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La O Na Makuahine (Mother's Day) - Recap

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The episode begins with the med team arriving at Kelly’s house to revive his wife. Meanwhile, we see that Adam pulls Kono out of the water. Kono regains consciousness but Malia doesn’t respond to the med team’s efforts; she passes away. In Japan, Steve wants answers from his mother. He is shocked to learn that Shelby isn’t her real name; it is a cover. She was a spy for an agency that reported directly to the Pentagon. And killing Wo Fat’s father was an assignment. She then got married and resigned from the agency. She could change her name but not her past. That is why she pretended to be dead. She did this to protect her family. Steve is furious.

He tells her that their father sent him away and kept looking for her murder for twenty years and now it seems that all that was for nothing. He asks her to pack her bags; they are going home. He informs her that Wo Fat is being transferred to a super-max facility and by the time the reach home, he would be out of their lives. Next, Wo Fat is put in a van and is being driven to the super-max facility along with four police cars as escorts. Just then a helicopter flies in and lifts the van. It flies some distance and drops the van in the middle of the ocean. Wo Fat looks confused. Water begins filling inside the van, when two divers arrive and manage to open the door. They then kill the guards and rescue Wo Fat.

He is then taken to a ship, when he meets the man who rescued him; Frank Delano! Steve lands in Oahu with his mother. Danny arrives to receive his friend. Steve’s mother introduces herself as Doris Mc Garrett. Danny is surprised to see her and learn that she isn’t Shelby. Steve wonders what is with the police protection and Danny informs him that it is for Shelby/Doris as Wo Fat escaped. Steve tells Danny to call Ho and Kono. But Danny tells him that there is something else he needs to know. Next, Ho is standing next to his wife’s dead body. Kono arrives and Ho is glad to see her. Steve, Doris and Danny arrive. Steve asks him why he didn’t call and Ho tells him that Delano was monitoring the lines and if he would have called them, Delano would kill both the women immediately. Ho looks at his team; his eyes filled with rage. “I want Delano”.

Next, Steve is taking Doris to some place safe and Danny is with them Doris tries to question Danny about his commitment issues and says that his daughter might want to see him in a healthy relationship. Danny is uncomfortable and tells her that she isn’t in a position to give him parenting advice. Doris wants to take part in Steve’s next mission but Steve says that she needs to be kept in a safe place. Later, Doris is in a safe-house and Lieutenant Catherine Rollins arrives. She assures Steve that she will take care of his mother. Steve is on his way to the HQ when Ho calls him and tells him that Delano rescued Wo Fat. Kono isn’t able to figure out what they are up to; there is nothing in their files that indicates that they knew each other before today.

They have got a partial print of the plate of the car they left in. Steve asks then to run the plate. Meanwhile, Delano tells Wo Fat that he is in possession of certain controlled substance and will need Wo Fat’s connections to unload such a heavy weight. In return, he can tell him where he could find Shelburne; the person who killed his father. Delano says that she is on the island and he knows this as he has some friends in HPD. Next, Ho apologizes to Kono for not coming to her rescue. She tells him that he doesn’t have to be sorry about it. She knows that Ho called Adam and told him where he could find her. At the safe-house, Kamekona meets Doris. At the HQ, Ho and Kono update Danny and Steve about the owner of the get-away car; Maria Gold and she has been charged with possession in the past. They go to Maria’s house.

Ho finds something and asks the rest to come and check; they see a lot of dead bodies lying in a room. Max checks on the five victims and they are locals with no priors. They all worked for the same construction company. But Steve points out that the house belonged to Maria and was in foreclosure. So there couldn’t have been any work going on. Kono tells Steve that the construction company owner said that those five people were sent there to check for any re-modeling options. But then when she was on the phone, she heard that those five showed up at some other site. That is impossible! The other site is the HPD building. Steve figures out that Delano is the one behind this. He killed those five people and now is using their identity. They rush to the HPD building.

They are informed that Delano is in the basement. They go in. they arrive in the narcotics room and see that all the meth has been taken. And the street value for that kind of weight is 30-35 million. They see that Delano has already left with his truck and Steve orders for road blocks and air support. They set off after the truck. They track down the truck which is stuck in a traffic jam. Delano asks his men to alight with their guns. They open fire. Delano and Devon Akina try to escape. Kono gets Devon Akina and shoots him in the chest. Ho follows Delano. Delano fires at him, but misses. Ho shoots him in his leg. He then shoots him in his arm. Delano tells him that he knows that Ho wouldn’t shoot him as he isn’t a dirty cop.

Only a dirty cop would shoot an unarmed man. But Ho shoots him and Delano is dead. Danny tells Steve that the whole area has been locked down and there is no sign of Wo Fat. Rick is breathing his last and Kono tells Steve that he knows where Wo Fat is. Rick tries saying something and Steve figures it out. He calls Catherine and tells her to secure the perimeter as Wo Fat is on his way. Catherine takes Doris upstairs and want her to stay locked in a room. Doris asks for a gun. Catherine locks her in the room and goes outside to check. But Wo Fat is already in the house. He goes upstairs.

Catherine finds a guard dead and another guy wearing the uniform attacks her. But she tackles him and he falls on the ground dead. Catherine enters the house and hears gun shots. She goes upstairs and finds Doris is fine; but Wo Fat got away. Steve arrives and is glad to see that his mother is safe. Kono arrives to meet Adam. She thanks him for saving her life. But he reminds her that she has saved his life twice before. Ho enters his empty house and breaks down. Doris is about to board a plane. Steve tells her to pick any country and not tell him about it. Once Wo Fat is found, he will come for her; just like he did last time.

She hugs her son and tells him that she never stopped loving him. She enters the plane. Danny arrives and tells Steve that ballistics show that there was only one weapon fired in the room and that was the one Catherine gave Doris and Wo Fat didn’t shoot. So why did she let him get away? Why didn’t she kill him when she had the chance to? The plane takes off.