Ha'Alele (Abandoned) - Recap

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The episode begins in the middle of the night, where a girl is waiting for help. A car pulls by and the man who offers to help with the flat tyre, scares the off. She tells him that she is waiting for the tow-truck. Just then another vehicle arrives and this man leaves. She is relieved to see the new vehicle and runs to the truck hoping that it is from the towing company. But suddenly someone grabs the girl and pulls her inside. At the office, Danny sees a letter from Steve on his table. He tells Danny that he know that Danny has been hiding the identity of Shelburne and that he knows that Shelburne could be the reason his parents were murdered and he needs to know the truth.

And so he is leaving for a while. He asks Danny to hold on for a while and that he will be in touch. Just then Kamekona walks into the office and tells Danny that his shrimp truck is stolen. Danny tells him that he has major crimes to solve. Just then he receives a call and leaves for the crime scene. He arrives at a farm where the girl’s dead body is found. He tells Ho that Steve has gone after Shelburne. They ask Max about the COD and TOD. Max seems a little lost, but he tells them that the TOD is between 10 and midnight and that she wasn’t killed at the spot where the body is found. And COD is asphyxiation. He wants to rush the body to the morgue. Kono has found the victim’s car. The victim is Angela O’Hara who lives with her mother and that her car had a flat tyre. Ho finds a razor blade in the tyre and figures out that it wasn’t an accident; and that the killer had planned it.

Danny informs Angela’s mother about the murder. The mother tells him that she knew something was wrong as she received a call saying that Angela missed her shift. It seems that Angela got a phone call before she left for work. At the HPD garage, Ho tells the team that Angela was being followed as he finds a GPS tracking device fitted under her car. They pull up the IP address to see who was monitoring Angela and it’s a guy named Cal Litor. Ho tells Danny that Angela stopped at a bar on the North Shore and that where the razor blade got into the tyre. Cal’s ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him, after he broke into her apartment following an argument. And Cal and Angela worked at the same place, Manna Kai Catamaran. They pull up Cal and question him. Cal is shocked to learn that Angela is dead.

He admits about the GPS as he felt that she was cheating on him. They were seeing each other. He tells them that he spoke to last night and that he was working. Danny goes to talk to the manager. Cal is in the clear. Kamekona calls again. Danny tells him that Kono is on it. Ho decides to make a couple of calls for this one. Next, at the lab, Max tells Danny and Ho about the rope that was used to tie the victim’s wrists. The knot had a peculiar pattern. Also he tells them the way she was killed. He tells them that the killer tried to leave his signature behind but then later tried to hide it. The MO is exactly as that of a serial killer Dr. Trashman. There was an arrest made for one of the murders, Richard Branch, and it was thought that Trashman was in prison. But now it seems that the real Trashman is out there; loose. They pull up Richard’s file.

The injuries inflicted on the previous victims matched with Angela’s. Max thinks that Richard is not the Trashman. They decide to meet Richard. Richard feels that he has been falsely prosecuted. Max tells him that the Trashman has killed again. He tells Richard that his case could be reopened and that it could help him. He tells that that he found a bag and thought that he had hit the jackpot; but it turned out to be a dead body and that he touched it. This is how his DNA appeared on the body. And the cops had forced him to sign the confession. Max tells them that the real killer took Richard’s arrest as an opportunity to take a break and cover his tracks. They decide to reopen the case and Ho arranges a meeting with one of the detectives working on the Trashman case; Al Sheppard.

They meet Al and he tells them that he had his doubts about Richard being the real killer; but there was too much pressure and everybody believed that Richard was the Trashman. He tells them about another victim, Jennifer, who was murdered and Richard was in the rehab when this murder took place. They pull up the file and assume that Trashman hadn’t perfected his methods yet and that she could be his first victim. Max later tells them that his biological mother was Trashman’s second kill. Max was born to an unwed mother and hence was left at the St. Martin’s. They need to find out what his mother had in common with the other victims. And they find out that all the victims had given birth to children out of wedlock. Kono finds out that some of the other victims had abandoned their children at St. Martin’s. And Angela too left her child there. They go to St. Martin’s and talk to Deacon, the manger.

They learn that someone rings the bell and the caretaker, Frank takes the child inside. His assistant, Sam takes the detectives to meet Frank. But he isn’t in his office. Ho notices some blade pieces on Frank’s table; the ones like he pulled out of Angela’s car. They find Frank and arrest him. Frank doesn’t know what the detectives are talking about. The truck belonged to the church. Kono confirms that Frank was at the hospital while Angela was abducted. Frank tells them that the assistant Sam has the keys to the truck. Meanwhile, Max meets Sam. Max figures that Frank had arthritis and he couldn’t be the one committing the murders. Just then Sam disappears and Max is attacked. He faints. When he regains consciousness, he sees Sam lying on the floor; dead. Deacon was holding a stick and Max id tied to a chair. He tells Max that even he was abandoned like Max was and was brought up in an abusive foster home.

He also tells Max that, years later, his mother had come back for him. That is how he found her. Ho and Kono arrive at the church and are surprised to find Max’s car. They go inside. Deacon hears a noise and goes out to check Max tries to free himself. He finds a glass piece. When Deacon returns and tries to attack Max, he rams the glass piece into Deacon’s stomach. Ho and Kono arrive at the scene. Next, Ho and Danny are on the beach and Danny tells Ho that Steve isn’t picking up his calls. Kamekona is happy to see Kono driving in with his stolen truck. Richard is released from prison and Max goes to see him. Steve is in Tokyo; and isn’t answering Danny’s call. The episode ends.