Popilikia (Misfortune) - Recap

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The episode begins with two couple enjoying in the bust streets of Hawaii. They then go to a fortune teller who tells the girlfriend that death is closing in on her. We then see that the boyfriend scares his girlfriend while she is standing alone on the field. He then mounts his horse and goes to practice his game; polo and during his practice he also gets beheaded! Looks like the fortune teller was right!! At home, Steve and Catherine are in bed, sleeping and Steve wakes up with a start. He hears some noise. He draws out his gun and is about to leave when Catherine also wakes up and grabs a baseball bat and follows him.

They trace the source of the noise and arrive in the kitchen where Doris McGarret is preparing breakfast. Steve is shocked to see his mother and Cathy leaves them alone. Doris tells Steve that she persuaded WITSEC to turn the plane around as she wanted to come back home. And yes, she is staying! Just then Steve receives a call. The team arrives at the crime scene. Kono tells Danny and Steve that the player’s name was Billy Keats and he was a star polo player. The polo field is owned by Spencer Madsen. The girlfriend told them that Keats went for his practice with his head attached and later the horse dragged his body to the stable-minus the head. Max finds the head. Steve wants to know what severed the head and max works the trail of blood backwards.

They reach at the poles and find a garroting wire tied across the poles. So this is personal as the person who did this was well aware of Keats’ height and schedule. Message delivered, loud and clear!! Kono talks to Nicole, the girlfriend and she tells her that she wanted to get settled with Keats but he wasn’t ready. She then tells Kono about the fortune teller and her predictions. Kono knows that these fortune tellers are con artists and they observe people and their surroundings. Kono feels that the fortune teller must have observed something suspicious around Keats. Kono and Danny go to the fortune teller, Esmeralda. After being paid fifty bucks, she tells the duo that during the reading, the boy got a call from a man named Al and it made him nervous.

After the girl leaves, the boy asked her a question: Does he know? But she didn’t have an answer for him. Next, Ho arrives at Steve’s house with some breakfast for Doris. Doris at once realizes what is going on and she tells him that he should leave at once if he is there to baby-sit her. He wants him to tell Steve that she has been taking care of herself even before Steve was born. But Ho still sticks around. at the HQ, Steve checks Keats’ financials and finds out that his former team was still paying him. It was owned by a man named Al Reingold. Steve suggests that Keats might having been taking hush money from Al. It looks like Al was into horse doping and Keats might have known about it and so he was extorting money from Al and ten Al decided to kill him.

Steve got this lead from looking into the people on Al’s payroll and finds a vet who supplied a performance enhancing drug to race horse owners. Next, Steve and Danny go to a polo match where they spot Al. al tries to escape but Steve manages to get hold of him. Al swears that he did not kill Keats. Kono tells Danny and Steve that the forensics found a logo on the boot prints at the scene and it was made for Diamond Heads, Spencer Madsen’s team and not Al’s team. Also, Al alibi of being at an auction also checks. Next, Kono, Steve and Danny go to the Madsen mansion. Spencer tells them that they made the boots for the players and also gave them off as gifts. So there could be at least hundreds of them on the island.

The team then asks for security footage and Amanda, Spencer’s wife tells them that every gate has a security camera. Just then Jake, Spencer’s son arrives and is dumbfounded when he hears about Keats’ murder. He then tells the team that the murder was planned for him and not Keats. He continues to tell them that he and Keats had traded practice and it was he who was supposed to be on the field practicing. At the HQ, Steve is surprised to see Doris and she tells him to stop treating him like a child. She tells him that she wants to lead a normal life and Steve agrees. She rides back in a cab. Ho has some information on Jake.

It appears that Jake was kidnapped when he was a kid and the kidnappers had him for two weeks. They cut Jake’s finger and sent it to the Madsens as proof of life and demanded a ransom of 20 million. But before the parents could pay the ransom, Jake escaped and it was his testimony that convicted the kidnappers. One of them is dead and the other one, Randy Thorpe is out of prison. And he went missing from his house two days ago. Steve calls Kono, who is leaving from the Madsen estate, and asks her to return to the house and put Jake under protective custody as the killer is on the loose. Meanwhile Amanda and Jake are walking towards the car and Jake stops to pick up the keys which fell from his hand. Amanda reaches the car and opens the door and the car explodes.

Kono arrives and is horror stuck when she sees what happened. The HPD arrives at the scene. Fong tells Steve that there were three cell phones found at the scene; two belonged to Amanda (who is now in critical condition) and Jake (who is unconscious and is under protection) and the third one is the trigger. Steve takes the samples of the explosives and takes it to Catherine as she can get the results faster than the lab. Danny calls Steve and tells him that Randy used his credit card to check into a motel. They arrive at the motel and a chase ensues. Steve lurches randy into a polluted canal. At the HQ, after a tetanus shot, Steve goes to interrogate Randy as the good cop Danny couldn’t get much from him.

Randy tells them that he was paid $50,000 to plant the bomb and he does not the person. But he did it for free as he wanted to get back at Jack. Steve asks Danny to lock him down for attempt to murder. At home, Doris cuts open a small section of the floor and takes out a box that was hidden. From it she takes out a strip like thing. At the HQ, Catherine puts together the reconstruction of the blast and it appears that the bomb was placed on the passenger side seat and Randy’s email instructed him the same. So, Amanda was the target and the third phone turns out to be a burner phone and it was Amanda’s and it contained few intimate texts. Amanda was having an affair. And the best part is that her lover was our headless horseman, Keats! This turns around everything and it makes Nicole and Spencer their lead suspects.

Steve and Danny arrive at the hospital and find Amanda dead; she was suffocated. They check the security footage and see that it was Jake who Amanda’s last visitor. They then got to Madsen’s and Spencer tells them that he knew about Amanda’s affair and Jake was furious that he is not divorcing Amanda. Spencer then tells him the story of Jake’s kidnapping. The kidnappers had asked for a ransom the very next day after the kidnapping and Amanda talked Spencer into not giving the ransom amount as they will end up sitting ducks for the rest of their lives. Spencer agreed. Jake learned about this from his kidnappers and he took care of himself and escaped. He was always angry at his father for listening to Amanda and letting him go through what he did.

When Jake learned about the affair, he totally lost it as he felt his father was weak to do anything and so he killed Keats and Amanda. They arrest Jake. Next, Steve arrives at Kamekona’s with his mother. The team is also there. Steve confronts his mother about letting Wo Fat escape. She tells him that Wo Fat surprised her and lurched at her and the gun got discharged and when he heard Catherine coming up the stairs he escaped even before she could fire at him. Steve tells this story to Danny. Steve does not believe his mother. The episode ends.