Wahine 'inoloa (Evil Woman) - Recap

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The episode begins with a young couple driving along a sugar plantation field which is on fire. The girl is totally excited but the guy thinks they need to go back. The girl calls him a dork. Just then a man comes running out of the field; he is on fire and the car runs into him. Next, Catherine arrives home and she realizes that someone has broken in. It is Agent Channing from the WITSEC unit. He is pissed at her that she used him to hack into their database to find out about Doris Mc Garrett. This cost him his badge and now he wants to know where is Mangosta. Catherine distracts him and manages to take the gun from him.

Next, the team arrives on the sugar field and, find the body. The PD tells them that the man was still alive and two kids ran into him. Max tells them that the immediate COD was due to the impact with the car. But however he was also shot. So, he was shot, burnt and then hit by a car; not a nice day! Max can smell gasoline on the victim’s body. So he was douched in gasoline and then left in a field that was about to be set on fire. At home, Catherine tells Channing that she hacked into Dori’s file as a favor to a son Steve. Channing tells her that Mangosta got to Doris first. He was a Colombian assassin Doris was supposed to take down 37 years ago.

Everyone thought that she killed him; but recently, a man by the name Mangosta resurfaced; but this is still not confirmed. He tells her that if she wants to protect Doris, then she needs to keep mum about this issue. Meanwhile, Ho tells Steve and Kono that the victim is Aiden O’Connell and he is a patient of a psychotherapist, Olivia Victor. The last phone calls made by him were to her. Aiden flew to this place and rented a car to drive to her place. The car was found abandoned at a gas station and there was just on address registered on it; the one at Maui. They go to Olivia’s house where she is washing her car. She tells them that she lost her cell phone and she doesn’t know the reason for Aiden being in Maui. Steve finds sugarcane grass on her back wheels.

She tells him that she was home the last night. Steve places her under arrest and asks Kono to call the team to process the car as it is evidence. But the PD is unable to hold her for long as the car came out clean and there is nothing to disprove her alibi. Steve is sure that she killed Aiden. Whatever is going on between them that made him call her 27 times, must be pretty damning to her. Steve is sure that if Aiden was sleeping with Olivia, Aiden’s wife would surely know something about it. They go to meet Lindsey but they are surprised to see that Olivia has already met Lindsey. Lindsey tells them that Aiden was a recovering alcoholic. She tells them that Olivia is a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Kono calls them and tells them that Aiden has been writing checks to a private investigator Barry Martins to a tune of $30,000. So maybe, Aiden was having his wife investigated for cheating on him and he was meeting a shrink for the same reason. Next, Channing and Catherine meet Doris and tell her about Mangosta. She tells them that she planted the bomb herself and she is sure that Mangosta was killed. Steve and Danny then find out that the PI Barry who was hired by Aiden is killed. Steve then goes to Olivia’s office to get Aiden’s files. Olivia provokes him and they get into an argument. They then see that the files on Aiden are all gone. Steve is now sure that Olivia is behind the murders. Later, at the HQ, Steve has been served! Olivia has filed a restraining order against Steve.

Steve wants to put her on a no-fly list as he is sure that she will try to get out of town. He goes to Catherine for help. Catherine, who is working with Channing, does not tell Steve about the current thing she is on. She agrees to help him. Later, Steve is keeping a watch on Olivia and she catches him. She then asks him to meet her inn a café. There they have a talk and she tells him that even if she has killed Aiden, Steve will find no proof of it. Just then a cop arrives and Olivia pretends that Steve is harassing her despite the restraining order. Once she leaves the cop tells Steve that the next time this happens, he will have to arrest him as she had called HPD.

He is about to leave when Steve sees that he has a flat tire. Kono goes through the PI’s computer and there are a lot of sound files that Fong is still trying to decrypt. But there are few photographs of people on his phone; including Judge Ted Reynolds. Kono sees that there are eight pictures of eight people at the same location and two of them were paying Barry. All the eight pictures were taken in front of Olivia’s office. So the PI was working on one large case which includes the eight men. Meanwhile, Channing and Catherine arrive at the hotel where Mangosta is staying. Catherine goes into the room while Mangosta is out and she finds pictures of Doris and a passport in his safe.

She manages to get out of the room just in time. But later when the WITSEC agents go to check the room, Mangosta was gone. Catherine meets Channing and tells him that Mangosta is accelerating the plans. He is definitely going after Doris. Danny arrives to meet Steve who is fixing his car tire. He tells him that he might be right about Olivia. They then go to meet Judge Reynolds. They make him listen to an audio file which makes it evident that he was having sex with Olivia. But he tells them that it was his wife who had hired the PI. Barry was blackmailing him but he did not kill him. He also says that Olivia is not his therapist, she is his Madam! So, the therapy is a front for prostitution.

Aiden was about to confess to his wife and Olivia could not risk that. So she had to get rid of both of them; Aiden and Barry. Channing and Catherine tell Doris that Mangosta has been watching her. Kono calls Steve and tells him that Olivia is trying to fly out and that they got a hit. Kono is at the airport and the cop tells her that he saw Olivia check in and then she went into the bathroom after clearing the security check. In the washroom, an airhostess arrives and Olivia kills her and wears her uniform. By the time Kono reaches the washroom, she finds the hostess dead and Olivia was gone. Channing and Catherine arrive to take Doris to a safe place; but they see that the door is open, the lamp is on the floor and there is blood on the floor.

Doris is not to be seen. Steve and Danny arrive at the airport. Steve realizes that this could be a trick. Olivia is not leaving anywhere by plane. He wants the airport to be locked down. Steve is right. Olivia gets into a taxi and is about to leave for the Marina. But Steve arrives on time and stops the cab. They arrest Olivia. Meanwhile, Catherine asks Ho to run a check on the rented car and a while later; they arrive at the address that Ho tracks down the car to.

They are shocked to see that Doris has tied Mangosta to a chair and is passing high voltage electricity through him and is asking him for the names of people who know that she is alive. Later, Doris tells Catherine that Steve should not know about this. Catherine agrees. The episode ends.