two gunmen. He hits one of them and they speed off. Meanwhile, Steve gets back from a swim and Kamekona says that he lost a bet with Steve and he has to be his personal chef. Steve sees that Kamekona made Spam and rejects it. He sees another envelope slid under the door, but the deliverer is gone. There are pictures of his mother’s car bomb accident. Kamekona asks about it, but Steve says that he doesn’t know. Steve gets a call and tells the caller not to approach.

Steve and the rest of Five-O arrive with the police to the crime scene. They find that Reggie survived and he says that his son is in there. They go inside to find that one of the men has a pulse. They find Reggie’s son in the closet. Steve tells him that he is going to get him out of there. Once outside, he tells Kevin to go with the police officer. Chin Ho comes out and says that the two men were FBI Agents Stallworth and Newman from Organized Crime division. Steve says that something is missing. Another Agent, Allison Marsh, walks up and says that Reggie Cole has been working undercover for the FBI to take down a crime boss by the name of Jimmy Cannon. Danny knows the guy and says that he is a dangerous man. Marsh says that Cannon was coming in to visit his son. She says that they are going to take over the investigation, but Steve says that he is going to investigate it as well because there is a leak in her office. She tries to tell him not too, but Steve doesn’t listen. Later at the medical center that Reggie is at, Steve and Danny talk to him and says that HPD is watching Reggie’s son. Reggie says that he fired his gun and hit one of them. Reggie tries to tell Steve that he can’t go after Jimmy Cannon, but Steve says that he is going to catch him.

Kono takes pictures of the crime scene and Danny comes in and asks what she has. Kono says that she has a witness and shows that there are cameras are installed and Danny says that he will get Parks and Rec down. However, Kono gets the camera herself. Kevin comes in to see Reggie and asks if he is going to get the men who hurt Lisa. Reggie says that he is. Kono shows the video that she got from the crime scene and it is grainy. However, they see that Reggie did hit one of the gunmen and Steve tells the team to investigate around where the truck was. Steve says that he is going to go and get some “evidence”. They pull up to Jimmy Cannon’s house and the guard gives Steve money to leave. However, Steve drives through the front gate. They talk to Jimmy and Danny asks if he thought he was going to get away with killing a FBI agent. He says that Reggie survived and Jimmy says that if Reggie betrayed someone, he deserved to have anything happen. Steve shows that there was a steel bullet found on the scene and says that he is getting sloppy. Steve gets Cannon to give up his shoes and all the bodyguards.

Steve gets into the station and Kono says that there are no matches. Steve goes to the medical center and finds that Reggie is gone. Danny asks how far he could get and Danny says that he is going back to the crime scene. However, they find only two HPD officers tied up. They tell that Reggie stole their car. Meanwhile, Kono talks to Kevin and he says that his father told him not to help the police, but Kono says that she is special police just like Reggie. She asks if Kevin recognizes anyone from pictures. Kono pulls out a photo from the video and he recognizes the man, but they have no ID. Steve asks where Danny would go and Danny says that he wouldn’t break any laws though. Kono calls and says that the shooter is a new hire possibly. Chin Ho says that there were three agents to watch Reggie, but Allison Marsh was absent and Steve says that they found their leak.

He interrogates Marsh and asks how much Cannon was paying her. She says that she did lie to Steve about her daughter and says that she framed her ex-husband so that he wouldn’t take her daughter out of the country and told Newman that she would be right back. Newman said that he could handle things. She says that she is not the leak. Kono comes in and says that the Squad car that Reggie took is found. Danny sees that the GPS tracker is destroyed. They see the computer database and sees that 1996 White Explorer. Danny pulls up Boakye and they rush to the address to find that Boakye is dead. Reggie calls and tells Steve that he didn’t kill Boakye and that he was dead when he went to talk to him. They realize that Reggie stole the radio communicator. Steve says that they are going to set him up. They set it up and Reggie watches from a distance. Chin Ho and Kono get him. Steve finds a 38-caliber gun on him and Kono says that ME pulled 38-caliber bullets out out of Boakye. Steve finds a gun with steel bullets. Reggie says that he didn’t kill anyone and neither did Jimmy Cannon.

Steve takes Reggie to headquarters and says that Cannon is the killer, but Reggie says that Jimmy would never hire local. Chin Ho says that Reggie didn’t kill Boakye. Reggie says that he has a way to find him and shows Steve that the bullets used in Boakye’s gun. The bullets have half the force. Steve realizes that Agent Newman is the leak because the bullet wasn’t meant to kill him. They go to the hospital and tell that they know that he got $500,000 for giving information. He says that Nelson Ling is the guy that paid him. They go to his residence and they catch him. He draws on Reggie and is shot. Reggie runs up and says that he can either go to heaven or hell and demands that he tell who hired him. He says that it was Cannon’s son. Steve and his team go to the Cannon residence and tell that it was Richard. Steve says that Richard is going to get the Death Penalty. Reggie tells Jimmy that no one knew about him in the organization until Richard found someone. He says that Richard framed Jimmy. Reggie says that he coming for him.

Reggie says goodbye to the Five-O and says that he is going to take a desk job for the FBI in Washington and build a case around Cannon. Steve says that if he wants to come back and work for him, he could use a man like him. He says that he needs to take down Cannon first and then might take him up on the offer. He walks over to Kevin and Kevin asks if Lisa could see the seashell in the cloud and Reggie says that he is sure that she can. The episode ends.