Ike Maka (Identity) - Recap

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The scene opens with a car chase. The police chase after the car and eventually, get trapped and have to go on foot. They realize that the driver ditched the car in one of the containers. They open all of them and find the car. However, in another car, they find a dead body. Meanwhile at Steve’s place, he is trying to sleep, but the noise is too loud. He goes downstairs and turns off the TV. Danny is sleeping on the couch. He says that he can’t sleep without the TV on. Steve says that he is sorry that it didn’t work out at the hotel, but they have rules. Danny says that Steve’s way of life is too quick and says that he can’t understand the 3 minute showers. Steve defends his Navy Shower and says that 3 minutes is a luxury. Steve gets a call and tells Danny to get some pants on because they have to get to work now. He obliges.

They get to the docks and Max says that they don’t know who the victim is because the fingerprints have been filed down. He says that he can retrieve the bullet. Max looks at Steve and Danny and sarcastically says that it is nice for them to have arrived. They are confused and Steve says that someone went to a lot of trouble to hide the identity of the man. At headquarters, Chin Ho says that they have been looking at Muscle Cars, but doesn’t understand why they put the body in the trunk. They need to find out if there is any evidence in the car and if Max pulled anything from it. Steve, Lori and Danny go to Max’s lab and he is still ignoring Steve and Danny. Lori takes lead and asks what Max has for them. He says that the victim had plastic surgery before he died. The bullet was from a 9mm. Steve and Danny don’t know what they did, but Danny blames Steve. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono go to the HPD garage and look at the Muscle Cars. Chin Ho talks about how he had a car like it when he was at Prom. Chin Ho tells Kono that all the cars have new parts. They go off to find out who upgraded the cars.

They meet up with Kamekona and he gives Kono an air freshener. It is spam scented. He says that it is $100 for the information. He says that that there is a guy by the name of Ken Nakona who will deliver the goods that they need. Chin Ho gives Kamekona the shopping list. Max calls Steve and Danny and says that he got the serial numbers matched to the Pakana La Clinic where Dr. James is the operating doctor. He says that the man is Ryan Jackson and says that he paid cash for complete facial reconstruction. They get the file and Dr. James tells them that it was odd that Jackson left in a hurry. Steve finds the address strange realizes that it in no real address. Steve realizes also that the victim used a fact name and is not Ryan Jackson. Meanwhile at the Ala Moana Beach Park, Lori is dressed nice to attract the attention of Ken. She manages to do so and he asks to go for a ride. Suddenly they are highjacked and Lori is forced out of the car. Ken and the man drive away and it turns out that the carjacking was a scam and they drive off. However, the car locks and then comes to a stop. Chin Ho and Kono come up and tell them to get out of the car.

They take Ken to headquarters and Steve and Chin Ho talk to him and he admits to stealing the car and putting it in the containers at the docks. However, he didn’t know about the body in the back trunk. He says that they found a duffel bag. Kono looks through the bag and finds 3 pairs of clothing. She says that she found a card that traces back to Room # 235 at a hotel. It is rented under Adam Reins. Steve and Danny go to the hotel and find a woman there. Here name is Susie and she is Adam’s girlfriend. She asks what happened to Adam and they tell her that he is dead. She identifies the car as his and says that he worked on a Cable Ship and that he was gone a month and home a week. However, she got a message that says that his past caught up to him and they have to leave. They get a picture of Adam and Steve asks why Adam would have plastic surgery. They go out to the CS Triumph and talk to the Captain. He says that Adam kept to himself. He says that he is sorry to hear that he is dead, but says that it is not uncommon. He says that everyone is accounted for. They look at the list and realize that Billy Murphy also left when Adam left.

Lori looks through the database because the ID is incorrect on Adam. Lori pulls it up and it is a classified document from the US Marshall's. She calls Steve and Danny and tells them that the real identity of the victim is Jimmy Shean, a member of the Witness Protection. He testified on the O’Hara trial, a leader of the Irish Mafia in Boston. The other two witnesses were killed and Jimmy was the only one left. They get into Billy’s room and find it vacant. They run outside and see that Billy is trying to get on the helicopter. Danny distracts Billy as Steve sneaks up on him. They take him and tie him up. They tell him that they are not bound to their badge because they are in International Waters. He winds up telling Steve and Danny about how he earned a lot of money and he recognized Jimmy and told what he had to do to clear his debt. He says that he just told the two men where to find Jimmy.

At headquarters, Chin Ho says that the men are Simon and John O’Toole. They are the ones who are suspected as the Top Two trigger men. Kono comes in and says that they are at Susie and Jimmy’s hotel room. The team arrives and knocks on the door. John answers the door and is knocked on the head with the door. Danny shoots John in the shoulder and Simon says that he will kill Susie, but Kono takes him out with a sniper rifle. Susie says that the men were asking where Jimmy was. She told them that she didn’t know where he was. Danny and Steve realize that Simon and John are not the killers. At headquarters, they talk to John, but he isn’t talking. John says that he tracked Jimmy down, but lost him when his car went into a parking structure in which he never cam out of. He is still smiling and Danny tells him that they ran ballistics on John’s gun. It matches the several deaths that include the death of the witnesses. He doesn’t smile anymore. They look at the pictures of Jimmy’s car going in, but not coming out. Chin Ho says that the car went out the back and says that Dr. James was the one who swiped the card that he was using. The Key Card is their only entrance.

They go to the doctor’s office and knock on the window. He realizes that he has been caught. Later, Steve and Danny tell Susie that it was a surgery that went wrong and that Jimmy died on the table. Dr. James covered it up so that he wouldn’t lose his license. Later that night, Danny walks into the office and finds headphones on the desk. Steve comes up behind and says that now he can watch TV all night. Danny says that he has a place picked out that is just a few houses away from his. They see Lori walk by dressed sexy. They ask why she has the get-up and she says that it is Movie Themed night at Max’s. They say that they didn’t get the invite and Lori shows the email. They look at the name and Steve says that he thought [email protected] was Spam and they deleted it. Max comes up and they apologize. He walks off with Lori, who is dressed as Sandra Dee and he is Danny Zuko from Grease. The episode ends.