Huaka'i kula (Field Trip) - Recap

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The episode begins at a campfire where Steve is teaching a group of Aloha Girls survival techniques. Grace is a part of this group and Danny is there as well. The supervisor is not too happy about Steve trying to teach the little girls how to cut a wild boar. Lucy goes to get her sweater and when she doesn’t return, Steve goes looking for her. He finds Lucy and she takes him to a wounded man who has a deep gash on his thigh and is not in a state to hike. His name is Ron. Steve tears Lucy’s sweater with a knife and dresses Ron’s wound. He tells him that he is a cop. He then tells Ron to go with them to the camp.

Steve tries to use his phone to call the paramedics, when he hears the click of a gun. Ron has Lucy with him and the gun is pointed at Steve. He wants Steve to hand over his knife and phone to him. Next, Kono and Adam are at the airport waiting for Adam’s brother Michael, who he hasn’t seen in ten years as Michael was in prison and he wouldn’t allow Adam to visit him there. We then see that a man clicks pictures of Kono and Adam. Kono notices that. Michael arrives and his pictures are also clicked. At the camp, Steve arrives and tells Danny to ask the girls to back up. Ron is still holding Lucy hostage and Danny is shocked to see this. Ron then tells everyone to throw their cell phones on the ground. Danny tells him to take his car which is at the end of the trail and leave the site.

He tells Ron to hand Lucy back to them. But Ron tells them that he has lost something in the woods and wants Steve to go with him to help him find that thing. But he is also taking Lucy. When Danny tries to object, he shoots Danny on his shoulders. Ron then asks everyone to enter the supply shed and Steve locks them in from the outside. Inside the shed, there is no food, no water. Madeline, who is in charge of the scout, removes the bullet out of Danny’s shoulder. She is an ER nurse. Danny tries to distract the girls by telling them how he got kicked out from the boy’s scout. The girls find that shocking. Madeline tells him that they need to get some food for the girls.

He says that the door cannot be kicked open as it opens inwards. He then sees that the shed is does not have a foundation and so he tries to pulls out the wooden planks from the floor. The sun rises and Ron, Steve and Lucy are still walking. Steve tries to lead Ron to the bridge as he is well aware of the trails around. Ron thinks that Steve is trying to trick him but then agrees to follow Steve’s directions. Steve picks up a sharp stone when Ron is not looking. Adam wants Michael’s help as he is trying very hard to legitimize the family business. Michael needs time to decide what he wants to do but he totally supports Adam. After Adam leaves for a meeting, Kono tries to strike a conversation with Michael. But Michael does not reciprocate well. Grace manages to dig a hole through the ground and creeps out through it.

She then opens the door and everyone is happy. They try to leave from the site, but Ron is too smart; he has cut the spark plugs of the van and Danny’s car. There is blood on the car and Danny swabs it and stores it. Madeline then assigns the girls some tasks. Grace and her friend have found the cell phones which are in a bad shape. But the little girl tells Danny that she can use the workable parts of the two phones and maybe they can use it to make a call! Meanwhile, Ron, Steve and Lucy reach the bridge but it isn’t in a state to be used. They turn back. Steve is just about to strike Ron when another hiker arrives and chit chats with them Ron shoots him and he is happy about the adrenalin rush. The next time, he is going to shoot Steve! At the HQ, Ho shows Kono her pictures with Adam.

But he is more interested in Michael. He tells her that Michael served time for manslaughter and that he is a dangerous guy. Just because Adam has changed doesn’t mean that the Yakuza is happy with his new direction. Just then they receive a call from Danny and they send rescue teams to get the girls out of there. Danny is all geared up to go find Steve and Lucy and Madeline offers to go along with him as she knows the trails well and that she feels Danny does not know the required survival technique required to go alone. He is reluctant but he agrees. Madeline is good at tracking down as her father taught her really well. Danny admits that he wouldn’t \have noticed the details that were left behind by the trio.

They then come across a bloody parachute stuck on a tree; this means that Ron jumped off a plane. Maybe the plane was crashing! Kono tells Danny that there was a small plane that crashed in the jungle. Kono tells Danny that Ron is an armed guard and that he was guarding few diamonds which are also missing. The trio arrives at a spot and Ron asks them to look for a black bag pack. Lucy spots it hanging from a tree. He asks Steve to get up and get it. But Steve tells him that the branches won’t hold his weight. He then asks Lucy to get it. Lucy manages to take the bag pack and gets down and Steve takes this opportunity and tackles Ron. He then grabs the gun from him and asks Lucy to run. There is a gunshot heard and we see another man is holding Lucy at gunpoint.

He asks Steve to throw away his weapon. Madeline and Adam hear the shot as well. They then find the hiker, Jeff, Ron shot. He tells them that they have gone towards Api Falls. Madeline decides to stay with Jeff and Danny continues on his trail to find Steve and Lucy. Ho calls Danny and tells him that he is at Api Falls as there was a stolen car found around that area. He tells him that the prints found in the car belonged to a man named Wilson Hines. He has done time in prison for several robberies and now it looks like Wilson and Ron planned to steal the diamonds. Meanwhile, Wilson and Hines get into an argument. Wilson thinks that it is not cool that they have two witnesses. Moreover he is pissed at Ron that he missed the jump and is 24 hours late.

Steve takes this opportunity and runs with Lucy. Wilson shoots Ron and then turns his attention towards the fleeing duo. Ho finds Ron’s body. Danny too arrives at the site. Both of them go looking for Steve and Lucy. Steve hides Lucy in the bushes and he leads Wilson away from her. Steve reaches a dead end and Wilson asks him where the diamonds are. Ho finds Lucy in the bushes and decides to wait with her. She hands over the diamonds to him. Wilson is about to shoot Steve when Danny arrives and shoots Wilson.

He definitely hates camping!! Grace is proud of her father. She tells him that Lucy wants to marry Steve when she grows up. At home, Kono and Adam are fast asleep. Michael is holding a gun in his hand. He then keeps it in Kono’s holster. The episode ends.