Olelo Ho'Opa'I Make (Death Sentence) - Recap

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The episode begins with Steve and Danny drawing their guns on two men. Steve shoots one of them and Danny asks the other one about Ho’s whereabouts. He does not answer. Danny lands a heavy punch across the man’s face. He says that he could press charges. On hearing this, Steve punches him once again and he falls to the ground. Cut to 14 hours earlier, Ho is in bed and he wakes up to find himself cuffed to his bed. A man is standing in front of him with Ho’s phone in his hand. Ho asks him who he is and what he wants from him. The man’s accomplice injects some liquid into Ho’s arm. Adam and Kono are enjoying a romantic bath and they discuss about Michael.

Just then his phone rings and he goes to answer his call. Kono is able to hear the conversation where Adam is telling the caller that he was told not to call on this number. Adam then closes the door behind him so that Kono cannot hear him. Later Adam tells her that it is just business; he has to leave and promises that he will make it up to her. Kono then quietly checks the number the call came from. Next, Steve, Cathy and Danny are having breakfast at Kamekona’s and the new recipe doesn’t taste all that good. Kono arrives and she asks where Ho is. They then realize that it was his anniversary. They decide to give Ho some alone time. Meanwhile, Ho wakes up and finds himself locked up in a cell of a correctional facility with maximum security. Min who is also locked up in the same facility, recognizes Ho.

Two other inmates recognize him and try to beat him up. But Ho tackles them and escapes. He goes to the security guard and tells him that he is Five O. The guard pretends to believe him and leads him to a room and locks him up. Just then Ho hears a voice; it is Kaleo. Meanwhile, Fong helps Kono with the number she saw on Adam’s phone and Kono tells him that she wants him to call that number. In the locked room, a fight ensues between Kaleo and Ho. Ho is in a bad state and Min arrives to his rescue. They then take the keys from the guard Warrick who is now unconscious. Now, Ho and Min have two different plans. Min says that Ho’s plan won’t work. Min plans on setting up a fire to aid Ho’s escape. When the first respondents arrive, Ho could tell them that he is Five O.

They manage to start a fire and the alarm goes off. At the HQ, Dr. Palmer arrives to meet Steve and Danny. She is the grief Counselor for Five O. she tells them that she is worried about Ho and that he has been her patient for the past few months and he did not want his team to see his grief as his weakness. Palmer tells them that she Ho did not show up for his appointment. He confirmed his appointment last night as well. Kono arrives telling them that Ho is not in the hotel he normally checks into. They go to check his house. They realize that Ho isn’t on a vacation as his bike is in the garage. They check the house and realize that the intruders came for Ho. Ho’s phone is left on the table. The intruders also used Ho’s phone to send Steve a text.

Kono says that she will have the CSU process the place and ask Fong to check for prints on Ho’s phone. In the prison, it gets chaotic. Kaleo is still looking for Ho and the inmates have gone wild. They attack all the security guards. They then go to the control room and release all the other prisoners. Kaleo then takes the Mike and tells the inmates that there is a cop amidst them and they need to find him. At the HPD crime lab, Fong is unable to find any prints; so he swabs the phone for DNA trace samples and he gets a hit on Delano. But that is not possible as Delano is dead. They then run it again and find out that it actually belongs to Paul Delano, Delano’s elder brother. So, kidnapping Ho could be payback for Delano’s death. Ho needs to get to a phone. And the accessible phone is in the security office with Kaleo inside the office.

Also the inmates are hunting for Ho to kill him. But Ho decides get to the phone. Min goes after him. Steve informs Cathy about the recent happenings. Steve calls Cathy and asks her to run Paul’s facial recog through all the Homeland security video. They rack down Paul and as we see in the first scene, Steve pulls out Paul’s phone and dials the most dialed number. It is Warrick’s and Steve learns that Ho is in Halawu prison. In the prison, the woman from the meds department helps Ho and Min get to a phone. The nurse manages to open the door which leads to the phone, but Warrick arrives, takes her and locks Ho and Min on the other side. Min then has a plan; he calls out to the inmates and tells them that he found Ho and that they need to take him to Kaleo; alive. The team arrives but the whole place is still locked down.

And it is under the inmates’ control. The Incharge, does not allow them to go inside and create problems. So, Steve decides to get in on his own. They take Kamekona’s helicopter and fly to the prison. Inside, Ho is brought in front of Kaleo and he stabs Ho. Kaleo tells Ho that he only survived in prison because of just one man, Frank Delano. Ho tells him that Delano killed his wife and was about to kill his cousin and maybe even him. Kaleo has made up his mind to kill Ho. Min tries to talk him out of it by telling him to use Ho as leverage. He tells him to call Five O and see what they have to offer in exchange of Ho’s life. But Kaleo does not fall for this and he asks his men to take Min to the cell and that he will deal with him later. Just then the team arrives in the prison and deals with the prisoners with some explosives and shots.

They find Ho who has now killed Kaleo in a dual. Ho wants them to rescue the nurse and Min who had helped him. They find the nurse; but they see that Min has escaped from the prison. They find his hair lying on the bed beside a pair of scissors. We see Min walking out of the facility in a guard’s uniform. Ho looks relieved. But his condition is bad; he has bled a lot. Later, we see that Ho has recovered and he too doesn’t like Kamekona’s new breakfast burritos. Just then the nurse who they rescued, Leilani, arrives to meet him.

The team thinks that they should let them talk. They leave. Ho thanks his friends for saving his life. At home, Kono and Adam are watching the sunset and Adam goes to get some wine. Kono uses software to transfer data from his phone to hers. Adam arrives with the wine and they enjoy their drink together. But Kono looks disturbed. The episode ends.