Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (Out of the Past) - Recap

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The scene opens with a flight that is about to land at Honolulu, when the flight attendant is doing the last-minute formalities. One of the passengers in the last seat gets up for the toilet. He is carrying a prisoner with him, who when the flight attendant completes the aisle, is nowhere to be seen. Only handcuffs lying on the floor. When she gets to the engaged toilet, no one answers. After a while, she manages to open it from outside, and finds it smeared with blood. The man taking the prisoner is lying dead in it. Meanwhile, Steve and Lori are at Nature’s Mastersteps, which they intend to cover as an athletic endeavor. Lori is playing foul because she wants to beat Steve in the race uphill, but she soon falls prey to an ankle sprain herself. Steve carries her down the steps, and later, puts her in an ambulance.

Lori doesn’t think it is necessary, but Steve is not doing anything other than taking all the precautions. Just as the ambulance leaves, Steve gets a call about the murder in the flight. After a word with the airline president, who agrees to extend help in every way, Steve gets inside the plane. Danny knows the murdered man – an US Air Marshal, Dave Collins, he had three kids, and was a buddy who stayed in touch. They discover information that the man was carrying a prisoner – who is obviously the primary suspect. Before long, Chin calls up Steve to announce that one of the passengers on the flight manifest is missing at the check up being carried out at the airport lobby. The name on the manifest is Rick McGuire, who seemed to be just like any other passenger.

His seat number if 35G, in the cabin of which, Steve discovers a deserted bag. Although nothing unusual appears from it, he hands it over to Kono for a deeper check. When the detectives get back to Five O HQ, they run the footage procured from the airport. It turns out that two men ran across the screen when the plane landed. Clearly, they got out of the baggage area, because the remaining passengers were made to be seated on the plane after it landed. One of them is definitely Rick McGuire, but he does not match his height. The other guy, the one who was being taken prisoner, is Sal Painter. From crime records, it appears that Painter had a habit of frequenting gambling stations. When the detectives get to one of them, it appears the owner knows them. She also knows Painter, who has a partner – that is the man who supplies her.

Before long, Kono and Lori have found out that the real Rick McGuire died a couple of years back. And so the man who escaped from the plane has a different real name. When Steve and Danny visit the suspected hotel, it doesn’t take them long to find Painter’s room. After breaking in, they find Painter jumping out of the balcony. Steve and Dan give chase, and before long, he is knocked off into the swimming pool. Danny is holding him into the water when he doesn’t know what they are talking about. However, it appears he doesn’t have a partner. At interrogation, he claims Dave went into the bathroom since he wanted to make a call. That was 15-20 minutes before the plane landed. About 5 minutes before the plane landed, this McGuire guy came up to him from nowhere, and offered to free him. So he agreed happily, and off they went into the exit at the baggage area. Then they escaped. They did not discuss anything at all, so he doesn’t know anything more.

However, Painter can say this – McGuire used a key to open the baggage door, which slipped and fell into a hole. It was then was animatedly angry – that is all he can tell about his motives. Before long, Kono and Lori track the key down to an address. It is the McGuire house, where the imposter has probably been staying. Steve and Chin raid it, and it appears no one has been staying there for a while. Furniture is dusty, the area looks desolate, and the house looks like no one has been there for a while. However, Steve is quick to find a door ajar in what looks like a backyard office. When the get inside, they find a laptop, and multiple photos of Danny’s family. In it, Grace and Rachel are all that are found relevant. It doesn’t take long for Steve to realize that the imposter has been stalking Danny’s family.

In the meanwhile, a cop calling himself McGuire, arrives at Grace’s tennis lessons. He claims Danny has been hit, and is in the hospital. He is an old friend of her dad, and has come to take her to the hospital to see Danny. Grace tries to avoid his clutches by wittingly asking where her mom is – and the imposter says she is at the hospital. She is not supposed to talk to strangers, but the imposter claims he is no stranger – he is a good friend of her dad. Uncle Steve and everyone is waiting at the hospital. The imposter even tells her the description of the New Jersey home, where she has been, and recognizes. The tennis master does not suspect anything, and says it is okay. So imposter Peterson has Grace in his custody quite easily.
Before Grace gets to realize what she is into, she can understand something is strange. Peterson announces to Danny he has his daughter, and starts with the instructions.

Danny doesn’t know how to handle this. His daughter’s life is at stake. Peterson has also managed to clone Danny’s phone. So whatever he tries with it, will be as good as doing it front of Peterson. And, he will have to throw out his gun and his phone out of the window, and drive to a certain location in eleven minutes. Then he has to answer a disposable phone where Peterson will call. Back at Five O HQ, Steve announces he cannot get Danny – he’s not answering. Neither can the others. Panic ensues. Later, they discover that Danny testified against Peterson when he was a cop in New Jersey. Peterson was convicted for theft – money as well as drugs.
Meanwhile, Danny does everything to reach the point at eleven minutes. When he does, he answers the phone, and learns that he now has to arrive at another place, where Peterson will meet him.

Meanwhile, without being able to track Danny on the phone GPS, Five O decides to track his car, and sets off. However, when Danny arrives at the told place, Peterson deactivates his car GPS. And the he gets talking. Danny made him lose his family by sending him to jail. What was he supposed to do? He was under subpoena. Moreover, Peterson got himself a number of charges. He stole money, he stole drugs, and did he expect to stay out of prison? Danny tells him he is sorry for whatever happened to him, but he has to let Grace go. Meanwhile, the Five O team is up on chase, but loses the GPS tracker. However, Peterson unwittingly uses Danny’s cloned cell phone, to call up Rachel, and announce he is up to something. The detectives get back to tracking them.

While Peterson has Danny driving around the city, he has him stop just where he needs him to stop. Then he announces his final plan. Danny will have to get out of the car, and fetch a gun from a bin. When he does, Stan will approach him. When he does, he will have to shoot him – if necessary three times – but Stan (his ex-wife’s present partner), will have to be dead before he hits the ground. Although hesitant, Danny knows he has to do it if he wants Grace to live. So he goes for it, but wittingly, he shoots Stan in the shoulder. And then a couple of blank shots as Peterson looks on across the windshield. It does not take long for the Five O team to arrive where they have Danny’s cloned cell phone. Before long, they have Peterson. Danny arrives and shoots him in the leg, and asks him Grace’s location. The episode ends with a family reunion in a warehouse building, where Grace has been tied up to a chair, and locked behind a shutter gate.