Ha'awe Make Loa (Death Wish) - Recap

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The episode begins with Max waiting hi turn at the teller to make a deposit. But actually he is there to see his crush/teller Sabrina and is waiting for her counter to be free. Sabrina knows that he comes in to see her ad Max accidentally admits it. She then gives him his number and tells him that they could go out on Saturday. Just then two masked men arrive at the bank, shouting at the people to lie on the floor and one of them asks Sabrina to empty the drawer and give him all the money. One of them tries to take a woman hostage and a man jumps to her rescue and in a tussle that ensues, he manages to pull of one of the guy’s mask. Max sees the face of this robber. The man gets shot.

The robbers then quickly get out of the bank. Max tends to the man but just then Sabrina arrives and he sees that she is shot as well. She collapses. Next Danny and Steve arrive at a beach looking for Arlo. There is a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot going on at the beach. Arlo had called them for a reason. He found a threatening note in his models’ trailer. He is unaware of any stalkers. And there are a lot of models doing the show tomorrow and he doesn’t know who this is addressed to. Danny looks smitten by one of the models. Steve tells him that they got to go and Danny offers to stay with the models while Steve could go and check on the case. Steve arrives at the scene and Kono and Ho tell him about what transpired.

Steve is surprised to learn that Max had a girlfriend. Also, the robbers took only five grand from the drawers and did not go for the vault. Steve asks to pull up all the camera footage. Later, Max tells Ho that Jim Rogers, the first man who was shot is out of surgery while Sabrina is still under the knife. So the bullet passed through Jim and hit Sabrina. Kono pulls up the footage and sees a circle of light instead of the robbers’ heads. So, where are their heads? The rest of the footage is very clear. At the HPD crime lab, Fong asks Kono to wear a t-shirt and stand under the camera. They see that her head too is a ball of light. Infra red radiation; Fong explains to her that the robbers must have sewn them on to their shirts; very high tech.

Meanwhile, Danny is having a great time with the models. He is sitting with Megan, Monique and Nina. He then asks them individually as to if there was someone who would want to have them killed. Steve and Kono go to meet Jim at the hospital. Donna, his ex-wife leaves. Kono at once realizes that she is the ex wife. They then ask Jim to help them Id the attacker. It is a blur but he is more than willing to help. Ho calls them ad tells them that the HPD discovered the bag pack used in the robbery. All the cash is still inside it. So two innocent lives got endangered for nothing! There are prints that have been lifted off from the bag and it us a match to Makani Jacobs. He has a long rap sheet but he hasn’t done something this big before. Steve and Kono go to Jacobs’ house and finding him high and dancing with barely some clothes.

Steve announces himself and he tries to run in that dazed state. Steve tries to grab him and the last piece of his clothing comes off! So now they are chasing a naked man. Steve manages to knock him off to the ground but he tells Kono to cuff him. Well, how is this fair? Max is still at the hospital. Fong tells Danny that they got a handwriting hit on the threatening note; it is a match to a woman named Denise Pope. Fong gets a hit and tells Danny that Denise flew on to the Island under an alias. Danny asks Arlo to ask the girls if they know anything about Denise. Meanwhile, Kono and Steve interrogate Jacobs. He tells him that he doesn’t know anything about any robbery. But when Steve tells him that two people were shot, he is shocked as he thought it was just one!

He then admits that he was in the bank for the robbery and that he knows about just one man being shot. He tells them that a stranger walked up to him and gave him 20k to do a bank job and so he agreed. The gun that the detectives found in his house was the stranger’s. And then they spilt ways. So, a stranger pays Jacobs 20k to pull a job of 5k? Strange! Now there is a problem; Jim and Jacobs’ sketches of the shooter don’t match!! Fong tells Ho that Jacobs’ gun did not fire the bullet. So, this supports the story. He also shows Ho a picture of the scene where the bag was discovered. There is blood on the leaves nearby. Actually it is dye and the possible explanation is that the bag was thrown by the robbers when the dye pack exploded.

So why go through a bank robbery, just to throw away the money? Next, Kono and Steve arrive at the hospital and they see the guy who matches one of the sketches. Kono goes to Jim’s room and Steve follows the man; but he manages to escape. Kono arrives declaring that Jim is dead; strangled. But it was Jacobs’ sketch that helped them and not Jim’s. Looks like the killer doesn’t know that! Ho finds a match to the shooter from the bank; Cordova, who is connected with the mob and is known for high profile crimes and nothing like this. So, the actual job is much bigger than this robbery. It has to do something with the women they grabbed before the cops arrived. Also, Max tells them Jim was suffering from terminal cancer and it looks like he had given up the fight. They then check the video from the bank and they find that Jim is stalling and behaving weirdly.

Looks like he is waiting for the robbery to happen! His financials show that he had made a 20k withdrawal from the bank which means that Jacobs’ isn’t lying after all. So, Jim hired Cordova to plan a hit on himself. Fong tells Danny that Denise is at the hotel where the models are staying and she has taken a room right next to Behati Prinsloo. We then see that Denise enters Behati’s room through the balcony. Behati arrives in her room. Denise tries to attack her but Danny arrives on time and shoots Denise. Kono is still trying to figure out what Jim was thinking by doing all this. Steve deduces that he was trying to redeem himself in front of his family; his ex-wife and daughter. Ho calls and tells them that Cordova too had cancer. They go to the cancer treatment center. Steve goes to Cordova’s room but Cordova is prepared and he comes from behind with a gun aimed at Steve.

We then see that Cordova’s gun is still aimed at Steve and Steve is driving. Cordova tells him that he too was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as Jim’s. And Steve was right; Jim did this to die a hero in his daughter’s eyes. But Steve does not know why Cordova agreed to do this. Cordova asks Steve to get down at an isolated place and hands Steve a gun. He then tells Steve to shoot him in his head. If Steve doesn’t do it then Cordova is going to shoot himself. Just then the team arrives and they manage to arrest Cordova.

Case Closed. Sabrina is now all right and Max and she spend some alone time at the hospital cafeteria. Danny, Grace and Steve arrive at the Victoria’s Secret party. Grace is having some make up put on and Behati tells Danny to be around for his daughter because girls need daddy and they grow up fast. The episode ends.