Kame'e (The Hero) - Recap

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The scene opens with a young couple running through the forest and going to a pond to go swimming. They kiss and then are interrupted by an approaching storm. They run as rain falls. The man sees a tent and says that they have to get out of the rain, but when he opens it, there is a dead body inside. Meanwhile, Steve is shooting targets at the Ulupa’u Crater Rifle Range at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii with Joe. He says that it is good that Steve’s father’s rile is still good. Steve challenges Joe that he can’t shoot a target 700 yards away. However, he shoots it. Jo tells Steve that he can buy him a fancy drink. Joe says that he put in a transfer to Pearl Harbor. Steve says that it is great that he is going to be around still. Joe gets a call. He says that it is not good news.

They get to the Medical Examiner’s office and Max says that the victim found was Clay Garcia. His wife Marissa is with Joe and Max says that Clay’s service weapon killed him. Joe talks to Steve and says that something isn’t right and says that Clay didn’t kill himself. Steve goes into Max’s office and says that he is going to have to have the case of Clay reopened. Meanwhile, Kono gets back from hanging out with bad people. Chin Ho tells her that she needs to watch out. She tells him that she can take care of herself. Joe and Steve get into Five-O Headquarters and Lori Weston is there. Steve tells Joe that Lori is an addition to the team. Max comes in the Headquarters in disguise and tells them that Steve was right and that it wasn’t a suicide. Based on the spatter, it was a homicide that the killer placed the gun into Clay’s hand and pulled the trigger. Steve wonders who would go through all this trouble for one person.

Steve, Joe and Chin Ho go to the crime scene and Chin Ho is surprised that Joe knew where it was. Steve says that Joe trained Clay and that it is typical for a Navy Seal to do this. They find a fire that was built away from the tent. Steve sees a discrepancy and says that there is no red dirt like in the crime scene photos. Chin Ho says that red dirt is not for another mile. Meanwhile at the Garcia Residence, Danny and Lori talk to Marissa and she says that Clay and she had a fight about the fact that she took a job. Marissa dodges the question about her love for Clay. She says that Clay thought that she was having an affair with her boss, Nick Drayton. She told Clay that she wasn’t in love with him anymore and he took it hard. In the car, Lori asks Danny if he believes Marissa and he says that he doesn’t know. Lori asks how long Danny was married and says that his body language shows that he was. He says that it is complicated and asks if she was married. She says that she almost was and says that it is complicated. She tells Danny that they need to visit Marissa’s boss still.

Back in the jungle, Chin Ho approaches the location and walks into a trip wire. Steve and Joe manage to disarm it. They see that there is camera watching a field of Marijuana. They run off with some and the criminals watch and ride off to stop them. Steve. Chin Ho and Joe cause a tree to fall down in their path and get them in custody. When they talk to one of the men, he says that he visited Clay, but he didn’t kill him. He says that their camera’s picked up on another guy who was with Clay too. Danny gives Steve a hard time about the fact that he and Lori are going to have a connection. Steve denies it. Meanwhile, Chin Ho goes up to Charlie Fong and he asks about Kono. He says that she is dealing with the fallout form Internal Affairs. Later, Chin Ho comes back with the results from the alcohol and he says that it was lased with a horse tranquilizer. There were also fingerprints found on the bottle of alcohol. They belong to Nick Drayton, Marissa’s boss. Steve and Danny go visit him and Steve wants answers. Nick tells him that he went to a hotel room to take the alcohol away and that was when Clay dislocated his shoulder. He says that he would never kill Clay.

In the car, Steve asks Danny if he believes Nick and Danny says that he does. Max calls Steve and says that he needs to get Joe and get down to the morgue. Max shows that they had a body come in that was involved in a car accident. He is a member of Seal Team Nine, just like Clay. Max says that it was not a car accident because the chemicals deployed from an airbag were not in the system of the dead Navy Seal. Steve and Joe go to the Marine Corps Base and talk to CDR Wade Gutches. They tell that someone is targeting Seal Team Nine and requests that they get the identities of them. However, Wade tells them that he can’t do that. However, he tells them to meet him at a bar later.

Chin Ho watches as Kono goes into a laundry mat with Ray and the other shady guys. They go in a poker game and Kono meets Frank Delano. He says that he has an opening in his operation and says that they take down the bad guys without any rules. He says that they need to know about a HPD raid so that they can get to it first. Steve and Joe go to the bar and meet with Wade. He says that he can’t reveal anything except that they were hacked and that the Seal Team Nine members were compromised. He says that he can’t tell the names and leaves. However, Joe sees that Wade left behind a year old newspaper. They read it and it is about the Samoan Cartel. Later at headquarters, Lori informs them that the Samoan Cartel was killed by Seal Team Nine, but one person escaped. Juan, the brother, was able to get away and that a hitman was hired to kill the members of Seal Team Nine. They find that the hit man is Hector “Chameleon” Ruiz. Lori gets a location to Ruiz by a landlord running a credit check on his aliases.

They get to the house and find it clear. However, they find Ruiz’s room where he was studying the habits of the members. Joe realizes that one Seal is missing. Lt. Bradley Jax is the one that is next to be killed. At the same moment, Bradley gets into a plane with Ruiz without even knowing what is about to happen. Ruiz gives him a bottle of water. Once in the air, Ruiz takes a now unconscious Bradley and cuts the cords of his parachute. He hears a plane, but ignores it. He tosses the body out of the plane. As Bradley falls to his death, Steve manages to grab him. After a struggle, Steve manages to attach him to his chute and saves Bradley from falling. The plane lands and Danny and Chin Ho are there to meet Ruiz. However, he is shot when he tries to shoot them.

Joe drives up to where Steve and Bradley land and Steve checks for the pulse. Bradley is alive. Afterward, Joe, Chin Ho, Danny and Lori go into the Naval Base and Danny laughs about a file that he found on Steve at Ruiz’s place and “Operation Strawberry Field”. Steve doesn’t tell him and Danny jokes and says that it is because he would have to kill him if he told him. The get into Command Center and watch as a Seal Team approaches the compound of the Samoan Cartel and take out Juan and his entire operation. The Five-O team all say that they are glad that Steve is on their team. Later that night, Kono uses the HPD login of Chin Ho and the episode ends.