Kanalua (Doubt) - Recap

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The episode begins with the entire team in the middle of the ocean where Ho is scattering Malia’s ashes. Next, we see that there is a robbery and one of the burglars is shot. The rest leave the wounded guy behind and drive off in a cab. The cops chase the suspects but they lose them. Next, Steve asks Catherine for help in locating his mother. He tells her that his mother had a chance to kill Wo Fat and she let him escape. Steve wants to know why. Catherine agrees. Steve gets a call. The officer tells Steve about the art heist that took place. He also tells him about the wounded guy. There is a hostage situation and the wounded guy is ready to give up one hostage if he receives medical help.

Steve has a plan. Kono goes in as the paramedic. He then checks the medicine box and there is some sort of a small explosion. This distracts the guy and the team barges into the gallery. He then holds a woman at gunpoint; but that does not last long. The guy drops on the floor; he is dead. Kono then talk to the owner of the gallery, Karl Strathern. He tells her that the men stole what was in the safe; they didn’t take any cash. He tells them that he didn’t recognize any one of them as they were wearing masks. Kono thinks that if they targeted something in the safe, they could be disgruntled employees or business partners. He says that he doesn’t have any partners as his grandfather opened the first shop and the family has been running the business ever since.

Kono needs an inventory of the things that are taken. Next, Max calls Steve. They arrive at a place where they see a burnt car with a man inside it. But the COD is a gunshot wound on the rear side of his skull. Steve thinks that this man was killed after he played his part in the heist and it could be his partners who killed him. Max says that Steve is right as this guy is no ordinary cab driver. This cab has a high performance racing engine. At the HQ, Ho has identified the dead hostage taker in the mall; George Solani. His priors were on robbery and assault.

And his crime partners are all deceased or in jail. Danny and Steve arrive and Kono shows them the lithographs that were stolen and its value is only 30k. So, why kill a cop and take so much trouble for 30k? Unless they thought that they were the originals. Next, Steve and Danny go to August March for help. They ask him if he knows George. He says a no. Danny tells him what happened. August tells them that they can age those litho and then make them look like originals and then sell them to naïve new rich people. He agrees to make some enquiries. Next, at a sports bar, Catherine befriends WITSEC Agent Chris Channing. Max examines the skull and runs it for a facial match. He gets a hit; Tyler Macnamara. During his hay days, Tyler was one of the best racing drivers.

This man made millions with his races and endorsements; then why this art heist? Next, the team goes to Tyler’s house to find some evidence. It appears that Tyler left home in a hurry. Tyler went through a divorce and he has a daughter named Karen. Ho finds an envelope on the desk which says: WE HAVE HER. They then find a video on his laptop. They find that Tyler’s daughter was abducted. No wonder, he drove the getaway car. They then meet Tyler’s ex-wife, Elizabeth. She tells them that Karen went to live with her father few days ago. She also tells them that Karen had a new boyfriend, who she disapproved as he was older and worked in an automotive shop. His name was George Solani!

Meanwhile, Catherine tries to get into the WITSEC’s database by using the information she recorded during her conversation with Channing. At the HQ, Kono shows the footage from the garage where George worked. They see him talking to two men who fit the description of the burglars. They identified the distinct tattoo on the bodies of the two men and they find a hit; Matt and Tony Kapule and all their priors are class A felonies. Next, August goes to visit a man named Kimo and he tells him that he needs his help. Later, August tells Steve and Danny where they can find the burglars; in a warehouse where they might have dumped the heist.

The whole team arrives at the warehouse but they find Tony and Matt lying on the floor; shot and dead. They find the stolen lithographs intact. So maybe the killer was looking for something else. Kono tells them that the Kapule brothers had taken pictures of the safe weeks ago. They figure out that these guys first posed as employees and then got to the safe. Steve looks at the picture and points out that two of the paintings that are seen weren’t listed on Strathern’s list of stolen items. Back at the HQ, Kono finds out that these two paintings were stolen from an art dealer on the island back on December 7, 1941. Kono tells them that Strathern told her that his grandfather started the business in the forties and prior to that they have no record of any business.

So, maybe Strathern knew where his grandfather got these paintings from and that is why he kept it hidden all this while. This means that Starthern knows more about the heist and Karen’s kidnapping. Next, Steve and Danny are chasing Strathern. Why do they always run? Anyway, they manage to get hold of Strathern and Danny finds those paintings in the car. He tells them that he could not destroy the paintings as they were originals and that he paid to get them back. The Kapule brothers knew that Strathern would pay whatever amount to keep his family’s secret. He paid them half an hour ago. But wait a minute; the Kapule brothers have been dead for two hours.

Strathern tells them that all the dealings were made over the phone and he hasn’t seen them. He wired the money to an account. At the lab, they manage to find a print on the painting. It belongs to August March! They bring in August. They tell him that it was his gun that was used to kill Angela and the Kapule brothers. August tells them that he has a lot of enemies and he needed protection. He bought that gun from the streets and didn’t have time to check its history. Nice try; but doesn’t work. He then tells them that he doesn’t want to go to prison and wants to know his options. He tells them that he can take them to the place where Karen is kept. August takes them to that place and then he deliberately steps in front of a truck!

Well, dying in a road kill is a preferable option than dying in prison. Steve knows that they aren’t going to find Karen here. He tells Kono and Ho to run the car’s description that the Kapule brother hired and one that Karen is stashed in. They match. They begin their search for the car and they find a car with a body stashed in it. Thanks to satellite thermal imaging. They find the car and are relieved to see Karen alive. At the HQ, Karen runs to her mother. Next, the team is in a bar and Catherine arrives.

She tells Steve that she bypassed the WITSEC database and she found out that his mother is still on the island. She had the plane turn around right after takeoff; she never left the island. The episode ends.