Alaheo Pau'ole (Gone Forever) - Recap

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The scene opens with three kids coming up to a bunker. They sneak in and they find a giant hole. One of the kids goes inside the hole and the other kids drop him in. At the bottom, the kid finds a dead body. Meanwhile, Joe and Steve talk about Shelburn and Joe doesn’t know anything about it. Steve says that if they are going to catch Wo Fat, they need to find it. They visit Danny and he says that they are busy right now. He opens the door and Lori and Danny are handcuffed together. They tell that nothing is going on and that Danny had a complimentary spa treatment and invited Lori to join him. The handcuffs are because Danny was showing Lori the Jersey Slip and they lost the keys. They start to look for the key and Danny finds it in his pocket. Steve and Joe don’t believe their story and Steve takes the key “accidentally” drops it. At the fitting for the suits, Karmekona talk about the options. Danny still has the handcuffs on. They get to the scene and Max is there dressed in mountaineer clothes. Steve and Max repel down and Max says that there is a gunshot wound and Steve finds the murder weapon. They find a wallet that belongs to a Rafe Tong, but the victim is not Rafe Tong. The man’s eyes open and scare both Max and Steve.

Back at headquarters, Chin Ho and Lori tell Steve that the man is in a coma right now, but find that Rafe Tong has a record. They go outside and are approached by Adam Noshimuri who tells him that he is looking for his father Hiro Noshimuri. They ask where Joe is and say that if they find him first, they aren’t going to be so friendly. Chin Ho tells him to go find Joe. Chin Ho and Danny go to Rafe Tong’s place and see him run out back. They catch him before he can escape. Danny asks why they found Rafe’s wallet on the victim and he says that he doesn’t know. Chin Ho finds grenades and Rafe says that they are dummy grenades. Danny puts the grenade in Rafe’s hands and pulls the pin. Rafe admits to knowing him and says that the grenades are real. He says that he mugged the man and that he came back and put a gun in his face though. He says that he ditched the wallet. Chin Ho and Danny make Rafe go through the dumpster and find out that the man is named Dennis Archer from Tuscon, Arizona. They find a pawn shop receipt.

Steve goes to Joe’s place and he has a gun. Steve asks who he is waiting for. Steve says that Adam Noshimuri is looking for him. He says that he knows that and that Hiro was alive when he left him. Steve asks about Shelburn again and Joe says that he is protecting Steve by not telling him. Steve leaves and has his passport. Inside he finds that Joe went to Japan recently. Steve get back to headquarters and talks to someone in Japanese. Danny comes in and says that Dennis Archer was asking about a blonde. Kono comes in and says that she talked to Dennis’ wife and she said that they have a happy marriage. She says that he drained his bank account and that he rented a hotel room. They get there and find a picture of the blonde that Dennis was looking for. Suddenly Captain Fryer bursts in and tells Steve that he is working the case of the Jane Doe that they found in a trunk of a car. Steve tells him that Dennis Archer is in a coma at the hospital and that he was looking for a blonde. They agree to bring their resources together and work the case. Steve recognizes the outfit that the Jane Doe is wearing and says that she works at the Paradise Cove Luau.

They go and meet the manager there. The man recognizes the woman as Bridget Turner. He says that Dennis crashed a Luau and fought a security guard looking for Bridget. Danny talks to one of the dancers and she says that Bridget’s boyfriend, Shane, have a house. She says that the photo that Danny has is a tourist photo and that the man is not Bridget’s boyfriend. They go to Shane and Bridget’s home and find Shane tied up. He says that Dennis was the one who took Bridget and beat him up. Captain Fryer doesn’t believe him and Shane keeps saying that Dennis broke his beer mirror. They ask what happened and he says that Dennis called Bridget a liar and they find her phone. They get back to headquarters and Lori says that Dennis met with Bridget with a load of money in a briefcase. Lori says that it was a business deal. They get a call and Dennis’ wife, Sharon, landed in Hawaii. They get in and show the picture of Bridget and she recognizes the man in the photo and says that his name is Sean, her son. She says that Sean was killed 2 years ago.

She tells the team that Sean’s car was found and there were signs of foul play. She asks if it possible that her son is alive. Captain Fryer says that it is possible and that they are going to find anything they can. Lori looks at the photo and tells Steve that there is something wrong with it. Fryer goes into headquarters and Chin Ho tells him that they found that a week before, Bridget emailed Dennis and told him that the Akapu kidnapped Sean. Kono says that they have to talk to Kawika, the leader of the Akapu. However, when they get him in, he doesn’t want to talk. Fryer tells him that he is not getting anything. Kono comes up and handcuffs Kawika. She tells him that they are doing it her way. She asks Kawika if he has seen any of the victims. Kawika says that manager at the Paradise Cove Luau is scamming tourists. Lori comes up to Steve and says that the photo is a fake and that Bridget doesn’t know if Sean is alive. Chin says that Bridget was working with Mitch Collat.

They arrive at the Luau and Mitch runs for it. They catch him and take him into headquarters. He says that he didn’t plan on killing anyone. Captain Fryer laughs and says that he doesn’t believe him. Mitch says that he shot Dennis and Fryer hits him. He says that Bridget was supposed to keep her mouth closed, but she felt sorry for them. He says that the scam was his idea and found out from his cellmate in Arizona that he was the one who killed Sean. Fryer asks who the man is and says that he will make his life miserable. He says that his name is Richard Lack. He says that he won’t tell them anything. They watch the video of Richard talking to the FBI and Fryer says that Richard told them everything. Lori comes in and says that Dennis came out of his coma. They tell Sharon about Sean’s murderer. Later, the wedding of Chin Ho and Malia is underway and it goes off without any problems. Joe walks off and goes out to the sea. Steve goes up to him and Joe says that he knows that Steve took his passport. Steve asks about Japan and says that she is never going to give up. Joe says that he was hoping that he wasn’t going to say that. The episode ends.