Kupale (Defender) - Recap

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The scene opens amidst a small group of urban people, team building is in progress at the Polynesia Islands, when one of the participants is fed up with the idea of keeping at it for days. Josse wants to go partying, but no one else is game with her. She chooses to walk off, and meet the rest of the group later. On her way, she is talking on the phone, and suddenly loses network. Before she knows it, a man in tribal clothing and blood all over him, stumbles out of the woods, and falls flat in front of her. Josse screams out of fear. Meanwhile, Steve returns home, and finds the smoke alarm has gone off. Inside is Danny, cooking. Steve is irate, and when Danny lets on he has got his dog to the house as well, Steve is getting sarcastic. Before long, Steve receives a call. They have found a body.

When they arrive at the crime scene in the jungle, it turns out the Dr. Max hopes his theory of time travel has been proven. However, after Danny respectfully interrupts him, he knows this is a man in his thirties, and what else do they have? Max suggests an injury in his ribs was what killed him. So he plucks out a shark tooth from the rib area, and the detectives wonder where that might have come from. Before long, Kono has a clue. They go over a couple of hundred yards, and find hundreds of enthusiastic tribal fighters engaging in a sport. Overseeing the entire event is an elderly gentleman named Pumma – Steve’s old acquaintance, who can tell Steve is not here for signing up. When he sees the dead man’s picture, he immediately knows the man is Brandon Koruba. He was supposed to show up, and Pumma even saw his car, so he wondered where he might have been. Pumma lets on he was a loved man, so no one in the group would have done this.

Meanwhile, Kono and Max are investigating the primary crime scene. They follow the blood marks, and then discover something that looks like old artifact. Kono hopes to get DNA evidence from the hair strands on it, but can hardly make out what it might be. Before long, she contacts Chin through iPad, and sends him a picture of the tool. He cannot recognize it either, and later when they get to the Koruba home in Kahala, Brandon’s wife cannot think of anyone who could have killed her husband. Tearfully, she says he loved the reenactment, and remembers Brandon used to say the battles relieved him. Besides, Brandon owns a boat company, which he built from scratch. However, when she sees the picture of the artifact, she doesn’t know.

Later, Steve and Danny arrive at the tribal museum, where the curator – Gabby – seems to take unusual interest in Danny’s daughter Grace. Steve already suspects something. When she shows them the artifacts, she reveals the piece they found in the jungle is most likely a part of the collections preserved in one of the cabinets there. Besides, Koruba was wearing something similar to the battles, but wasn’t found on him when they arrived. It turns out one of them could be as expensive as $400,000 or more. For Steve and Danny, that is enough motive. On their way back, Steve and Danny are having a friendly fight over why he not making a move on Gabby. Steve thinks he is getting too late, but Danny wants to be left alone while making the decisions in his own camp. Before long, Chin calls to report they have a hit on a man from the reenactment.

Burgees, who has a record of stealing artifacts for smuggling them away. Steve gears up his car to reach Burgees’ place. When they get there, cops are already there to arrest him for a squat. However, Steve and Danny are there to arrest him for murder. The commanding officer of the forces trying to nab Burgees, but he has barricaded himself, and is not coming out. Before long, Steve goes on to the roof with a tear gas grenade, and drops in through the sun hole. Before long, they have him running out of the house and arrested. After he is taken away, Danny and Steve enter the house with gas masks, and find an exact copy of the museum artifact – only that this one is stained in blood. Besides, they also find a tribal murder weapon with shark teeth fixed on the periphery.

At interrogation, Burgees says he never killed anyone. He was at the jungle, heard the woman scream, and after he went to rescue her, he took the opportunity of stealing Koruba’s artifact. Since he needed the money, and Koruba obviously didn’t, he did it. He may have done something wrong, but he never killed the man. Koruba was already dead when reached there. After they decide to give him a breather, they find out from Chin, who has dug the shipping company records, that Koruba was loaded. Before long, Kono drops news that the last phone call Koruba received was from his office – it was from his partner Tony Dennison – which lasted 12 minutes. On the way to the docks, Danny is inviting Steve to a dinner party, but is not saying anything more when Steve wants to know if Gabby is coming.

When they talk with Dennison, he claims to have called for talking about ship specs, and other details. Apparently, Koruba did not sound stressed – the reenactment was supposed to cheer him up. Before long, the hate marks are visible – this is not the first time environmentalists have attacked the shipping business. With a lot of fuel waste, it is nearly impossible to keep any environmentalist happy. Have there been any other threats? When the detectives get back to Five O HQ, they are looking at a video of a man in a mask threatening to make Koruba the first ‘casualty’ for endangering marine life. Kono says environmentalists are like that, and she doesn’t think he is a good suspect for the murderer.

However, there is no of identifying the person until Steve notices the man touching the lens as a way of pointing his finger in the video. Before long, they run a fingerprints match, and it turns out the man is Kevin Creed – who already has a number of misdemeanor charges. Five O raids the environmental protection office, and Creed is whizzing away on his motorcycle after slipping out the back door. However, it doesn’t take them long to nab him after a spectacular chase. Danny fetches Creed out of the water, and Steve learns he lied when he couldn’t swim before. Creed is getting grilled hard at interrogation, but his lawyer has already arrived. He says Creed was at another location at the time of murder. And besides, since Koruba apparently did not renew his shipping permit, there was no reason for Creed to have killed him. This is news for Steve, and when he talks with the others, he guesses Koruba might have changed his mind – after all, he loved the nature and heritage of the place too.

Later, Koruba’s wife is about to enter Five O HQ, where she meets Kono. She has just heard the cops have nabbed Koruba’s killer – are they any close to identifying him? Kono lets on they haven’t actually caught the right man, and asks if she knew anything about the permit renewal. Meanwhile, Steve and Danny go to the docks to check about the permit renewal issue. They need to talk to Koruba’s partner Dennison, but he has just stepped out after Mrs. Koruba called them. When Kono calls, they learn what Koruba’s wife has just learned about the permit. Danny suspects Dennison and Koruba are together on the murder.

Before long, after confirming their position with GPS, Five O reaches the Koruba residence, where the wife is holding a panicky Dennison at gunpoint. However, when she puts down her gun, he is quick to grab her hostage. Not for long however, as Steve manages to shoot the man in his arm-bearing shoulder. Later at the party, Gabby and Grace are with each other playing with shells on the beach, when Steve coaxes Danny to join them. Although he is trying to the boss in his own camp, Danny ends up joining them, as Steve looks on gleefully. The episode ends.