Lapa'au (Healing) - Recap

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The scene opens in the North Shore in O’Ahu. A surfer and a man in a Jet Ski are out in the water when the man on the Jet Ski sees a plane coming into the water. He tells the man on the surfboard to watch out. The woman inside the plane is already dead. Meanwhile, Steve goes to Danny’s place and tries to sneak in. He sees that Danny is watching a movie. He tries to be quiet, but Danny knows that it is him. They watch the movie and Danny gets emotional when the man in the movie delivers a baby. Steve asks him if he wants a tissue. Danny says that Steve doesn’t understand. Steve gets a call and tells Danny that they have to go. They arrive on scene and Lori fills them in on the details. She says that the victim is Monica Jensen, an ICE Agent. Jeff Morrison, an ICE Agent who supervised over Monica. He says that he Lori has told him about them and Lori tells Steve and Danny that Jeff and she worked together on a case before. Jeff says that there is possible foul play about the crash. Steve asks if Monica could have gone in too deep. Lori asks for the Red Book, a journal of her actions. Jeff says that he could get that.

They walk up to Max and he says that Monica died before the impact and says that she has been dead for 8 hours. When Steve hears about what plane she was flying, he realizes that Max is right and that Max is right that Monica was dead before getting into the plane. Lori goes into Monica’s office and Jeff is there. He is emotional from her death and Lori says that it is going to be alright because they are going to catch the killer. Jeff says that he can’t find the Red Book and Lori says that it is most likely at her home. Jeff says that Monica reminded him of Lori and Lori says that it is going to be alright. He says that he knows that it will. He offers to help them find the killer. Back at Headquarters, Steve gets a call from Lori. She says that she is going to try Monica’s home and he says that Danny and him are going to meet her there. They get to the house and they find that it was broken into. A dog runs up and Danny is drawn to it. He finds a steak full of pills. They find the Red Book and realize that there are pages torn out. They also find pictures of a guy that Monica was following. Danny gets the dog on its leash. Steve asks what he is doing and Danny says that they can’t leave the dog there.

In the car, the dog is riding in Steve’s seat and Steve is in the back. He doesn’t like it and Danny tells Steve that the dog needs the window so that he doesn’t get carsick. They take the pictures to headquarters and they run the face of the man in the picture through facial recognition software. They come up with a Liam Miller, a man with no criminal record. Steve gets word on the Black Box from the plane and says that Danny and he will go there while Chin Ho and Kono go to Liam’s place. Steve sees that Danny still has the dog and says that he has to get rid of it. Danny says that he will as soon as he has time. Chin Ho and Kono get to Liam’s place and he says that he is sorry to hear that Monica is dead. He says that he can’t believe that she was murdered. Chin Ho sees marijuana and asks if it is medical. Liam says that he has a prescription and says that Monica came to him because she was investigating a dispensary that was giving to non-card holders. He gives them their card. Outside, Chin Ho gets a call and is flirtation. Kono says that she knows that he is back with Malia and that she is alright with it because she knows that Malia loves Chin Ho. He smiles and asks if she is hungry. Kono laughs and says that Chin Ho got a contact high from Liam’s marijuana. He says that he will fit right in then.

Steve and Danny get the recovered Black Box while Jeff and Lori go to see Max. He asks if he has seen him around somewhere. Jeff says that he doesn’t remember Max. Lori asks what they have for them. He says that he has identified the killer of Monica. He shows a Blow Fish. He says that the poison from the Blow Fish is what killed Monica. Lori is confused as to who would be in possession of Blow Fish poison. Max tells them that he doesn’t know either. Meanwhile, Kono goes inside the medicinal marijuana dispensary. She pretends to want to buy some and the man there decides that it is not a bad idea. Chin Ho comes in and tells him that he is under arrest unless he can help them. They ask if he has ever seen Monica. He says that he never did and invokes his right to an attorney. Chin Ho says that he is going to take the video footage and says that he will send him away for a while if he is lying to him.

At Headquarters, Lori and Jeff come in and say that they lifted a print off the Red Book. It belongs to Jason Aquita. She says that he is a two-striker and that means that one more strike and he is in prison for a while. Kono and Chin Ho recognize him from the video footage. Later, Steve, Danny and Lori are chasing down Jason. They catch him and find that there are drugs in his bag. He says that he is just a drug mule and that Monica and him were sharing information. He says that he was the one who broke into her place because she had his name written down in her book and so he took the pages and burned them. Chin Ho and Kono find that pages and Kono takes them to Fong and see if he can recover anything. Steve and Danny get in and Jeff says that the dog has left him some “gifts” in Steve’s office. Lori says that they located the area of the drop zone where the killer would have dropped out from. Lori and Chin Ho go out and find the parachute. Chin Ho finds Motorcycle tracks and recognizes it as an old Triumph.

Fong puts the charred paper in a machine and lifts the ink. They get an address in Waikiki. The team goes there and Danny finds that there are a lot of heat signatures. They bust in and find women making flower leis. However, Danny doesn’t believe them. He finds a door and inside, they find several animals. They realize that it is an animal poaching hideout and they find Bear Bile, fluid from a bear. Jeff asks if they know who would run in the drug trade and Steve and Danny go to Kamekona. He asks why they have a dog and Danny says that he will take care of it when he can. Kamekona says that he doesn’t know of any poachers. Max comes up in a nice sports car. He says that he had to sell off his collection of rare action figures. It is the same type of car as Danny’s. Max says that he has the results from the pills that were given to the dog. He says that they were Shark Cartilage. Kamekona says that they have to go to Chinatown and speak to Dr. Yang. He says that he used to go to him when he was training. The dog starts to choke and Kamekona says that he probably swallowed a shrimp tail. The dog gets over it.

Danny, Steve and Jeff go to Dr. Yang’s to find that it was ransacked. They see a trail of blood and find Dr. Yang’s wallet in the alley. Danny says that he doesn’t get why the killer is getting sloppy. Chin Ho calls and says that Liam Miller is the owner of a Triumph motorcycle and also is a pilot. Jeff sees in Dr. Yang’s logs that Liam is being treated for cancer. They go to his house and no one is home. Liam comes in and they tell him that they know that he killed Monica. He says that Monica was getting in the way with his business of taking Dr. Yang down for misdiagnosing him. He says that he didn’t want it to go that way. He says that it doesn’t matter. Jeff gets angry with him and Liam says that Monica wouldn’t want to give up. Liam leads them to Dr. Yang’s body in a crate. They find him hooked up to an IV drip of Leukemia medication. Steve says that he is alive. Jeff grabs his gun and Liam tells him to do it. Steve comes up and tells Liam that he isn’t getting off that easily. Later, Danny comes in and tells Steve that he gave the dog to Rachel and Grace. Jeff comes in and tells Steve that the ICE Agency is giving Monica the Medal of Valor. He thanks them for their help and Steve goes in the office and hangs up the plaque. The episode ends.