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Ma'ema'e (Clean) - Recap

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The scene opens at the University of Hawaii Stan Sheriff Center. A volleyball game is going on and the Rainbows, Hawaii’s team, wins the match. Later, the coach looks at the plays and hears a sound. He goes out to find the team dumping water over him. He says that they got him and tells them that they were great. Afterward, the coach takes a shower and hears another sound. He comes out and is killed. The next day, Kamekona has his shrimp stand up and Chin Ho comes up and says that he wants some food. Chin Ho goes up to Amelia and says that he had a fun time last night. She asks what is bothering him and he says that Kono has been made the poster child to Captain Fryer’s war on bad cops. Amelia asks if Chin Ho talked to her, but he doesn’t want to yet. He gets a call and says that he will be right there.

Lori, Steve and Danny arrive on the scene of the crime and Lori tells them that Brian Scartelli is the victim and they see that he was attacked first. Chin Ho comes in and tells that Brian was living with Karl and Trisha Joyner, a rich couple. Danny and Steve drive to the Joyner home and Danny tells that cops don’t make a lot and Steve says that Danny needs to relax about it. They meet with the roommate and Danny can’t believe that the house has everything. Danny finds several pictures of a girl taken in provocative poses. Danny says that if Gracey was getting pictures taken like this, he would kill the person who took them. At Five-O Headquarters, Lori says that the girl is Melanie Ayers. There are a lot of a lot of things that are fishy and they go to Melanie. She tells that she took photos for an advertisement company and that Brian and her were not having an affair. He was only trying to help her fix things so that she can play.

Kono rides her bike home to find Amelia there. She asks to come in and tells that she knows that things have been weird between them and says that Chin Ho is worried about her. Kono asks if Amelia and Chin Ho are back together and asks how she managed it. Amelia says that they have something special. She gets a call and tells Amelia has to run and says that she needs to leave her out of it. Lori and Chin Ho go to the Hotel room that Brian paid for under his name and find a print on a glass. It belongs to Trisha Joyner. Chin Ho realizes that is Karl’s wife and says that it sounds like Trisha was leaving Karl. Danny and Steve tell Chin Ho that they are going to find Karl Joyner. They pull up to find Karl carrying a bag and gun. However, he tries to tell that “they” have his wife. Suddenly, Karl is shot. Steve finds where the sniper was. This is beginning to look like something more complicated. Danny tells that Karl is dirty and that Karl was laundering money. Whoever killed Karl must want the money back and that they think that Trisha has it now.

Chin Ho and Lori are still waiting at the hotel room where Trisha was staying and Lori is not a patient person. She tells Chin Ho that she is not patient and Chin Ho says that she is like Steve. She asks what he is like and says that she would like to get to know him more. Chin Ho gives her a look and she tells him to forget about the conversation. They hear a noise and a man with a gun comes to the door. He runs off shooting at Lori and Chin Ho. Lori shoots the man in the side and he still runs. However, when he jumps in a car and it drives off, Chin Ho sees that Kono is the driver. Steve talks to Chin Ho and asks what he should know about what Kono is doing with criminals. Chin Ho says that he didn’t know that she was in this deep with the ex-cops. Steve says that they are going to bring her in. Meanwhile, Kono tries to tell Dwight, the man who was shot, that it is going to be alright, but he dies. Frank Delano calls and asks if they found her. She tells that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Frank says that Trisha has his money. He asks how Dwight is doing and Kono tells him that he is dead. Frank tells her to toss the body.

Speeding down the road, Kono sees Danny’s car coming up. She speeds through intersections and is eventually stopped by Steve. She is taken into custody. Once at headquarters, Kono is questioned by Steve. He says that he wants to help her and she says that she can’t. Chin Ho comes in and tells him that it is not going to be like this. Chin Ho talks to her and says that he is for her and says that they are family. He tells her that she is not alone. She says that she can’t talk. Captain Fryer comes in tells Kono to go with him. Steve is confused and Captain Fryer says that she is working for him. Steve says that Fryer needs to tell them about it and Kono tells Chin Ho that Fryer told her that Fryer was going to open up an Internal Affairs investigation. Chin Ho says that Fryer is going after Delano because Delano was Fryer’s old partner.

Steve and Fryer go in and Steve asks if it is true. Fryer says that Kono is in too deep and that they have to have her pretend to be the dirty cop still because Delano trusts her enough. Delano calls and Steve says that Five-O will be behind Kono when she goes in. Kono answers the phone and lies and says that it is done. The Five-O and Fryer suit up and Kono tells that she is going in without anything. Kono meets up with Delano and tells that she disposed the body. Delano says that they have a cell phone that Trisha took and says that she is not going to know now that Brian is dead. Trisha texts that she is checking into a hotel room now. At the hotel room, Trisha turns on the new and sees that Brian is dead. She tries to leave, but Delano is there. He tells that they she has something of his. Steve and the team don’t like that Kono has been gone for 2 hours. Chin Ho says that he is trying to hack into the microphone on Kono’s phone. He manages to get bits and pieces.

Back at the hotel room, Trisha is told that Karl had money of Delano’s. When Chin Ho gets a clear signal, they find out that they are headed to a bank. They drive over there and line SWAT at the edge of the street and watch the men go in. Delano has Kono escort Trisha to the back to get the Safe Deposit Box. The employee tells Kono to hang back, but she tells that Trisha wants her to come and Trisha confirms it. However, outside, Ray gets curious and starts to head to the edge of the street. Steve comes up and knocks him down before he can tell anyone. Trisha freezes for a moment inside, but Kono tells that she is an undercover cop and that they are going to get through this. They go out and hand off the bag to Delano. However, the employees see the awkward glances and Delano tells them to get down. Kono kicks the gun out of another dirty cop’s hand and manages to get Trisha and the bank employee away. However, Delano shoots Kono.

He goes outside with a hostage and the Five-O Team and the rest of the HPD are there to meet him. However, Delano open fires and Danny takes out one guy. Captain Fryer goes up to Delano and tells him that it is over with and he tells that he is not afraid to kill the hostage. However, Fryer says that he will shoot Delano and does so. Delano is taken into custody. After everything settles, Kono comes out and Chin Ho gives her a hug. Steve goes up to Fryer and punches him. He tells Fryer never to go near his Team again. He says that he understands. The episode ends.