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I Helu Pu (The Reckoning) - Recap

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The scene opens with a frantic Lori, trying to wash her hands smeared with blood. She quickly gets out of the washroom and goes to the hospital receptionist to check on a patient, Steve, who she had admitted a few minutes back. But the receptionist refuses to give any information on Steve’s status. Just then, Sam walks in, piqued by Lori’s actions. He tells her that she did not follow his orders of keeping him updated with every step of this investigation and that she was assigned the task to avoid any disaster of this nature. Next we see what happened 18 hours earlier. We see the entire team at an auction, enjoying the evening, placing their bids. It is the Valentines week. Just then Sam interrupts their banter, informing them about a murder. Next we see, a dead body of a girl, lying in the laundry.

The team assumes that she could have been thrown down the chute. The manager informs them that other than the auction; there were two other parties in the hotel and that she could have been a guest in any of the events. Steve tells the manager to shut down the hotel; as he did not want anyone leaving the hotel; now a crime scene. But Sam refuses to go by that decision and that he wanted the investigation to be carried with utmost discretion. But Steve insists on seeing their ids. Alternating with this is the scene from the present; where the doctors are rushing to the emergency room. Just then we see, Kono bring a blood sample to Max and asks him to find a match; ASAP. Next, we see the team examining the dead body of the victim. Max educates the team that the victim was hit by a square shaped object, at the back of her head and that she was also strangled.

Kono, on seeing a tag on the victim’s dress, informs the rest that the dress has been rented. Next, Steve and Danny are going through the video footages from the security cameras. They find a footage, in which they see the victim with a man; probably her date. They see him using a key card in the elevator and Steve asks the guy from the hotel to find the details of that particular card. They find that the room was registered under the name of Dennis Mack. Steve and Danny are seen entering the room. They see blood all around. Danny goes inside the room, while Steve follows the trail which leads to the stairway. He enters the terrace of the building, where he sees a man trying to commit suicide. Steve leaps forward to save him. Cut to the present, we see an injured Steve asking Kono about the blood sample. She tells him that Max is running a check. He further inquires about Chin. Just then Sam walks in. Steve apologizes to him and takes full responsibility for his team’s actions. But Sam is galled.

Steve tries to calm him down and tells him what exactly happened. Next, we see the scene where the man (Dennis) was trying to jump off the roof. In an attempt to save him, Steve leaps forward and both men land up in a balcony below. Danny is relieved. Next we see them interrogating Dennis. But he tells them that April was responsible for him committing suicide, as she was cheating on him. The team thought that their victim was Dennis’ April. When Steve shows him the picture of the victim, Dennis tells them that she was not April. He tells them that the victim was the girl who he met in the elevator and that she helped him get to his room as he was drunk and upset. She was going to meet someone. Next we see Danny and Chin enter a room, booked by Garlin International, which had the bed sheets and towels missing and also a square shaped artifact which is placed on every table of the hotel rooms. They conclude that this was the room where the victim was killed and the killer tried to cover it up.

Next we see Kono and Lori visit the shop from where the victim had rented the dress. It was rented by Victoria Chase, a name also on the guests list of the Governors fund raiser. Steve and Kono track down Victoria’s address. They inform her sister about her death. Her sister tells them that Victoria has been staying with her for since one year and that she worked as a waitress. Next at the office, they discuss about the company that had booked the room and learn that they were exporters. Kono tells the team that they had booked an entire table at the fund raiser. But the company claimed that the tickets were sold off to their clients. Just then Lori walks in and announces that the fingerprints found on the door handle of the crime scene belonged to a bouncer named Roger; who worked with Victoria.

Lori also tells them that Victoria had a phone conversation with Roger, 10 minutes before she got into the elevator. Roger is arrested. Back to the present, at the hospital Steve informs Danny that the Governor shut down Five-O. Next we see 7 hours earlier where Roger is being interrogated by Steve and Danny. Roger tells them that Victoria had asked him to beat down someone for her, someone who messed with her sister. She called him to the hotel. But Roger got a little delayed and by the time he reached the hotel, she was gone. When they ask Victoria’s sister, she tells them that she used to work at Garlin International.

She tells them about an executive, Dmitri Vonakov, who raped her. This enraged Victoria and she couldn’t let it go. Back at the office, the team is trying to track down Vonakov. They go to the Russian Consulate where Vonakov is residing. But the Consul General refuses to co-operate and tells them that Vonakov is no longer staying there. Next we Sam at the consulate, trying to release Chin from their custody. He was arrested for trespassing into the embassy and bringing a radiological weapon into the Russian soil. Back to 3 hours earlier, Chin gatecrashes into the embassy and is caught. Meanwhile the team sees Vokanov being evacuated in a car. Danny and Steve follow the car. Steve chases Vonakov. But just then a car hits both of them. Both of them are rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Steve asks Kono to get the blood sample from Vonakov.

Then we see the very first scene, where Lori is washing off blood from her hands. Next we see Sam releasing Chin from the Russian Custody, informing the General that Vokonov is proven guilty of Victoria’s murder. Next we see Lori giving her resignation to Steve. She tells him that the Governor had put him on this team as his eyes, but she failed in her task. Hence she was asked to resign. Initially Steve refuses but Lori tells him that she intends to stick by her decision. Then we see Steve visiting Catherine with a gift as it is the Valentines. The episode ends.