I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past) - Recap

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The episode begins in New Jersey in 2001 when Danny and another lady detective enter an abandoned building and bust a drug cartel trying to pack up their goods. But then two other men arrive and hold the detectives at gun point. After frisking them, the leader wants to know who told them about this location. When they get no answer, one of the guys hit Danny across the face cut to the present day, Steve is curious to know what happens next. They are in a stake out and Danny points out to the man they are waiting for; Farooq. When Farooq sees them, he runs. A chase ensues and Danny gets his shot at Farooq.

But when Danny walks up to check on him, he sees that there is a bomb strapped to his chest. Danny is target with the beam on the bomb. Cut to 9 hours earlier, Danny is at a dress store with Grace and Grace chooses a beautiful pink dress for the father-daughter. A lifetime opportunity for Danny to embarrass himself! He gets a call. He arrives at the crime scene where we see that the fire squad is trying to put out a fire and a house looks blown up. Kono tells Danny that this doesn’t seem to be a gas leak. Ho says that as of now, they think that there is only one victim but there could be others. Max collects the remains from the explosion and he still is able to identify the COD. Steve looks at a fragment and infers that it was a high velocity bomb that was used.

He points at a white crystalline substance which is TATP (triacetone triperoxide). It is highly explosive and highly unstable and Steve says he has seen a lot of it in the middle-east. So what is it doing in Hawaii? At the morgue, Max tells the duo that the victim was hunched over the device when it was triggered. He managed to get a hit on the victim; Qaseem Ramzi. He was a student who was expelled from Saudi Arabia for engaging in anti-government activities. Catherine is at the Hilton and is enjoying by the poolside when Steve calls her and tells her to get maximum intel on Ramzi. Danny feels that his daughter and every kid her age live under the threat of another attack. Steve feels that Danny is being dramatic. At the HQ, Kono tells Ho that the device was supposed to be controlled by a radio link. Kono also finds an address for the last call made from the cell phone found at the crime scene.

The four arrive at the address. They find a man moving inside. Steve and Danny barge in and the man aims his gun at them. He shoots and the duo shoots him down. Steve sees that the man’s gun wasn’t loaded. He didn’t want to be taken alive. They go inside the house and find that the man was making explosives and there are the targets pinned on the wall; schools, power plant and airport. Steve wants the targets to be contacted and have their security tightened. Catherine arrives with the intel. She shows them a video of Ramzi with the recently dead man and two other guys. This video was taken 16 months ago; an MI5 surveillance. Their interest in a guy in the video; Farooq and he is trained as an electrical engineer. So if Farooq’s friends are here, he can’t be far away.

Just then the K9 team finds something and Steve cuts open the wall and finds lots of C4. There is also a lot of flexible rubber explosives; but there is only half of it (he knows it from the serrated marks on the edge). So where is the other half? Kono calls Danny and Steve with more intel on Ayham Al Safi, the recent dead man. He was using the alias Randy Ramirez and he has recently rented a car from a car company. Steve thinks that Farooq might be driving that car towards a target. Ho tracks the car as it has an anti-theft device in it. He gets a hit on a location where there is a ceremony for the retirement of a General. The Secretary of Defense is attending as well. So that is the target. Steve orders the Palm Court area to be evacuated. They find the car but there is no Farooq in it.

They open the trunk and find a huge amount of explosives. The guy from the bomb squad arrives and disarms the bomb. Steve finds the address where Farooq drove the car from. They arrive at the address and find his fake documents and a bag; but he isn’t there. He will not leave the country with his documents. Steve assigns Ho and Kono their tasks and Steve and Danny will wait for Farooq to arrive. They are staking out this place and Steve brings up the father-daughter dance. Danny doesn’t want to discuss that. He says that he wants to spend some time with his daughter which is not affected by this job. He then mentions ‘borrowed time’. All this moments he is having with his daughter is borrowed time.

We are then taken to the flashback, where Danny is on the phone with Rachael and he tells her that he loves her. He then goes into the interrogation room and asks the guy where he got the cash from that they recovered from the stolen vehicle. Detective Grace Tillwell arrives and tells Danny that this guy is Nick Bova and he does have a sheet of priors. She feels that the cash is to buy drugs and she found out from his phone records that he set up a meet. Tillwell drives to the decided place. We then see the first scene from the beginning of the episode and it progresses to the present where Danny is being targeted by a beam from the explosive strapped to Farooq’s chest.

Steve tells him that it is an infra red beam that detects motion, so Danny needs to stay completely still and if he doesn’t, the bomb will detonate. The bomb squad arrives and Steve distracts Danny by asking him to continue the story from the warehouse. We are then taken to the flashback, and the men have tied the two detectives to the chairs and they repeatedly beat up Danny. That man can indeed take a lot of beating!! They then find a sonography picture in his pocket and now they know that he is going to become a daddy. Danny still refuses to say a word about how he found this place. The man then shoots Tillwell. The man then is ready to cut off Danny’s hand and just then he hears the siren; the cops are here.

When the partner goes to check, Danny attacks the leader and the knife that the man was holding is now buried deep in his chest and Danny shoots the other two guys. Cut to the present, the guy from the bomb squad declares that this bomb was made to make a big mess. Steve distracts Danny back to the story; he knows that Danny and his partner didn’t tell anyone about where they were going. Danny comes out of the warehouse and we see that police cars are passing by and Danny waves for help. He sees a cloud of smoke at a distance and he knows that the cars are going to that location. It was September 11 2001!!

The guy cuts a wire and the bomb starts beeping rapidly. Danny asks Steve to leave but he doesn’t. The bomb is finally disarmed. Steve and Danny are relieved. Next, Danny and Grace are at the father-daughter dance and we see a happy Danny dancing! And he is not all that bad!! The episode ends.