Kalele (Faith) - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny and Steve surfing on the Queen’s beach and they are in for a little surprise; Steve’s sister Mary Ann is in town and they did not know about it. She tells them that she is working for the airlines as a flight attendant and it is the coolest job ever and its been two weeks since she started. She is flying to and fro to New York. She says that she has to leave as she is flying again and that she will meet them in three days. Mary enters her hotel room and finds a tall, bald guy waiting for her. He tells her that they need to talk. Next, Steve walks into the office and at that moment, Kono and Ho leave the room. He asks Danny what’s going on and why are people acting strange. Danny tells him that he is simply being paranoid and should stop over analyzing things.

Just then Steve receives a call and is told that his sister has been arrested. They rush to the international airport. The officer tells Steve that Mary was smuggling in some diamonds and that they had received tip about it. She had around 20 million worth of diamonds on her. The officer tells them that Mary refused to talk to the airport authorities and hence they have been called. The officer tells Steve that the tip was an anonymous one and that the call could not be traced. Steve meets his sister. Mary tells him that after she left them and went to the hotel, there was a man in her room with a gun. He tells her that her friend Angela will be dead if she does not do as she is told. She tells Steve that she met Angela at a yoga class three months ago, and that she is the only real friend that she has. She helped her get this job.

Mary tells him that if she will not be on the plane when it lands; Angela will be killed. Steve asks her to calm down. She tells him that she does not know anything about the guy who met her but he seemed to know everything about her. She tells him that she was too terrified to call her brother as the guy had taken her picture on the cell phone and would text it to his partner. Steve tells her that the plane took off 9 hours ago and that they have 9 hours to save her friend. Danny tells Steve that maybe Mary is not telling them the full story. He also informs him that Mary was arrested two months ago for drunken driving. The team arrives at Mary’s hotel room. Kono tells Steve that the keys were issued only to Mary and Ho tells him that she did have a friend named Angela Branson, based in New York, who flies with Mary. Kono tells Steve that they are not able to get in touch with Angela.

They go to check the security footage. Steve and Danny see the man taking Angela. He tells Danny to ask the authorities to drop Mary at his office, without anyone knowing. Steve is driving back to his office and Danny does not like the way he drives. He tells Steve that he does not find Mary’s story very convincing. Steve tells him that the anonymous call has to be from the smuggler’s gang as they were the only ones who knew that Mary was carrying the diamonds. They reach the office; with Danny throwing up a little in his mouth…thanks to Steve! Kono tells Danny that they could not run any facial recognition as the angles were bad. Ho tells him that he checked with the Interpol and they did not have any missing diamonds reported. Danny has a plan. They could ask the Governor for a plane and reach the place before the actual plane lands, and when they come to get the diamonds from Mary, they can catch the guys.

Ho calls the cops asking them to deliver the diamonds. Next, we see that the van that was transferring the evidence meets with an accident and the guy who did the accident comes up to the van and steals the evidence; the diamonds and escapes in a black Mercedes. Next the HPD and Five O are investigating the accident scene and the HPD officer wanted the Five O to be off the scene. Danny tells him that he finds it strange that when only the HPD knew about the evidence transfer, how it leaked out. The officer tells them that his men aren’t involved. Moreover the truck was reported stolen last night. So someone one knew that the diamonds are going to be seized today. Danny thinks that it is the anonymous caller and tells Ho that the guys are more afraid of the diamond smugglers than they were worried about the cops. At the office, Kono is talking to Mary, trying to find out more about the people she met in the past few months.

Kono asks about Angela, when Mary receives a call. It’s a text message from those guys, giving her instructions to be followed after landing. Fryer walks in and tells them that the guys who stole the diamonds would require brokers to move them. He says that he knows a man named August March who could help them with few names. They reach March’s apartment. Fryer tells Steve that this man had the largest smuggling network and that he is a cold-blooded murderer as he killed two of his business partners. Initially March was reluctant to help, but then he agreed to, once he heard that there were diamonds involved. But he wants his involvement to be kept discreet. They agree. He tells them that the day before, he got a call from a stranger, and tells him about the diamonds. He gives them the number and asks them to trace. But Danny comes back telling them that it is a prepaid number and cannot be traced.

Fryer tells him to call that guy back and set up a meeting, so that they can grab him. March tells them that he is too old for such games. He agrees. The team is waiting for the guy to arrive and it is the same guy who stole the diamonds. He is strapped. He asks March whether he could move this kind of weight. March says that he has got connections. He asks March about the brokerage fee for 20 million. Just then March accidentally mentions that it was foolish of him to kill the cops. He was surprised and just then the team walks in. when he was about to shoot March, Fryer shoots the guy. Steve is pissed at Fryer as the only lead they had, is now dead. March tells them that he could tell them more about the diamond, if he could see it under the microscope. Fryer ids the dead guy and tells Danny that he is the brother of an ex cop who Danny had put away for the murder of his ex-partner. Fryer thinks that the ex-cop has orchestrated the whole thing.

Danny decides to meet the guy. He asks Danny about his daughter. Fryer finds a cell phone in one of his books. Meanwhile, at the lab, march finds out that the diamonds are from the Republic of Liberia, and that is why they have been reported missing. They come from Africa and hence are blood diamonds. He asks Kono to check for Liberians visiting the country on temporary visa. Fryer and Danny along with the team are checking the cell phone records. They find out that the ex-cop had made a call 30 minutes before Mary was arrested. Kono pulls up the list of Liberians on the island and Mary recognizes one of them as the guy who took Angela, Jordan Evans. They arrest Jordan. Jordan tells the team that if he tells them everything, then they need to protect him. He tells them that Angela was not with him and that the kidnapping was a charade. He tells Steve that he is a facilitator and had to deliver the goods at a particular place whenever told.

He tells him that the kidnapping was the only way they could get Mary to deliver the diamonds. He tells them that Angela and he had worked together before. Steve tells him what happened and Jordan thinks that Angela is not smart enough to double cross him. Danny goes to meet the ex-cop in the jail. He tells Danny that Angela had approached his brother Dale with a big opportunity to make some money and Dale turned to him for advice. And he figured a way for them to get rich. Danny tells him that he is going to charge him with conspiracy and the murder of the two cops; but the convict says that since there is no death sentence in Hawaii, it wont make any difference to his sentence, as he is already serving life.

Danny tells him that he will not be in protective custody anymore and that life would be very interesting once he meets his new cellmate. Mary tells Steve that she feels like a stupid after trusting Angela; but Steve tells her that it happens, and assures her that the day Angela resurfaces to fetch the diamonds, she will be caught. Steve tells Mary that he spoke to the airlines and that she can have her job back. Just then the rest of the team walks in with a cake. Its Steve’s birthday. The episode ends.