Ka Ho'oponopono (The Fix) - Recap

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The scene opens with a teenage beach party is on, and a band is playing. While a bunch of high school kids enjoy the scene, Luke arrives late. He was busy. Friends think he must have been fighting with Emilie. He is not getting her because she has fallen asleep. Besides, he is not going back to fetch her as her dad cannot stand him. Frustrated the friends decide to go to her house and wake her up. After sneaking into Emilie’s room, they find her lying dead on her bed. Early next morning, Joe arrives at the airport. While he is about to fetch a cab, Chin is waiting for him at the parking lot. Happy to see each other, they start heading for their destinations. Chin wonders what could send Joe on a second trip to Japan in just two months. Chin also reveals that investigators have evidence Joe killed Hiro Noshimuri. However, all Joe did was have a conversation, after which Noshimuri walked away. If someone has killed him, it should be Wo Fat. Chin tries to figure out why Wo Fat would do it, but not before long, their car is being attacked from behind. While Chin tries maneuvering his vehicle, he skids into a halt. The other car passes with a man gesturing a shot at Joe.

Later at Emilie’s place, Steve, Kono and Danny are investigating Emilie’s murder. They are quick to spot the marks around her wrist, and note that the murder was unusually silent. Her dad saw her last around 10.30 pm and her friends saw her dead around 1. No one knows what happened. While the deductions are unfolding, Lori has a consoling conversation with Emilie’s dad. When Steve meets Emilie’s dad, he learns that Emilie stole a check from his wallet. It was for $5000. She admitted it, but did not want to say why. The dad suspects her boyfriend, whom Emilie’s dad did not like. He was arrogant, entitled and he cannot get past him after knowing Emilie’s dead. Not before long, the team discovers that Luke was having a fight with Emilie, and did not show up at the party until 12 last night. Almost immediately, Kono receives a call. Luke Preston has a record. When Steve and Kono arrive at the Preston residence, Luke’s mother sounds happy about him. He is spirited, but a good boy at the end of the day. While she keeps calling for him, there is no answer. Suddenly a crashing sound comes from Luke’s room. When the team gets there, Luke OD’d on alcohol and pills. Steve tries getting him back to sense, but Luke ends up in the hospital. He is lucky to have survived. When the doctors allow Steve and Kono to talk to him, he claims that he was there at Emilie’s place at night, but would not dream of hurting her. He OD’d because of the shock he received about Emilie’s death. He knows about the $5000 she stole from her dad, but it wasn’t for him. If Luke had to steal, he would from his own parents, and they would hardly notice. But Emilie wouldn’t tell him either – about why she stole the money. While Kono does not like Luke for the killer, Steve cannot stop disliking him as a person.

Later, when Danny and Lori check Emilie’s locker at her high school, Lori thinks that a girl named Karen Sergeant in a photo might be of particular help, because she seems to have been particularly close to Emilie. Danny and Lori manage to convince the principal about having a word with Karen. However, he only agrees to let them question her after informing her parents – she is a minor. Later, when they meet Karen and her dad, she would not tell them anything about the money, and breaks down. Karen’s dad takes her away. No success. Meanwhile, Chin and Steve discuss how Joe is in trouble. Although Steve does not believe Joe has killed Hiro, Chin argues that he might not know the whole story. Just as they discussion proceeds, Kono interrupts them to alert Steve about something she has discovered about the money. It is a frantic email, which suggests that the money was about protecting Karen from a blackmailer. The trouble – someone threatened to post Karen’s sex tape on the internet if he did not get the $5000. They immediately guess that the person who is on the sex tape is the blackmailer. Meanwhile, Danny and Lori spot Karen calling someone privately. Lori scans the number she is calling with a high tech instrument that Danny is surprised to see in Lori’s possession. They communicate the number to Steve, Kono and Chin at HQ. Kono activates GPS and they discover the person moving in a vehicle.

Danny and Lori give chase. When they stop the car, it turns out to be the school’s principal. At interrogation, he claims he slept with Karen – it is legal. Karen’s 17 and age of consent in Hawaii is 16. And he did not kill Emilie. She came to see him wanting him to end the relation with Karen. And she probably went to see the blackmailer as well. A couple of days later, the principal received an email demanding money. So he was being blackmailed as well. Steve has to leave because he gets a call. He arrives at Police HQ, where Joe faces interrogation. Adam is there and says that he wants Joe arrested. He wants to know why Steve is protecting Joe. He kidnapped Hiro at gun point – isn’t that proof enough he baggers the local detective. Steve argues, does he have proof that Joe killed Hiro? At the interrogation cell, Steve has an altercation with Joe. Why is he not telling what they want to know? The walls are closing in on Joe, and whatever he is doing must not be worth dying for. Joe argues too many people have already died. He is just trying to stop it. He is not taking more police stuff. So will Steve give him a drop or does he have to hail a cab? Meanwhile, Kono learns what created the sex tape was a simple virus.

The police techie tells her that the virus automatically switches on the webcam and records whatever is happening in front of it. Kono and Lori track the source of the virus to a high school student. He is a mischievous geek who is currently blackmailing seven people over sex tapes and drug addiction by spying through their web cams. But that is all. He has no role in murdering anyone. Lori and Kono are able to track back the tape of Emilie’s webcam to the night she was murdered. It turns out that the murder is a professional hitman. At HQ, the team figures out that the man is one of the most sought after professional killers, and want to know from Emilie’s dad if he had enemies. He did not. He is just a physical therapist who has been treating a man who broke his leg when the balcony of a building fell off due to poor engineering. Steve and Danny contemplate the connection, and reach a courtroom to find out that the defendants have hired the best lawyers available. Some of them are Ivy League names who have flown in from New York. And the case is no big deal – just $150,000. The lawyer says that they are not pushing on the information. They get the name Ray Donovan as one of the jurors.

Meanwhile, Chin finds a stub with an address. Joe goes to his hotel room and there are men there. Joe is hit on the head as Steve tries to call him. Chin says that Angelico, the hitman, was staying a hoel. They find that one of the men, Owen Sutherland, was there too. Danny says that Ray Donovan is the main person to look at and they realize that the money trail stops with Sutherland. Steve and Danny go up to him and ask about the trial. Sutherland says that Donovan was the alternate jury and they say that Donovan’s wife had money wired. Steve accuses him of killing him. Steve goes up to Donovan and kidnaps him. He takes him to a cliff and demand answers. He admits that Sutherland told him to fix the jury and to keep them away from the steel. He tosses him to a 3 ft. drop. They arrest him. They get back to HQ and realize that the steel is not stable. Sutherland yells at the Foreman and tells him that it is over. Steve and Danny arrive there and tell them that they are under arrest. The Foreman punches Sutherland and he falls to the edge. Steve catches him, but his coat rips and he falls to his death.

Steve goes to Joe’s hotel room and finds his keys in the door and phone on the floor. He suspects that Adam has him. He goes to Adam’s residence and takes down the men guarding. He sees that Joe is in there and that Adam is trying to make him tell him that he killed Hiro. However, Joe says that he didn’t kill him. After a couple punches, Steve makes his way to Adam and shoots one of the men in the leg. He tells Adam to let Joe go or have two bullets in his head. He obliges. Afterward in the car, Joe says that Steve started a war. Joe says that he helped Hiro fake his own death. Steve asks why and Joe says that he can’t tell him that. Steve gets upset and says that he wants answers. However, Joe doesn’t tell him and gets out of the car. The episode ends.