Pu’olo (The Package) - Recap

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The scene opens with a cargo truck heading out of the airport. While it cruises on the highway, a van overtakes it rather speedily and gets in front. Two masked men roll out tire busters from the back of their van, and force the cargo truck to halt. They come out with guns, and tell the driver to turn off ignition and throw the keys outside the window. His coworker sitting beside is tempted to pick up the phone, but the driver tells him not to. A car passes slowing down to catch the fracas, but the masked men scare it away with gunshots. Since the shooter turns away for a moment, the coworker picks up his phone, but not before long, bullets are fired, and the driver dies.

The scene shifts back to the McGarrett home in 1992. Steve gets back home, and finds his dad drinking away. He is tense, and they need to talk. Steve’s dad tells him he is sending both him and his sister to the mainland. Joe will get him admitted to an institute, and he can visit his sister regularly, as she will be only a few hours away. Steve complains his mom would have never sent them away. What kind of a man is his dad? His father replies he is the kind of man who will not back down from a fight. Besides, Steve’s protection is more important to him than his own life. Steve may not hear from his dad for a while, and if something happens, Uncle Joe is someone Steve can always trust.

Back to present day, Steve is following Joe since he knows he is in danger. He catches Joe walk into an alley in the rearview mirror, and walks in behind him. Joe complains why Steve is following him. However, Steve cannot stop protecting him. He knows Joe’s life is in danger, there is a price on his head. So what – Steve expects him to run and hide? Steve argues, Adam Noshimuri believes Joe killed his father, he needs to go tell Adam his father is alive. Joe tells him the last time Steve made it clear he is not going to interfere. Besides, when Joe is not his commanding officer anymore, he lets him do as he pleases, and he will let Joe do as he pleases. That is when Steve gets a call about the cargo crime. When he gets there, Steve learns from Kono that all the goods in the truck are intact – nothing seems to be missing as per the cargo manifest. It can only mean the robbers took something that was not a part of the transport package.

Suspicion falls on the coworker – Lee. Although the dead driver’s blood samples were found at the back of the van, Steve points out that he went to the back of the van after being with the bloodied body. Steve and Danny reach Lee’s place. Danny is surprised to find the house unusually big to belong to a cargo driver. He can hardly find a place for rent. Steve agrees Lee might have found ways of supplementing his income. Not before long, the detectives hear a grunt from inside, and break in with guns out. Lee is tied up in a chair with a tape on his mouth, and is gesturing to the door behind him. As soon as a man comes out of it with a sub machine gun, Steve quickly shoots him down. Danny takes off Lee’s mouth tape and says Talk! He admits he lied about the stolen goods, but he didn’t know what it was. He tells them that he got a delivery number, and his job was just to transfer it. When asked who his contact was, he points to the guy Steve has just shot down. Not before long, Danny gets a call – Rachel is about to deliver.

He rolls Rachel into the hospital, but she is worried about her daughter with Danny – Grace. Danny reassures her Grace is doing great, and she has to concentrate on her delivery. Meanwhile, at Five-O HQ, Lori and Kono figure out the suspects who might be behind the truck heist. In order to get to the kingpin whom the Feds have been unable to catch, they will need to catch hold of a subordinate – Sang Ming. His trail will lead them one step closer. After Kono leaves saying this is her call, Chin informs Steve that the shop where Joe was visiting this morning is an antiques shop. It is owned by a guy named Detweiller – he has no criminal record. What does Steve think Joe might be doing there? He doesn’t know, but Joe doesn’t buy antiques. Meanwhile, Joe comes out of Hawaii National Bank, and as soon as he hits the pavement, he spots shooters passing in a car. He quickly grabs the female passing close to him, gets behind a set of post boxes and covers her down as bullets start raining across the street.

When Lori and Kono get to the precinct to make a deal with Sang Ming, he wants all the good food, and sex. He agrees to answer their questions about Nicky Chang, and do as they say, on the primary reward that he would be set to a jail in mainland – where he can do his time with white tax evaders. Better food, better surroundings. Not before long, Sang Ming is off to Nicky Chang’s, under the pretext that his case fell apart and now he is free. The detectives also manage to send a bodyguard who is no cop – since Nicky Chang knows every cop in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Danny is reading out labor exercises to Rachel – just one of the things he does to help her through labor.

When Sang Ming gets to Nicky Chang’s storehouse, someone is quick to tip off Chang that Ming’s story is not true. He was in a lone cell until yesterday. And not before long, Chang’s men have their gun’s pointed at Ming. Lori, who is listening to the wired mice, reports they have a problem. That’s when the team breaks into the storehouse and quickly take down the men. However, Nicky Chang arrives with a deadly fire spitter. He manages to get most of the detectives on the back foot, but Steve pounces on him just as he blinds his own line of sight with the barrage of fire. When interrogated, Chang reveals that one of his customers who would buy chips to forge passports stepped up his order up to 100 (he usually ordered 4-5) pieces. Later, when progress with Rachel’s delivery becomes dicey, Danny keeps his cool.

He reassures Grace that his mother will be absolutely okay – she can keep playing her little video game. Later that night, Joe and Steve are meeting Adam Noshimuri. He has two bodyguards. Steve points out the meeting was supposed to be without weapons. But Adam is not game now – how would Steve feel about facing the man who killed his father? Not before long, Adam’s bodyguards have taken out their guns, and the two sides are standing at gun points. However, Steve reveals Adam’s father is not dead – something that Joe did not want reveal earlier. Joe has proof – he calls Adam’s father and Adam speaks to him – but he cannot reveal where he is. Joe then explains that all this was for the man who killed Adam’s uncle and one of their own men – Wo Fat! He needs to think Noshimuri is dead. Nicky Chang ID’s the person on a photograph the detectives are looking for. It matches the same name Joe was trying to visit at the antique store that morning. When Steve gets the info, he asks Joe about it.

It turns out Detweiller is a bookworm and an ex-CIA helper – none of his men would do something like heist a truck or kill people. Besides, he does not work with crews. Steve and Joe break into the store, and find Detweiller shot, but he has pulse. Not before long he reveals he was forced to forge 100 passports by a couple of East European clients. Steve gets the names, and not before long, they are captured at the airport. Later, Joe explains to Steve the story about Shellburn – it is an alias – while Joe feels sorry for dragging Steve into trouble in spite of promising his dad that he will protect him, Steve learns the story about Joe’s fight against corrupt officials. Meanwhile, Rachel has delivered a baby boy, and Danny is sending his photo to Stanley – Rachel’s present husband and father of the kid, who should have been there instead of Danny.