Ha'i'ole (Unbreakable) - Recap

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The scene opens one week later after the incident at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. They are remembering the Governor. Meanwhile, Kono is surfing, Agent Kaye is looking at files and Danny meets with a soldier. At the Cemetery, Chin Ho sees that Wo Fat is there as well. At the Halawa Correctional Facility in O’ahu, Steve McGarret gets a visitor. It is Danny. He asks if there are any leads on Wo Fat and he says that there are none. The soldier that Danny met is Steve’s commanding officer and he tells Steve that they are going to make sure that he is not going to allow for Steve to be charged with this. Wo Fat walks off and Chin Ho says that they know it was him and it is only a matter of time before he is switching places with Steve. Wo Fat tells Chin Ho that it was a smart move to make. He gets in the car and drives off. Chin Ho has something of Wo Fat’s in his hand.

Steve goes out for some fresh air when Victor Hess comes up and puts a knife in his stomach. Hess leans in and tells Steve something. The guards pull him off of him. Danny goes into Five-O Headquarters and finds Chin Ho there. Steve’s Comanding Officer introduces himself as Joe White. Chin Ho says that he has been busy and Chin-Ho says that he had no choice to arrest Steve. Chin Ho says that Wo Fat was at the funeral. White asks if they have a file on Wo Fat and they tell that Kaye does. White goes off to talk to her. Danny gets a call and tells that they will be right there. They go to the prison and push Hess down. However, Hess says that he only stabbed him in the lower abdomen to give him a chance to escape. Meanwhile in the ambulance, Steve is being transported to the hospital. Hess tells that he was ordered by Wo Fat to kill Steve and by giving him the chance to escape, Steve is most likely going after Wo Fat now. At the same moment, Steve breaks out of the ambulance and runs down the road.

Police cars approach the ambulance and set a perimeter. Chin Ho gets word that HPD is looking for Steve now and that they have to get to Wo Fat before Steve does. Kono shows up and says that they are going to have to do something. Meanwhile, Steve goes to a gas station bathroom and tries to clean up the stab wound that he got from Hess. He gets it under control when a HPD officer pulls up. He sees the blood soaked towels in the trash and Steve knocks the police officer unconscious and dresses in his uniform and steals the car. Meanwhile, White meets with Kaye. She shows her folder on Wo Fat. White sees the picture of the medal and says that he needs to take the picture. She gets a call that Steve escaped from prison and White says that he will be alright because he trained him. Later at Dr. Max Bergman’s house in Kalihi, he finds his house ransacked. He finds Steve in his house unconscious. Steve wakes up with Max kneeling over him. He patched Steve up. Danny and Chin Ho arrive and ask Steve what he is doing. Steve gets a call from White who gives him an address. Danny says that he isn’t going anywhere and Max offers his car to be low key so that Steve can go with Danny.

In Max’s car, an old small car, Danny talks to Grace and tells her that he will see her soon. Steve asks why Rachel is moving back to Hawaii. Danny says that the baby is not his and that Rachel wants to make it work with Stan for the baby’s sake. Steve says that he is sorry. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Max drive to drop off the patrol car and Max says that he is going to buy a car like Danny’s. Chin Ho gets a call from Kono. She says that she is on surveillance, but no sign of Wo Fat. There is a white guy who is unfamiliar and she takes pictures of him. Steve and Danny arrive at the address which White gave them and it is in Mount Tantalus in Honolulu. White is there and says that the medal that was in the tool box belonged to a Hideki Mocoto, a Japanese pilot. He gave it to Steve’s father. Steve meets with Hideki and he says that Steve has his father’s eyes. Danny talks to White to see what Mocoto had to do with everything. White tells him that Mocoto was told the location of a secret that put Wo Fat in bed with the Governor.

Kono goes to a Marina and takes picture of the men and a boat. Wo Fat is on the boat. The face of the man at the hanger is Kurt Hauff. Suddenly Kono is taken out of the car and taken to Wo Fat. He says that he doesn’t intimidate, his men do. Kaye goes to see Karmakona at the Shave Ice stand and asks to use the bathroom. Karmakona says that she needs to by a snow cone. She does and then meets Danny and Steve inside the back room. She tells that she has the key to the locker that holds the things that Steve’s father had. They go to the locker and get an SD card. They turn on the video and realize that it is the Governor’s office. They wonder if the camera is still there in the governor’s office. Danny and Chin Ho go and in a car, a detective of HPD calls in that he knows where Steve is hiding.

Chin Ho and Danny get to the Governor’s office and find the hidden camera in a clock. At Karmekona’s White asks Steve what the matter is and Steve says that he doesn’t know what his father was up to and says that Wo Fat told him that he wouldn’t like what he found. White tells Steve that his father was a great man. Karmakona says that they have company. Steve comes out and the HPD tell him to get on the ground. However, Chin Ho and Danny come up with the Lt. Director and they say that Steve didn’t kill the Governor. They watch it and Steve asks for his Five-O team to be reinstated. The Lt. Director grants his request, but says that he doesn’t have immunity to the crimes he does. They tell that sometimes they can’t predict the outcome. Meanwhile, Kono gets out of a trunk and takes down Wo Fat’s minion. She calls Chin Ho and tells them to get to the Marina.

They get there and Kono sees the buyer of the deal that Wo Fat did. The boat is out of the Marina already. Kono and White go after the buyer and kill him. They find the supplies to make a dirty bomb. Danny, Chin Ho and Steve go after the boat. They manage to get on and kill every guard besides one. However, Wo Fat is not there. They take the guard that was kept alive and he says that he doesn’t know where Wo Fat is. Steve says that they are going to use him as bait. Later, the Five-O Team celebrates their win of stopping a dirty bomb and the re-establishment of Five-O. Steve goes into Danny’s office and he shows that Wo Fat is shaking hands with Steve’s father. However, the audio is taken out. White comes in and Steve says that they need to talk to Hess. However, at the same moment Wo Fat kills Hess dressed as a Correctional Officer. He gets in a car and it is Kaye who is driving the car! The episode ends.