Ho'ohuli Na'au (Close to Heart) - Recap

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The scene opens with a photo shoot happening on the beach. The photographer, Renny tells one model, Alana, that she is beautiful. He tosses the camera to a girl named Amy and walks off with Alana. He asks if she is tired and she says that she is happy. Renny says that he wants to get married to her in Hawaii. Another model watches with a face of disgust. Amy asks if she is alright and she lies. Renny gets into his trailer and hears the door get locked. Suddenly the trailer catches fire and Renny is still inside. The trailer explodes. Meanwhile on a different part of the island, Steve is jogging. He gets to his truck and sees that there is another envelope on his truck. There is a key inside, but no one is around. At a beach in Lower Makapu’u, Kono is helping out a friend with a charity that he is running and she gets a call. She has to go.

Steve and Danny arrive at the crime scene to find Kono there sifting through the rubble. She says that the victim is Renny Sinclair, a famous photographer that was in his trailer when it caught fire. It is murder because someone put an industrial lock on the door which made it impossible to escape. Steve says that the murder was personal. Danny tells that he is going to talk to the models and Steve tells him only to stick to questions to the crime and Danny laughs. Alana and the other model that was looking at her and Renny, Jordan, are fighting and Alana is blaming Jordan for the murder of Renny. Alana shows a ultrasound picture to Jordan and says that she killed her baby’s father. Danny and Steve take each of them to the side and ask them what is going on. Alana says that Jordan and Renny used to date and she is insanely jealous. However, Jordan says that she is over Renny. Chin Ho talks to Amy, who is a local hire. She says that everyone loved Renny and she says that she doesn’t know many names. She says that a guy in a silver Porsche was parked by Renny’s trailer, but she never got a look at him.

Kono goes to the HPD Crime lab and meets Charlie Fong. He recognizes her, but she doesn’t recognize him. He tells that her to forget about it and says that he has gathered the evidence together and has made a scenario of what happened. Kono asks if they worked a case together and Charlie says no. He says that they can find out the kind of gas that was used. He shows something that was extracted and will send it through the labs. Kono keeps guessing but can’t. At headquarters, Chin Ho gets off the phone with Internal Affairs and tells Steve that they want to see him. His Uncle Keako told IA that it was him who stole the money and not Chin Ho. However, Chin Ho tells Steve that he is going to tell IA the truth. Steve tries to talk him out of it by telling him that his name is going to be cleared. However, Chin Ho says that his Uncle will go to jail and all the criminals will be set free that he arrested. Danny walks up and says that there are no suspects within the models, but says that there were text messages on Renny’s phone. It is a code of some sort and Steve says that he will have Kaye look at it, but Danny says that it is easy to figure out because they are bets on games. Danny shows that Renny was a problem gambler and that he was in debt with his bookie.

Chin Ho goes to Makai Pier and finds his Uncle Keako. He says that he is going to tell IA that it was him who took the money. Keako tells that could put Chin Ho in jail and Keako says that he is not lying anymore. Meanwhile, Kono and Charlie find that the gas fingerprint is comparable to a type of gas station. At headquarters, Chin Ho shows that man in the Porsche was Derrick Marcum. He is a bookie that is hard to catch. Meanwhile, Kono and Charlie are going to several gas stations to find the gas that was used in the fire. Danny gets to the station and gives a list of Marcum’s clients. Danny has one that would be perfect. Karmekona is outside is shaved ice shop and is telling his employee to have more energy when Danny and Steve come up. They tell that they know about his open account with Marcum. He tries to deny it, but Danny tells that he is going to call a number and see who picks up. Karmekona’s phone rings and he tries to play it off as his Grandma calling, but it is not of course. Steve and Danny tell him that he is going to call Marcum and tell him that he is not going to pay him. Karmekona is nervous about it, but calls. He tells that he is never going to gamble again. Danny laughs and Karmekona asks if he wants to bet and then realizes that he just bet again with Danny.

Kono and Charlie finish collecting the gas and Steve calls and asks them where they are at. Kono says that they are finished and are heading back to test the gas. Steve says that they need evidence first. Charlie says that Kono always liked Boys to Men. Kono guesses that she knows Charlie from Camp, but she is wrong again. Meanwhile, Marcum’s men come to Karmekona and ask why he doesn’t want to pay Marcum. Danny and Steve walk up and tell the men to turn around, but they run. Steve catches one guy by jumping from a picnic table and Danny catches the other guy by throwing a barbecue grill in the guy’s face. They escort them to Marcum’s and tell everyone working there that they are going to ask some questions. Marcum says that he runs a legitimate business, but Steve asks about Renny’s account and tells Marcum that Renny is dead. Marcum says that he didn’t kill him because dead clients don’t pay back. He says that Renny came to him and asked for $291,597. Steve says that they are going to check out the story, but tells him that he is under arrest for right now. Meanwhile, Kono and Charlie find the station the gas was purchased and now have to find a credit card receipt for it. Steve and Danny have to find if Renny really did sign the agreement. Steve calls Chin Ho to wish him luck on his hearing.

Chin Ho goes to the IA meeting and says that he took the money and the reason why they have not found it in his finances, because he never spent it. Kono meets with Chin Ho and he says that he has to come up with $200,000. She says that no one has that kind of money. Charlie calls and Chin Ho tells her to answer it. At headquarters, Steve says that Renny did sign the agreement and Danny says that the will of Renny says that a trust was made for Pauline Lucero. Kono comes in and says that the lab has the item out of the metal. They find out that it is a lighter. Danny recognizes the lighter as the one that Alana had in her pictorial. Steve finds her on the beach and finds out that it was Renny’s and Alana only had it on the photo shoot. She says that there were a lot of people on the beach and Steve asks about Pauline Lucero and she doesn’t know her, but has heard of a supermodel named Shannon Lucero that Renny used to date, but she wanted to have kids and be married. Renny wasn’t ready for that. Chin Ho calls and says that the amount that was borrowed is the amount that it would cost to raise a child to the age of 18. At headquarters, Chin Ho finds Pauline Lucero, it is Amy from the photo shoot.

Meanwhile Amy/Pauline is waiting for a cab when Steve and Danny pull up. They chase her and catch her. Steve asks why she murdered her own father and she says that Renny wasn’t his father because he left when her mother was pregnant. Steve tells that Renny put money into a trust for her and she is devastated. The next day Kono is at the charity event again and Kelly comes up and says hello. Charlie walks up and Kelly says that he is her cousin and he tells that they kissed on Kelly’s birthday. Kono finally remembers. Danny and Steve watch people surfing and Suzie comes up and tells Danny that he has a surfer haircut. Steve tells her that Danny doesn’t surf and Danny says that he is learning. Danny asks where Chin Ho is. Meanwhile, Chin Ho goes up to Marcum and asks for $200,000 and offers the deed to his house. The episode ends.