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Ua Hopu (Caught) - Recap

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The episode begins in Osaka, Japan, where we see Steve heading a special ops raid. Steve has been looking for this man for two years and he wants the man to be caught; dead or alive. They enter the man’s apartment. He has been waiting for Steve. One of the officers points out to a gruesome blood bath in the bathroom of the apartment. Next, in Hawaii, Kono is in her apartment, with her boyfriend, Adam. It seems like they had a wild time. They are in the shower, when Adam’s phone rings. Kono is upset that they have to keep their relationship discreet. Five O doesn’t consider Adam’s business legit and so they are unable to openly admit to relation. In Osaka, Steve is examining the evidences from the flat.

He finds the man’s phone and sees a number that holds his attention. Steve calls Danny. He tells Danny that he has Wo Fat in custody. He needs their help. Steve is not too convinced with the whole arrest. He tells them that it was too easy; in fact Fat surrendered himself. He asks Kono to trace the number he saw on Fat’s phone. The team traces the location and raid the place. They find a dead body; Anna Douglas and she worked for the State Department. She did not take calls from Wo Fat because she was dead. Steve is walking towards his flight with Fat. Danny calls him and updates him about Anna Douglas and her profile. Steve suspects that she is from CIA and wonders what Fat has to do with the CIA. Steve asks him about his relation with Anna and Fat tells him that it is because of Agent Douglas that he is in Japan.

Meanwhile, Max points out that the bullet that killed Douglas was custom made; with gold. Danny meets Agent Kendrick who says that he cannot discuss anything about Douglas’ affiliation with the agency. Kendrick asks Danny to leave. Danny gets a message from someone saying that he could get his answers; and tells Danny where to meet. Meanwhile, in the sky, Steve notices that the plane is ready to land on another place. He questions the pilot but the pilot draws his gun at Steve. A gun fight ensues and the pilot is shot. The plane is about to crash. Steve takes control of the plane and avoids a crash. But it has a bumpy landing. Steve passes out because of the impact. When he wakes up, he finds that Fat is gone.

But as he steps out, Fat attacks him. There is a dual and Steve manages to beat down Fat. Next, we see Danny in a parking lot and a man arrives. He introduces himself as a friend of the CIA and doesn’t give his name. He tells Danny that Douglas was a CIA agent and was working for Wo Fat. And that she was his jail free card. The man tells Danny that Fat was into arms dealing and he knows a lot of powerful men. He suspects that a wrong person must have found out the truth about Anna and must have gotten her killed. Danny tells him that he needs information about the plane which is flying Fat and Steve to Hawaii. He says that he will try and leaves. Next, Ho and Kono go to meet Charlie, a friend of Max and a ballistics expert.

She tells them that no one uses gold plated bullet; but a few of the Yakuzas still do. Ho and Kono go and meet Adam; the active head of the Yakuzas. Adam tells Ho that he is confusing him with his father and that his weapons business is legit. But Ho knows it is not. Agent Douglas was killed with a Yakuza weapon, and that makes Adam a person of interest. Ho has a theory. Fat wanted Adam’s father dead and so he went into hiding. Fat came to Adam with a proposition in which if Adam gets Agent Douglas killed, his father gets to come out of hiding. Adam denies any such sort of thing. When they leave, Ho tells Kono that he saw the lawyer, Lance wince with pain when he opened the door. He suspects that Lance is the one who shot Douglas. Kono tells him that he is just a lawyer and not a triggerman.

Kono defends Adam and Ho wonders why. Next, we see that the informant from the agency asks Danny to get into the car. But when Danny gets in, someone hoods his head with a black piece of cloth and the informant drives away. Danny is cuffed to a chair. Kendrick tells Danny that the investigation into Douglas’ case has to stop and that all evidence regarding the case has disappeared. He also tells Danny that the plane that was bringing in Fat does not exist. Meanwhile, in the forest, Steve and Fat are trying to hide from a helicopter that is sent to kill them. Next, Kono goes to meet Adam. He shows her a box with a finger in it. The cut finger has a ring on it. Adam tells her that Fat cut up his father into pieces, put them in boxes and sent it to him. He wants Kono to believe that the Yakuza is not hand in hand with Fat. Kono notices a chair and a duct tape. She realizes that Adam is bringing Fat. She tries to stop him and he draws his gun on her. Meanwhile, in the forest, the helicopter lands and armed men get out and spread themselves in different directions.

Steve believes that the Yakuzas are here to save Fat; but he is shocked to realize that they are here to kill Fat. Fat tells Steve that he killed Hiro, Adam’s father, and now the Yakuzas want him dead. A gun fight follows and Steve manages to kill all the seven men. He then cuffs Fat to the seat of the helicopter and flies off with it. Next, Ho is keeping a watch on Adam. When Adam leaves his house, Ho enters the house and rescues Kono. She tells him about Adam’s plans and also the Steve is in danger. Ho tells her that they are unable to reach Danny. Kono tells him that she has got Adam’s private cell number and find out where he is. Ho realizes what is going on between them. Next, Danny is still being held captive. Just then the informant comes in and tells Danny the plan to escape. He tells him that Anna Douglas is a good friend of his and that he wants her murderers to be punished.

Danny escapes. Steve lands. But just then the Yakuzas arrive at the scene. Lance tells Adam that he is too weak to finish the job. He tells Adam that he is the one who killed Anna Douglas as she could have helped Fat disappear. Adam is surprised. Five O arrives. Kono tells Adam to put down the gun. Adam listens to her. Lance is pissed and draws his gun to shoot Adam; but Kono shoots Lance. The HPD arrives and take away the Yakuzas. The team is happy and relieved to have Steve back. Steve puts Fat in his cage. He tells him to take a good look around as this is where he is going to die. But Fat tells him that perhaps Steve is right; perhaps not. The episode ends.