Lekio (Radio) - Recap

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The episode begins with the Bobby Raines radio show. Bobby is a pirate radio jockey; whose show seems popular and people love it. As the show progresses, Bobby pushes a button and there is a blast. Bobby is killed. The producer who is sitting in the cabin opposite Bobby’s, is thrown off his chair. Next, Danny is with his daughter Grace, at a pool park; where he sees her with a guy from her class and tells her to stay away from him as he doesn’t seem to be a nice guy. We see a worried father!! Next, Steve and Danny arrive at the crime scene. Steve notices that Danny is a little off; but Danny skirts away from the topic. Kono updates them about the explosion.

She also tells them that the team is trying to track down his daughter; but Danny doesn’t want the daughter to see all this. Steve looks around Bobby’s cabin and says that he wants to talk to the producer. The producer tells them that he was about to go into the cabin for the next commercial. He also tells them that the area was secured and no one could get in and out without a key card. He tells them that Bobby always spoke his mind and many people didn’t like that. Just then Max runs in announcing that somebody stole his van with Bobby’s body in it. Kono tracks down the van and informs Danny its whereabouts. They stop the van. The guys who stole the van tell them that they are Bobby fans and they wanted to toss his body into a volcano. Next we see Ho talking to Brandi Raines. Brandi tells Ho that her father had taken her to buy a gun, but she does not know why he bought it.

She tells him that her father wanted her to protect herself. Scott tells Steve that he is worried about Grace’s new friend who calls her often. Scott tells Steve that the 10 year old boy is a stalker!! Kono educates the two that the IED was connected to the sound effects button. Ho tells them that the foreign prints found on the sound board traced to a guy named Tony Archer; ex-NYPD; a brilliant officer. Ho tells them that 10 years ago, when there was a scandal about the corrupt officers; Bobby was relentless about it on the radio. Archer was clean; but the corrupt officers were his friends. They go to Archer’s house at the sailing club. He tells them that the reason they found his prints on the sound board is because Bobby was his best pal and also he was Brandi’s god father. He gives the two a very tough time.

There is no way getting around Archer! Just then Steve hears a noise and finds that a man was tied and shut in a scum box. The man’s name is Leonard and he was the security guard of Bobby’s workstation. Archer thinks he is a suspect; because he wasn’t on his seat the time the explosion took place, as he did not show up for work. Well the guard says that he was on a date. At the lab, max tells Kono that the explosives used were those that are used as fireworks, or manufactured at a fireworks factory, rather crude, but definitely effective weapon. Steve and Scott are about to investigate the fireworks importers; but Archer makes fun of their decision. Archer tells them that it was a bad decision.

He knows a guy and makes a call. The guy leads them to the fireworks store. The store guy first tells them that he only sells fruits; but it turns out that he did sell fireworks illegally. He tells them that a truck which had the picture of lettuce on it. Archer takes them back to the boat. He shows them some pictures of Bobby’s charity work. They find the picture of the truck. Archer tells them that he was the one who told Bobby that he needs to be strapped. Kono finds that the guy in the picture was Doug Leland. Archer thinks that the guy did not commit the crime. They track down one of his associates, Karen Whitfield. Surprisingly our former suspect Archer is now helping our team find the killer!

Karen tells them that Doug was trying to work things out with his son, but bobby’s charity of meddling in others family business did not go down well with Doug. She tells them that one day when she was with Doug; she saw these diagrams of someone’s house with wires coming out. She wasn’t sure of what it exactly was, but she was scared. She had seen them in Doug’s RV. She tells them that Doug was planning to send Bobby a message. She thinks that it is possible that Doug killed Bobby. Next, the team finds Doug’s RV and arrest Doug. Doug is being interrogated. They tell him that the explosives found in his RV were identical to those that were used to kill Bobby. Doug say s that he wanted Bobby dead but he didn’t kill him. Those bombs were only to scare him; but he couldn’t get himself to do it.

Kono tells Ho that Karen had seen RV’s Manoa a couple of weeks ago and Doug tells them he hasn’t been to that place until two days ago. One of them is definitely lying. Kono and Steve visit Karen once again. But when they enter her house, they find her dead. But to their shock, they find Archer hiding in the kitchen. Archer tells them that he had come to meet her, but found her dead. Her body was still warm; which means the killer was still around. He was only searching the perimeter for the killer. He adds that he was following evidence. He finds a tag on Karen’s hand from the same bar the security guard, Leonard was at. Moreover, Leonard identifies Karen as the girl he had gone on a date with.

So, now the team figures out the way Karen must have killed Bobby, but it still doesn’t explain motive and why is she murdered. Kono educates the team about Karen’s past and that she has warrants against her. It appears that she was a con artist and that she had a male partner. There is no id for the male partner, except that they made close to a million dollars. They check her credit card statements for leads. They find a link to Todd Dutton, Brandi’s husband and Karen’s partner. They arrest Todd and bring him in for interrogation. Archer is fuming and wants his answers. Todd tells them that he would never hurt Brandi. According to him, it was all Karen’s idea. The idea was to marry Brandi and skim her off her money.

But things didn’t go as expected as he fell in love with Brandi; and Karen was tired of waiting. She realized that she wasn’t going to get her money. She killed Bobby. And he killed Karen. He further tells them that he had gone to meet Karen to reason with her and wanted her out of his life. But things went bad and he killed her. Archer lands a heavy punch across his face and leaves. Brandi arrives at the office and is glad to see Archer. Next, Scott and Steve are enjoying their free time on Archer’s boat and Scott is waiting for the slice of the original pizza Archer had promised. Archer keeps his promise. Scott is happy and Archer tells him that he could be their marriage counselor. The episode ends.