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Hana i wa 'ia (Scandal) - Recap

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The episode begins at the Ocean Lounge where a couple who are actually colleagues, discusses about the election rallies and how busy the woman is. The guy decides to leave and go back to the office. The woman is distracted as she checks her phone. The man leaves, and the woman decides to stick around. She then walks up to a man sitting at the bar. Later, we see that this woman is being threatened with a drawn gun. Next, Steve and Danny are outside the family court and Steve is in his full uniform. He has come to the court for Danny as today is the custodial hearing for Grace.

But Rachael is not present and Danny then ends up addressing to the court and tells the Judge that he doesn’t want his daughter to be taken away. The Judge questions him of being shot in front of his daughter. Steve stands up to defend his friend; but he gets a call from Governor Denning and he leaves to attend the call. Steve goes to the Governor’s office and the Governor shows him the picture of the dead woman. He wants this case investigated quietly as the house where the dead body is fond belonged to a close friend. So Denning orders a quiet investigation. He also wants to be kept in the loop.

Steve wants to talk to the house owners; but the Governor tells him that they are not reachable as they are out trekking. Steve is not able to say a word against him. Danny feels that they are taking the case to protect the Governor’s friends. Ho tells them that the home owner’s names are Patrick and Wendy Dugan and they are in Katmandu at the moment. There is bruising around the neck which suggests strangulation. There is a powdery substance found under the clavicle which is now being tested. Kono has a hit on the id; Serena Andres. She has had priors for solicitation. Now this leads to too many questions involving the Governor. Ho and Kono talk to the roommate Molly. Molly tells them that Serena did not work with the locals; just the high end crowd. They hook up with them through the internet. They ask for her laptop.

Ho and Kono realize that they are being followed. Danny tells Steve that the lab has told him that the Governor’s office has given orders that they should not reveal the DNA testing. Ho and Kono get out of their car and ask the driver of the SUV to step out. But the SUV pulls back and disappears. But they do take a look at the plates; it is a government issued one. Steve barges into the Governor’s office and demands some answers. He tells Denning that his orders were not to proceed with the DNA testing and that the Five O team is being tailed. Steve thinks that the Governor knew that the girl was a prostitute and maybe he is the one who had sex with her. Denning tells him that the DNA would trace to Christopher Freed, the Congressman who is now supposed to be elected as Senator.

He is also a close friend. A scandal like this could destroy Freed’s life. He is legendary and also a devoted single father. Steve and Danny then go to Freed’s campaign office. They meet Josh Lowry there; the man we saw at the bar with the woman. They ask Josh about Freed’s whereabouts. Josh tells them that Freed is really busy and that he cannot meet them. They then tell him about the dead hooker. Josh tells him that this is an assault on his legend. But later he admits that he doesn’t know where Freed is. Well, all this is a part of politics. Danny and Steve want to know where Freed could possibly be. He tells them that Freed and Amy could be somewhere preparing for the debate. Amy is the Chief of Staff and the closest confidant. He doesn’t know where Amy is as well.

Kono has got a hit on the DNA; it belongs to a professor Ryan Webb. He is employed in the State school. According to the hotel, he is scheduled to check out this morning. They arrest Ryan and bring him in for interrogation. He tells them that Serena was alive when he left her. He met her online and she agreed to meet. They had sex in the bathroom of the bar where they met. He then went to the bar to have more drinks. His alibi checks out. Kono tells them that Amy has checked into the campaign office. They head to the office and learn that she is with Brad Powers; the opponent. Powers arrives and tells Josh that he is not buying Amy’s spin. Freed was supposed to meet him at 11 last night; but Freed blew him off and Powers has not known Freed for doing such a thing.

They then talk to Amy who tells them that she doesn’t know where Freed is; but she is sure that he has done something terrible. Any tells them that she does not know where Freed is. She is the one who sent Serena to the mansion. She says that Freed is a single father and is also stressed. So she thought that he required some companionship. But when Freed blew off the appointment with Powers, she went back to the mansion and found the girl lying dead on the bed. That is when she called Denning. They then ask her the time she picked up Serena and she tells that it was around 9-9.15. Well, she is lying. But Steve does not arrest her as he feels that Freed might get in touch with her. Steve also wants to know why Amy is lying.

Fong tells Ho and Kono that the powdery substance is corn starch and it is found in medical gloves. That is why there were no prints found. This means that the killing was pre-meditated. At the HQ, they establish that Amy is lying. Also, that she was at the Ocean Lounge with someone else. And they check the security footage and find out that Amy was with Wo Fat! He is still on the island. But what was he doing with Amy? They think that Fat is trying to set up Freed so that Powers can win and this way he could rebuild his empire. Next, we see that Wo Fat has chained Freed to a table and wants him to write a letter. But Freed refuses. They then go to meet Amy and confront her. She unbuttons her shirt and shows that she is wired.

She pulls it out and is about to talk when she gets shot. Steve and Danny shoot at the car that tries to flee the scene. But the driver is dead. The driver’s phone rings. But Danny and Steve don’t answer it. Fat then goes in to kill freed; but he sees that Freed has escaped. Fat finds Freed and shoots him in the shoulder. Fat is about to shoot him dead; but Steve and Danny arrive in a helicopter and manage to rescue Freed. But he gets shot again and Danny tells Steve to fly to the nearest hospital. Steve wants to get Fat; but Danny tells him to forget Fat and try to save Freed. At the HQ, Kono tells them that they found a cell phone at the mansion.

It was Wo Fat’s and they were right; he is trying to buy himself a powerful ally, Brad Powers. They arrest Powers. Next, Danny and Steve are watching the sunset and Denning joins them. He thanks Steve for his help. He also apologizes to him. Danny, who leaves to attend a call, comes back and tells Steve that the court ruled in his favor and now Rachael is not allowed to leave Hawaii. The three men drink to Hawaii. The episode ends.