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Oia'i'o (Trust) (Season Finale) - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny watching an Elvis movie. He talks to someone in the room. It is Rachel and she is getting herself dressed. She tells that she has to tell Stan about them. Meanwhile, the Chief gives Chin Ho his badge and says that he has been promoted to Lieutenant. He declines the offer and says that they are doing great work at Five-O. Chin Ho passes Officer Duke on the stairwell and asks what he has. Duke tells that there was a rancher who found bags of burnt money. He says that they are going to run the serial numbers. Chin Ho looks worried. He goes to Five-O headquarters and tells Steve about the money. He tries to reassure that nothing is going to happen. The Governor and Laura Hills, her assistant, come downstairs and Laura flirts with Chin Ho a little. Steve asks when Chin Ho is going to make his move and he laughs it off.

They get into the office and Steve has received another envelope. This time it is a key. Agent Kaye tells that it must go to an antique desk. Steve says that his father never had anything like that and that it must have been someone who he was investigating. The Governor and Laura say goodbye for the day when Laura gets in her car. She starts up her car and it explodes. Steve and the rest of Five-O race out to find the Governor devastated. Kaye inspects the blast and finds pieces that suggest that it was a claymore mine that caused this. She says that only one person would do this and that is Wo Fat. She tells that Steve took down his best men and made it personal. Steve still doesn’t understand how Laura was the target and tells the team to look into that. Steve says that there would be a military breach for the claymore mines going missing that the police wouldn’t know about. Steve and Danny get to Laura’s home and the house is tossed. Steve finds the same envelopes that were being delivered to him. He takes a writing sample as they leave.

They get to HPD and the handwriting of Laura match the envelopes that Steve was receiving. Kaye calls and says that the mine was stolen by Dale O’Riley, but nothing was charged. Danny and Steve go to Dale’s place of work and he runs when they mention the claymore mine. However, Danny sprays him with Pepper Spray and arrests him. They ask who he sold the mine to and he says that the man’s name is Steve McGarrett. They take him to the station and he isn’t talking. Steve comes in and shows Dale a webcam conversation with Dale’s brother, Gary. He is a soldier and asks what is going on. Steve says that Dale is going to be branded as a terrorist and his brother is going to be disgraced. This gets him to open up and Kaye says that they are going to get Wo Fat for sure now. However, Chin Ho tells that they finished processing the prints found at Laura’s house. They are Steve’s. Right away they know that it is a set-up. Later at the Governor’s residence, Steve and Danny sit down and tell that they are linking this to Wo Fat. She asks why they think that and Danny says that they have a witness. Steve sees an old antique desk in the Governor’s office. He tells that they need to go and Danny asks him why. Steve points out that there is a desk in her office that could allow the key to fit in and says that the Governor is hiding something.

They get inside and Danny tells Steve that it is stupid to break into the Governor’s mansion. The rest of the team agrees, but Steve tells that the desk is in the office and the key is going to fit. Steve gets a call that tells him that the transport taking their witness got hit. They race down there and find that their witness was killed. Steve tells Danny that the only person that knew that he was a witness against Wo Fat was the Governor. Danny gets a call from Rachel and she says that she needs to see Danny. He tells Steve to go home and get his head clear. However, in the middle of the night, Steve breaks into the Governor’s residence and opens the desk drawer with the key that he has. There are pictures inside of Laura putting envelopes on Steve’s windshield. Meanwhile, Danny goes up to Rachael on the side of the road. She tells that she is pregnant with his baby. Danny is happy and she tells that she doesn’t want to live in Hawaii anymore and Danny tells that he will go where she will go. He says that he loves Rachel and she says it back.

Later, Danny goes into Steve’s and he points a gun on Danny. He tells Danny that he broke into the Governor’s mansion and found pictures. Danny wants to know why Laura sent piece by piece. He shows that Laura was trying to help him and the Governor had her killed. The next day, the Five-O team look at the evidence and they need something that sticks. However, they are interrupted when Chin Ho tells that HPD is on their way to arrest Steve for the murder of Laura. Kono erases the hard drives. Steve eludes the HPD officers and goes to Karmekona’s. He says that he needs a gun and tells that he is not a cop anymore. Karmakona leads him to the supply and Steve loads up. Back at the station, Chin Ho tells that he is not going to stand around and Kono is asked to a line up to being involved in stealing the money from the locker. Kaye asks what that was about and Danny tells that they stole the money to save Chin Ho’s life. Kaye says that she likes it and wants to know what they do now. Danny goes to find Steve.

Karmekona calls Danny and tells that Steve is loaded. Danny knows that he is going after the Governor. Danny gets a call from Rachel telling that she and Grace are at the airport. Danny tells that he has to do something and then he will meet them at the gate. Meanwhile, Steve breaks into the Governor’s office and points a gun on her. He tells her that he wants her to tell the truth. She eventually admits to killing Laura and that she wasn’t the one that killed his father or mother. Suddenly he is tased by Wo Fat. She asks what they are going to do and Wo Fat shoots the Governor and plants the gun on Steve. HPD comes in and Chin Ho is wearing his Lieutenant badge now. He bursts into the Governor’s office and find her dead and Steve with the murder weapon. He tries to explain himself, but Chin Ho doesn’t believe him. Danny arrives and tells Chin Ho to let him go, but Chin Ho tells that he has to. At the airport, Rachael and Grace wait, but Danny doesn’t show up. At the station, Kono is picked out of the lineup by the old woman that saw her. She is escorted to booking and she sees Steve. He gets his picture taken. To be continued…