Kahu (Guardian) - Recap

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The episode begins with Cat and Steve having breakfast in Steve’s car. Cat is not too happy about this as she expected something more when Steve told her that they will be going someplace special; she was expecting something more romantic. Steve is trying to explain to her that this too is romantic, when a guy arrives and tries to carjack them. Guess he picked up the wrong car! Moments later the guy’s nose is bleeding and Steve hands the guy over to Duke. Steve then notices a young boy is cuffed to the table and Duke tells Steve that he is a hot head and needs some time to cool off.

Steve goes to talk to the boy and learns that his name is Ethan Awana and he broke one of the precinct windows. He did this so that he could get the attention of the cops. He tells Steve that his father, Bruce Awana has not returned home since last night and he feels that something really bad has happened to his father. Next, Kamekona wants to buy a helicopter and he thinks that taking Danny is the best option as the dealer is a white guy and so it will be easy for him to communicate with Danny. Danny with a lot of reluctance agrees to go. He meets the dealer Freddy and manages to settle the deal for a 170k. Kamekona is happy.

Cat and Steve are driving Ethan to his dad’s store and there they find blood on the floor and the walls. Looks like Ethan was right; something bad did happen. Ethan wants to help the team to find his dad and Steve recruits him as the new member for the task force till they find Bruce. Steve asks him to pack a bag and stay with them. Ethan feels that they are only trying to get him out of the way. Steve then hands him a cell and makes it official. Bruce is now charged up. Steve likes Ethan. Obviously; Ethan is just like Steve when Steve was 13! Ho and Danny examine the scene and Ho tells Danny that there was a shot gun involved in the shooting. He also shows drag marks made by blood.

So someone did drag the victim out of the store. A general store in a remote location and the scene looks like it is a robbery gone bad. But when they check the drawer, the cash is in there. So why take the body and leave the cash? Grace is gone for a vacation with Rachael and Danny is feeling bad that this Christmas is going to be lonely. Steve asks him to have dinner with him and his family. Kono calls and tells Steve that they have a hit from the print found on the shot gun at the store; it belongs to a guy named Moku Bradford and he has priors in aggravated assault. They go to Bradford’s house and find a bloodied truck.

They draw their weapons and Bradford arrives with a shovel in his hand; there is blood all over him. Ho goes with a team in the woods and finds a spot which looks like it contains a buried body. But turns out that it is a hole that is dug to slow roast a pig! Bradford is shocked to learn that the cops think that he killed somebody and the ground slips from beneath his feet when he learns that something happened to Bruce. Bradford tells them that he worked for Bruce and Bruce was a friend. He was arrested for hunting without a license and so he kept quiet when he was questioned.

He tells them that the shotgun belonged to Bruce and he did use it a couple of times. But other than that he knows nothing about what transpired at the store. Cat is searching for a suitcase to pack Ethan’s clothes and she finds one; but it has lots of cash inside it. She informs Steve and they think that Bruce got into something to get that sort of cash and that “something” could have gotten him killed. Kono has a lead. She has a got hit on an anonymous drop off for the ER. This John Doe died in surgery and it is his blood all over Bruce’s store. He is the gunshot victim. The driver’s face is not seen but the car he is driving is registered under Bruce’s name.

So from being a victim, Bruce is now the primary suspect. Max performs the autopsy on John Doe and finds out that he dies of anti-freeze poisoning along with the gun shot. Also, there are tea leaves found in his finger nails. Ho thinks he knows what is going on; he tells Danny that John Doe was making moonshine. Ho then goes to meet his uncle Choi and Choi gives them an address to a local store where they could find their leads. Maybe that Bruce was in business with John Doe and something went wrong between them. Steve tells Cat that they will have to ask Ethan if he recognizes John Doe.

Cat says that it will be cruel to ask for Ethan’s help to implicate his father. Ethan escapes from the HQ and arrives at a deserted place. The team follows him as they track down the phone Steve gave him earlier. He tells him that he wasn’t happy about helping them to send his father to jail. He then admits that he has seen John Doe hanging with the guy who lives at the house, Darren Hodge. He is a bad guy and Bruce had warned Ethan to stay away from him. They then go to Darren’s house and find Bradford there with a shot gun. Bradford is then taken in for interrogation.

Bradford tells them that Darren is his moonshine supplier. It was Bradford who was selling the moonshine from the general store and not Bruce. It seems that Bruce used to make these monthly deliveries to some guy who used to pay him a ton of cash and Bradford had told Darren about these anonymous deliveries. The man who used to pay Bruce was some sort of a recluse and Bradford knows nothing about him. He thinks that probably Darren tried to roll in this guy. Bradford went looking for Darren when he heard about Bruce’s murder as he thinks that Darren killed Bruce.

Kono has one more lead; she checked the serial number from the money Cat found in Bruce’s basement and it appears that they were from a bank heist in Chicago five years back and the robber is Stuart Rizzi. So maybe Stuart is the recluse. He was using Bruce to send him supplies while he was lying low and used the stolen money to pay Bruce. They look for properties bought in cash and find out that Rizzi is now using an alias, Philip Bowman and he has bought a property under that alias. They go to the property and find Darren and one of his guys lying dead. Maybe Rizzi and Bruce fled together once Rizzi realized that Darren was trying to make a jump at him.

Next, Cat is at the house with Ethan and Rizzi shows up with Bruce. Rizzi is on the run and since he might be out of cash, he might want whatever he has given to Bruce. Cat hides and manages to set off the smoke detector by burning some tissue in the toaster. Ethan fetches the suitcase from the basement which has the money; but it is empty as it is in the Five O HQ as evidence. Cat tackles Rizzi and beats him to the ground. Steve arrives and finds that everyone is safe. Ethan is happy to reunite with his father. Case closed.

Next, Kamekona hands over the tickets for a free helicopter tour to the entire team; it is his Christmas gift. Steve arrives; he is dressed in tux and a bow tie. He sweeps Cat into his arms. He tells her he is taking her to dinner. Well, looks like she got what she wanted. The episode ends.