Kapu (Forbidden) - Recap

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The episode begins with a boy being led through a dark hallway; his hands are toed and head covered with a cloth. The cloth is removed and the boy sees a flash of light in front of him. He then hears a voice and the voice asks him if his name is Jonah Atkins. The voice wants Jonah to beg for his life. The voice then asks him to sing a song from the ‘90s as that is the only thing that would save his life. Jonah attempts to sing “I want it that way”. The lights turn on and it turns out that it was a prank by his friends. They now declare him as the official member of their club. They then ask him to drink 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes.

Jonah takes a break and goes to the chemistry lab to wash his face. He then finds acid spilled on the floor. That is weird! He then sees a tub full of acid and a body in it! Next, Ming is being transported to the Island to testify in a federal trial in exchange of a sentence reduction. The team is at the latest crime scene and Eric, Danny’s nephew, is also at the scene. Steve finds it weird that Danny has brought his nephew along. According to Max, the victim was dead before he hit the acid bath; blunt force trauma. There are signs of forced entry and missing lab gear. So, the victim was there when the robbery went down. Ho arrives at tells them that the stolen lab gear is found at the dumpster three blocks away. So it is a murder, and the killer staged a robbery as a cover up. Ho says that there are 300 students along with the faculties who have access to the lab.

Danny and Steve talk to Mr. Roth and tell him that Prof. Cutler was actually murdered. Ho talks to the TA, Bram. Bram tells Ho that Cutler spends a lot of time in the lab researching. Bram also says that Cutler has been displaying odd behavior lately. He has been missing classes, working odd hours and was also slightly rude off late. Roth tells Danny and Steve that a student was seen walking out of Cutler’s office and she looked upset and she was crying. Roth tells them that Cutler had a way of reaching out to his students and had a unique way to explaining complex stuff. This was very alluring for young girls. But he did not ask questions about Cutler’s relationship with his students. Next, Ming is having a bath when Kono hears a knock on the door of the hotel room.

This is safe place and no one knows about this place. It is Kamekona; Ming called him here with some shrimps and new apparel. Jason Parker from the prosecuting attorney’s office arrives with an officer. He has come to prep Ming for the testimony. Kono is relieved of her duty for a while. Danny and Steve arrive at the HQ with Eric. Ho arrives with a voicemail from Cutler’s phone. It was sort of a threat. It was from a senior student, Rebecca Fine. Eric sends pictures of Danny during his hay day days and everyone has a big laugh. Danny reprimands Eric and asks him to mend his ways. Eric agrees to behave. They then go to meet Rebecca. But Rebecca jumps out of the window and tries to escape.

But they manage to catch her. Rebecca says that this is harassment. They then make her listen to the voicemail she left for Cutler. There is also a witness who saw her storming out of Cutler’s office. Rebecca is taking some drugs which help her stay awake to prepare for her mid terms. She says that many students in her advance chemistry class are cheating; someone is selling the exams to them. She is under a lot of pressure. She had told Cutler about it but he told her that he could not do anything without any proof. The message was regarding the same. Steve tells Danny that according to Max the killer must weigh around 190 pounds to inflict that kind of wound. So, maybe Cutler was looking in to the cheating case and some student who was afraid of being caught killed him.

Ho arrives saying that there was a spyware on Cutler’s computer that was used to pull out a large bunch of files. So, they need to find the students who were cheating. Eric arrives and suggests that they should look at the grades and they could figure out who was cheating. Good idea! They pull up a student whose grades were depleting and then suddenly they were brilliant. He points them to the person who was selling the exams; the TA Bram. They chase Bram and arrest him. Bram tells them that he practically did all of Gutler’s work but he wasn’t paid well and that is why he sold the exams. But he says that he did not kill Cutler and definitely did not steal the papers from cutler, as he was the one who set the papers. Cutler never questioned him.

Later, Danny tells Steve that the TA’s story checked out. So what was stolen from Cutler’s computer? Eric suggests that Cutler could be hiding his research; especially after he had realized that there was spyware in his computer. Eric suggests that they should check Cutler’s house. But that has already been done by the HPD. But Eric says that they could have missed something. Steve and Danny go to Cutler’s house and find a hidden door behind the book shelf. Inside, there is some sort of a lab set up and some leaves were being dried. Whatever the leaves are, they are worth killing for! They take the leaves to Charlie, who says that these leaves have been extinct for 200 years.

So, either Cutler found a rare specimen or he brought them back to life. The question is; why did they get him killed? At the hotel, Ming has escaped. Ho tells Steve and Danny that Cutler has been going on hunting trips but he did not have a license. Ho tells them that it is the place where he went that matters. Cutler used to go to an exclusive island on the North of Hawaii and only 100 native Hawaiians are allowed to stay there. It is known as the Forbidden Island and if Cutler is seen taking any plants, it wouldn’t have been taken kindly by the inhabitants. So, Steve decides to go to the Island but Danny says that he is going to stay back with Eric. He doesn’t want to fly with Steve.

Instead he is going to one of his hacker friend who could get more details on the spyware. Steve and Ho reach the Island and a woman recognizes Cutler. She also tells Ho that there was smoke coming from his pad this morning. Steve thinks that there is someone else in Cutler’s pad; that could be their killer. Danny knocks some sense in to Eric and tells him that he needs to set his act straight. He also appreciates his good work earlier in the day. Eric is happy. They then go to the hacker friend’s house; but his roommate tells Danny that his friend has gone to Baltimore. Danny then asks him to help with the computer. On the Island, Steve and Ho find Dr. Stevens at Cutler’s pad.

Stevens tells them that Cutler was helping him with some findings. Stevens’ son had a rare degenerative disease and Steven was discovering the cure for it. Cutler was only helping him. The extinct plant had the cure to that disease. They are perplexed. Danny and the hacker roommate find out that there was a Trojan virus that was embedded in an email attachment that was sent to Cutler. It was sent by his boss, Roth. He used to do that with everyone in the department so that he could have access to their computers and keep a tab on them. But when he saw something this big that had a potential to earn him a fortune, he killed Cutler. Danny calls Ho and tells him that Roth is not to be found. The local guide tells Ho and Steve that one guy from the hunting parties who were asked to clear the Island is not to be found; his name is Roth. So, Roth is here to kill Stevens.

Roth chases Stevens and is about to kill him when Ho and Steve arrive and shoot Roth in his arm. They arrest him. Next, Kono finds Ming sitting in front of his ex-wife’s house with flowers. But he looks upset. She has now changed her name and has a family. He surrenders himself to Kono. Steve arrives to meet Avery in the hospital and hands over a letter to Stevens which gives him permission to carry on his research as long as he wants. Eric has found his calling; he wants to work in the crime lab. Danny is glad. The episode ends.