Ua Hala (Death in The Family) (Season Finale) - Recap

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The episode begins with Kono having some fun time surfing. But then we see that someone is clicking her pictures; face not shown. But later on we see that someone is clicking pictures and keeping a tab on the entire team; Steve, Danny, Ho and his wife. Next, Vincent Fryer gets a call and he is asked to report at a crime scene. When Vincent arrives on the scene, he sees nothing. He calls back, asking about the DOA. But the woman on the other end tells the Chief that there is no report of a DOA. Vincent has been trapped. He sees a body lying at a distance. He turns the body around; it is a dummy and it has a note stuck to its chest. It reads GOODBYE. Vincent is shot. Next, Steve is talking to Joe.

Steve does not appreciate that Joe did not inform about his arrival. Joe tells him that since Wo Fat is behind the bars, he could help him find Shelburne. But Steve tells him that he would find Shelburne on his own. Joe says that he is looking in the wrong place. Steve is surprised that Joe is appraised about Steve’s every movement. Joe finally tells Steve that he is here to take him to Shelburne!! Just then Steve gets a call about Vincent’s death. They arrive in the alley where Vincent was shot. Joe introduces himself to Max. they learn that Vincent was deliberately sent over there. They realize that this attack was personal. Max follows a trail of blood. He reaches a dumpster and calls out to the team. Just then, Max is shot.

A hooded guy is seen escaping. The guy escapes in a police car. A chase ensues. Meanwhile, Max is being put in an ambulance. The chase stops when all the cars reach a parking lot; it is the HPD’s parking lot. The guy escapes through the stairs. The five o follows the guy. They walk into the HPD office, and Steve announces Vincent’s death. He also tells them about the killer being in the building. Danny locates the guy in the basement through the surveillance video. Steve finds on eof the employees hurt. She tells him the direction the guy went in. in the ambulance, Max tells Joe something in his ears. The team lost the guy. Ho thinks that he could be a cop and that is how he knows his way in and around the HPD building. Just then Joe calls. He tells Steve that the person who shot Max is a woman. Steve realizes that it is the same woman he met earlier.

They find the hoodie the shooter was wearing. They follow the trail and enter a room. They smell something; they notice that the gas pipe has been tampered. They run out from the building. A lot of the officers also manage their way out of the HPD building. Moments later, the building blows up. The med team arrives. A lot of officers are badly injured. Ho has got a bump on his head and broken ribs. Steve is sure that the shooter made it out of the building as she exactly knew what she was doing. Ho’s wife is with the med team. She is a doctor and she doesn’t want him to leave the hospital bed. Kono arrives and tells Ho that the call Vincent got about the DOA was not recorded with the dispatch. And it was made from a burner phone, so no luck there. Steve thinks that the girl could be a cop.

Danny receives a phone call; it is a personal matter. But as usual Danny tells Steve his problem; it is his daughter. His ex-wife wants to take the daughter with her as she is moving out to another place. Danny wants to fight this. At the HQ, the team gets a hit on their shooter; her name is Hillary Chaver. But it appears that she was killed five years ago. Meanwhile, Hillary walks into a pharmacy, and shoots another woman. She then asks the guy at the counter to scrub up and tend to her wounds; she is shot. The team learns about her partner, Rick Brantley. But he too is dead according to the records. Theses have charges for robbery; assault, etc. During a high speed chase, the couple met with a terrible accident and was killed.

The two cops who were investigating them were Vincent and Delano. Danny suggests that they should talk to Delano to shed some light on the dead couple. Delano was a dirty cop and now is serving time. Steve and Danny go to the correctional facility to meet Delano. Delano recognizes Hillary and tells the duo that Vincent and he were working on their case as the couple was on a bank robbery spree. During the last robbery, the cops arrived on time and Rick was shot. Hillary put her boyfriend in the car and escaped. But then during the chase they were killed. They tell Delano that she killed Vincent and Delano fears that she would be coming for him next. But he is glad that he is in prison. He tells the duo to convey his regards to Kono. Next, at the hospital, Max recovers. Kamekona pays him a visit.

Max tells Joe that the shooter was wounded and she suffered significant blood loss. Steve and Danny inform Ho and Kono about Joe’s updates. They narrow down the option of a Vet clinic. They drive to that place. Meanwhile, Hillary gets her wound stitched and she shoots the guy. She calls her partner. He tells her that the five o has arrived at the clinic. The partner drives away. Hillary opens fire. Danny provides cover and the rest enter the clinic. Steve gets hit by a bullet but it doesn’t go through the bullet proof vest. Danny notices the look on Steve’s face and warns him not to do anything foolish. But Steve pulls of his trick well and Hillary is shot dead. Next, Joe arrives to meet Steve. He tells him that under the mask of a mild mannered doctor, Max is a true fighter.

Joe takes Steve to Shelburne. This time he makes sure to inform Danny rather than leaving a note! Next, Danny is with his daughter. He knows he can’t stay away from his daughter. He calls Rachel and tells her that he is going to contest the custody modification. There is no way he is going to let her take Grace away from him. Next, Rick is keeping a watch on Kono and he is outside her house. Next, Ho takes Delano with him. They know that Hillary was working for Delano. Ho brings him to a truck. He sets Delano free. Ho tells him that he did whatever Delano asked him to and now he should let his cousin go.

Ho threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him where Kono is. Kono is kidnapped by Delano. But there is more. Ho has to make a choice; his wife too is kidnapped. Ho is enraged. He wants to know why Delano is doing this to him. Delano tells him that it is a known fact that Ho is a dirty cop; but he got away with it and the others had their lives ruined. It appears that Ho knew who took the money from a drug deal and he didn’t say a word about it. Delano tells him that there is good news and a bad news. He can save only one of them.

Next, Delano calls Rick and tells him to dump Kono. He pushes Kono into the water. Ho goes to rescue his wife and she is critical, but alive. Meanwhile, we see Kono drowning in the water. Next, in Japan, Joe takes Steve to a place. He apologizes to Steve for everything and the next instant he is gone. Steve knocks at the door. Someone opens the door. Steve is shocked. He says: “MOM”. To be continued.