Ka Hakaka Maika'I (The Good Fight) - Recap

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The scene opens at Neil’s Blaisdell Center Arena in Honolulu. Steve is getting ready to fight and Kate comes in and tells him that he is taping his hands wrong. She sits down and fixes them. He gets up and heads to a ring where a man is waiting to fight. Danny asks if Kate tried to talk Steve out of it. She lies and says that she did, but it was no good. Steve starts to fight and is uppercut. The scene flashbacks to 48 hours earlier where a man is thrown into the pool duct taped to a chair. Meanwhile, Steve meets Joe White and NCIS Officer Kenzie Blye. Joe tells Steve that Kenzie is a lip reading specialists that is going to try to get information off of the video. She says that Steve’s father asks Wo Fat about “Shellburn”. Steve says that Mokoto gave them the video and that they need to ask him. Danny gets a case and Kenzie tells Joe that Steve isn’t going to let this go.

Steve arrives at Diamond Head at the home of Jake Griffin. He was duct taped to a chair and shot. Max tells that the victim was shot with a .38mm. Lori says that Jake was duct taped and posed no threat. They get in the house and Chin Ho says that there were a lot of things stolen. Danny sees a picture of Jake standing with a boy. Chin Ho says that Jake is divorced and that the boy is his son. Danny realizes that school just got out and runs outside. He sees the boy, Josh, coming up the walkway. He tells him that he needs to talk to him. Jake’s sister, Samantha, and husband come up and get Josh. At headquarters, Steve looks at the other home invasions with the same style. He asks why this time it is different. He realizes that Josh wasn’t home so the killer didn’t have any leverage. He tells Chin Ho and Kono to talk to the other homeowners and see if they remember anything.

Steve and Lori talk to one family and they tell that they don’t remember anything. They ask if their belongings were out of site. They say that their things were with them and realize that they used Valet Parking. Steve calls Danny and it is Kokua Valet who is the main source of the invasions. They look up the employee records and find out that 4 employees were working together and one has a record, Dave Lockheart. They find out that none of the four are working tonight. They go to Dave Lockheart’s home and find no one home. They find photos of homes and see one home that they haven’t seen before. At the same moment, the four Valet workers are at the same house. Steve and his team get there and Steve tells them to go around the back. They move in and take down three of the four. Danny sees Chin Ho and Kono chasing the fourth and tackles him. It is Dave Lockheart, the leader.

They take him to headquarters and try to get him to talk. However, he refuses to talk and calls for a lawyer. Chin Ho talks to him anyways and demands to know why he killed Jake. However, Dave says that it wasn’t his idea to run the robbery scheme, but Samantha’s thing. Max calls in Lori and tells her that he found Australian Tea tree Oil on the suspect. He says that Jake was already dead before he hit the water. At Headquarters, Chin Ho pulls up that Samantha was cut off from the family fortune months ago. Danny comes in and says that everything goes to Samantha until Josh is 25 years old. Joe calls Steve and tells him that he is going to meet with Mokoto and says that he dropped off Kenzie to go back to Los Angeles. He gets off the phone to find Wo Fat in his place. He tells Joe to say hello to Steve’s father for him. Wo Fat reaches for his gun, but Jo is faster. He knocks the gun out of the way. Wo Fat gets the upper hand and almost kills Jo. However, Joe manages to knock Wo Fat away and when he grabs the gun, Wo Fat is gone.

Steve and Danny go to Samantha’s home and ask where she was the night of the murder. Samantha says that she was working at Jake’s charity and says that he quit Jake’s restaurants and says that she didn’t kill Jake. Danny asks if she has a gun and she says that Jake had a gun that he took from one of the guys at the gym that he runs. They ask where it is and she takes them to the gym and Steve notices that the wipes that the fighters use has Tea Tree Oil in them. Samantha’s husband, Marshall, notices that they are there and asks what they want. Samantha says that they are looking for the gun. However, Danny doesn’t find a gun. Samantha tells them that Barrero, the guy who Jake took the gun from, knew where they kept the gun too.

They are on their way to Barrero’s house and Kono tells them that he has training and that they shouldn’t engage in hand to hand. They drive to the place and Danny finds the .38mm is found in the passenger seat. Barrero asks them what they are doing and runs when he finds out that they are cops. They chase him into a building. Barrero starts to fight with Steve, but he gets the upper hand and knocks him to the ground and dislocates his shoulder. He tells Steve that he is supposed to fight tomorrow night. Steve tells Danny that Barrero didn’t kill Jake. They get him patched up and taken to Headquarters. Steve points out that Barrero was in the hospital the day that Jake was murdered. He tells that he wouldn’t ever kill Jake and says that it was Marshall who wanted him to fight for him and that he was only going to take 20% of the cut while the 80% would go to the fighters.

Kono looks at a hardware store and sees that Marshall bought duct tape and cleaning fluids. It is around the time of death. Danny, Steve and a HPD cop comes down and Steve tells that Marshall killed Jake. Samantha overhears and asks what Marshall did. He says that he is sorry and says that the gun went off and says that he wanted a little from him so that they wouldn’t have to go to him for help. She is devastated. Later, Steve gets ready to fight in the place of Barrero and Kamekona gets ready to watch the match. The fight begins and Steve manages to win the fight. Afterward, Steve gets a text from Joe who tells him to get to Mokoto’s house. Steve arrives to find Jo there. Jo says that Mokoto is dead and says that it looks like he was tortured and Steve realizes that it was Wo Fat. Jo asks how many more are going to die before he gives this up. The episode ends.