Ua Lawe Wale (Taken) - Recap

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The scene opens with a paddle board competition in Molokai 2 in O’ahu. After hours in the water, the winner is 15-year-old Jen Hassley. She runs up to her fans and tells them and her mother that she is going to wash up first. A little later, they give out the rewards and trophies and call for Jen to assume her First Place spot. However she is no where to be found. Her mother goes to the changing tent and sees her lei torn apart. Jen’s mother hers her scream and sees her in a car as it rides off. Jen has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Steve is reading Woman’s Day waiting for the newly appointed Governor Denning. A woman comes in and introduces herself as Officer Laurie Weston. She is told to take a seat. She offers Steve the sports section of the newspaper. The Governor calls in both Steve and Laurie into his office. They get in and Denning tells that there is accountability in Five-O now and that Laurie is going to work with them. Both Steve and Laurie are not happy about this, bit Denning says that they don’t have a choice. Steve gets word of the kidnapping and says that he has to go. Denning looks at Laurie and tells her to go with him.

They get outside and Steve makes it clear that he is not happy about their arrangement and it is clear that she isn’t either. They get to the scene of the kidnapping and Danny introduces himself to Laurie and welcomes her to the team. Danny makes fun of Steve for dressing up for the new Governor. Chin Ho is inside and finds a locket on the ground. Danny, Steve and Laurie talk to the parents when Chin Ho shows pills to the parents. They say that it is Jen’s heart medication and that she needs to take them or she will die. Danny and Steve enter Five-O Headquarters and Kaye says that Jen’s social network site is a front for her success and says that she has to have a secret on. Chin Ho asks about the new recruit and Steve tells that she is attractive. Kono gets home to find a man in her place. She tells him to turn around. It is Captain Vincent Fryer, the lead in the Internal Affairs Investigation. He says that they need to talk. Back at Five-O Headquarters, Kaye says that they were able to pull up her other social network site and it turns out that she was talking to a Brett Cunningham, but says that it is a front as well. Laurie calls over to Steve and tells that she is not finding anything from Brett Cunningham. However, she finds a letter that tells her that Jen is adopted. She talks to the guardians and they say that Jen knew this and that her real mother died in childbirth.

Laurie calls back and says that Jen knew about being adopted and realizes that Steve is trying to sideline her. Danny tells that he can tell that he is as well and Steve denies it. Chin Ho says that they found the kidnapper’s car. They go to the location and find a sweater covered in blood. It is Jen’s sweater. Steve asks Max if it is Jen’s blood, is she alive. Max says that it is highly impossible. They give the VIN number to Kaye and she says that it is registered to Matt Porter. They go to his address and find that it is empty. However, they find that Matt Porter has enough supplies to reinvent himself and that he has. There are pictures of other girls and go back to Headquarters. Chin Ho tells that Jen is not his last victim and points out that Matt has a meeting with Julie Nells tomorrow. Laurie comes in and says that she knows that Steve tried to sideline her. He admits it and says that he can’t trust her like he does his teammates. She tells that she promised the Hasseys that they will get their daughter back home safe. Steve tells that they don’t make promises like that and she says that she does. Steve decides to work with her and include her in the next phase of the investigation and has her meet him tomorrow at the coffee place.

Chin Ho talks to Kono about her Internal Affairs investigation. She says that Captain Fryer came to her house. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about, but she is not too sure about that. Steve and Laurie wait for Matt to show up and watch as Julie is getting restless. Laurie goes up to her and she runs. They manage to catch her and she says she is not going to go back. She clarifies at the station that Matt rescued her from a Cult in California. She was supposed to meet so that she could get moved again. She ran because Matt told her that people in the Cult would come look for her. Laurie doesn’t understand Jen’s kidnapping and says that she wasn’t in a Cult so why was Matt helping. Danny comes in and says that lab results came back on the test on the blood in the trunk. It belonged to Matt Porter.

They try to limit the Cults that could be around and at the same moment, Kono’s hearing begins. Kaye comes in and says that there are only a few Cults that refuse medical care and has narrowed the list down greatly. Steve asks if there is anything on her mind and says that she seems distracted. She tells him that the CIA called and that her fiancé may be alive still. She has to go there after they find Jen. He says that is good news. Chin Ho shows that they have a message from Rhea, Jen’s birth mother. Kaye says that there is only one Cult on an island that they think the Cult is. They go to the island and are told by the locals that there are several members now. They are taken to a store owner who was in the Cult and he tells them everything about the Cult. Suddenly a guy comes in and runs out. The team needs to get there before he does and the store owner give them horses to ride. Meanwhile, Rhea watches Jen struggle from lack of her heart medicine. Rhea’s fahter tells her that he can take care of Jen. He goes into the cabin and attempts to give her some tea, but she refuses. The man from the store enters and tells him that they have a problem.

The Five-O break into the compound and get into a gun fight. They unmask the girl being escorted, but it is only Rhea. They get into another gun fight and Laurie has a gun aimed at her head. However, thanks to her training, she disarms the man and demands to know where Jen is. He says that Rhea’s father has a plane and that they are not going to catch him on time. However, Steve is determined. He manages to catch up to the man and shoots out the wheel of the plane. He arrests Rhea’s father and saves Jen. Later at the hospital, Rhea says that she is sorry for everything and Laurie says that it wasn’t her fault. Rhea is invited by Jen to see her and they hug and share a emotional moment. Back at Headquarters, Kaye says goodbye to the team and Chin Ho gets a call that the Internal Affairs investigation didn’t go well. He storms into Captain Fryer’s office and demands a new investigation. However, the damage is done and Kono is stripped of her badge and cannot be a police officer for HPD or the Five-O. The episode ends.