Kiʻilua (Deceiver) - Recap

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The scene opens in Chinatown in O’Ahu. A woman is walking down the street acting paranoid. She calls a man named Henry who she tells that she is going to email a file to him. She gets in to find that her computer has been taken. She hears a sound and hides, but she is found. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Malia are on a picnic. Chin Ho leans in to kiss her and takes her ring necklace from off her neck. He puts it on her finger and she says that she would love to be his wife. They kiss, but are interrupted by Chin Ho’s phone. He tells them that he is on his way. At the crime scene, Danny says that the victim is Bethany Morris. She was a writer for a newspaper. He says that she tried to get a hold of Henry Dobson before she was killed by the person who stole her computer.

Later, they Steve and Danny talk to Henry and he says that a company named Athis who was making death threats. He plays a message of one of the men there. They talk to the man who made the recording, but he is denying the entire thing. He says that he has something that could find the real person who did this. He says that he followed Bethany to Maui to a home of Jane Woodley. He tells them that he went back to follow Bethany and got to her house and saw a man go into her place 5 minutes before Bethany. A little while later, he saw the man holding a computer. Meanwhile, Steve meets Jenna Kaye and she says that she has been back in Washington D.C. and found that Josh, her fiancé, is alive. He is in North Korea. She says that for $250,000 for the exchange of Josh. She says that the meeting is going to take place in Korea and that she can’t go alone. She needs someone to watch her back and asks him to go.

Danny calls the Seal Team, but they can’t help. Danny comes in and tells him to be safe and Steve realizes that he is concerned. Lori comes in and Steve tells Danny that he’ll think about him all the time. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and Kono go to Maui and talk to the landlord of the house that Jane Woodley was renting. He gives a copy of her driver’s license and they see that it is Jenna Kaye. Chin Ho wonders what else Jenna has been lying about to Steve. At the same moment, Jenna and Steve arrive in North Korea and meets with the men that have her fiancé. However, right away Steve realizes that it is not Josh, but someone they are trying to pawn off as him. A gun fight ensues and the men run off. However, Jenna aims her gun at Steve and apologizes. At that moment, Wo Fat comes behind him and hit him in the back of the head. Danny tells Kono and Chin Ho that Steve hasn’t answered the phone. They track the location of a possible lead.

They go to the Kailua Inn in Waikiki and hear a gun shot. They find a man in the room dead but Bethany’s computer is there. Kono sees that the guy was in the middle of deleting the hard drive. Kono manages to save some of the data. They go back to headquarters and find that the files are CIA files and that they are referring to an Operation Switchback. Danny goes to see Joe White, who is with CDR Wade Gutches. Danny asks about the Operation, but they can’t disclose any information on it. He says that Jenna is with Steve in North Korea. At the same moment, Steve is led into a room and beaten. Jenna asks to see Josh, but when she sees that he is dead, she realizes that Wo Fat used her. She hits the guard and locks herself in and calls on a Sat Phone. Danny answers and asks where they are. However, the cover is not clear enough for them to hear. Jenna digs into Josh’s leg and pulls out a pin. Joe comes in and says that “Switchback” was a mission that Josh Hersh, Jenna’s fiancé, was kidnapped. They get the location of the bunker and Danny comes in and says that the Governor can’t help. Joe tells them that they are going to get Steve back.

Joe and the rest of the Five-O team arrive at the airport and Joe says that they are going to be facing possible prison time if they get back. Wade pulls up and says that he has a few from Seal Team Nine with him. Back in North Korea, Jenna is chained up and tells Steve that she is sorry for betraying him like she did. She says that she didn’t have a choice. She tells him that Josh was her life and says that he had pins in his leg and he came up to her with the ring. Steve says that Bethany was a pawn to get Jenna to go with Wo Fat. The team arrives in South Korea and they get the Intel that they could get to the location, but they need to get some weapons.

Joe and Danny go to a bar and meet Frank, an old friend of Joe’s. He says that he has some equipment that they can use and they go to his compound of outdated weaponry, including a helicopter that is filled with chickens. They load into the helicopter that Frank has to hit with his pistol a couple of times to get started. It gets off the ground and they take off to the location. Meanwhile, Wo Fat goes into see Steve and asks him about Shellburn. Steve says that he doesn’t know, but Wo Fat doesn’t believe him. Steve asks him why he wants to know and Steve realizes that Wo Fat doesn’t know anything about it either. Wo Fat hits him repeatedly until a guard comes in. Jenna looks at Steve and says that it wasn’t for nothing and tosses him the pin. Steve is confused until Jenna is shot for having the Sat Phone. Wo Fat tells Steve that they are going to be leaving in an hour and Steve is going to take him to Shellburn. Steve gets the key and unlocks himself. He finds that Jenna is dead.

He moves around and takes out two of the guards. However, when he gets outside, he is caught by Wo Fat again. He says that they are going to leave now. Wade and Joe say that Frank is going to drop them off a mile away to avoid any problems. They move and Lori and Frank take off to circle around. The team arrives at the bunker and finds Jenna’s body. Joe says that her body is still warm and they couldn’t have left to long ago. Kono tells Lori and Frank that a convoy is on their way over to a bridge. However, when Lori shoots a RPG at the bridge, they are forced to go back the other way. On their way back, they are flanked by the Five-O and Seal Team Nine. Wo Fat manages to escape, but Steve is safe. They put him in the elevator and Lori hugs him. They laugh and Danny says that he can thank him later. Chin Ho says that he is getting married and that he can be his Best Man. They laugh and the episode ends.