Pa'ani (The Game) - Recap

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The episode begins with few men dressed in uniforms, being dropped off outside a building. A gun fight ensues. We then learn that it is a simulated tactical ops program and the bullets are actually paint balls. But everyone is shocked when they see that one of them is actually shot in his head! Next, it is football season and Danny had asked Kamekona to get tickets for the game. He wanted a seat close to the field so that he could meet his favorite football star. Just then Steve gets a call. They arrive at the crime scene. The victim is Scott Davis and he was at the retreat with his co-workers.

The company had booked the entire facility for the team. Scott was shot with a 9mm, which is recovered by one of the HPD officers. They test the co-workers for gun powder residue and it is negative. Steve notices a female employee crying. He pulls her aside and talks to her. Her name is Melinda. Melinda tells Steve that this camp was only for the executives and she is only an assistant. But Scott knew how much she wanted to visit Hawaii and so he got tickets for her. She tells him that Scott was the brightest guy she had ever come across. There are no cameras around the facility but all the participants were wearing action cameras. They check the footages from the action cameras.

They see that one man is not wearing his camera. His mask looks different as well. They realize that he is the killer. There were 12 men on the field; 11 participants and one killer. Officer Duke tells Steve that there are no leads on the murder weapon. Kono and Danny tell Steve that nobody from the training simulation recognized the suspect. However, they did mention that one of their colleagues, Brent Mercer, was supposed to join them in the morning; but he did not show up. Instead, he booked a flight out of town. Next, Steve and Danny interrogate Brent. It appears that the previous night Brent was drunk and he left a threatening voicemail for Scott. Brent tells them that he was at the bar and Scott arrived. When he went to greet Scott, Scott completely blew him off.

Scott worked for Brent and now Brent has to report to Scott. All of this made Brent angry and that is why he left that message. But he tells them that he regretted his actions and he was embarrassed to face Scott. That is why he bailed out of the field trip. He says that he did not kill Scott. Ho calls Steve and tells him that Scott’s and Brent’s boss is waiting to meet him. Steve and Danny meet Neil Redding. Neil tells them that Scott came in as an intern and was very successful at the firm. But Neil says that he had hired and trained Brent. He knows that Brent would not kill Scott because he is not aggressive enough. Ho arrives and tells Steve and Danny that Brent’s alibi checked out. Max tells Kono that the COD was the gunshot to the back of Scott’s head.

But then he also states that there are high levels of a hypnotic drug found in his blood. This drug is used as a muscle relaxant and as a treatment for insomnia. Max tells her that the amount that is present in his blood shows that the drugs would have knocked him out. Max says that Scott has taken the meds 12 hours ago. Kono informs Steve. Steve and Danny think that someone drugged him at the bar by slipping it into his drink. Next, Catherine has bought two tickets for the game; but Steve tells her that he is already going with Danny and Kamekona. Later, they arrive at the bar where Scott had been drinking the previous night. Steve talks to Nicky “Kidd” Demarco, who sings at the bar.

Nicky tells Danny that he worked for Frank Sinatra back in the late ‘60s. Steve shows him Scott’s picture and Nicky remembers that Scott was drinking alone at the bar; but not for long. Holly joined him a while later. He tells Steve that he exactly doesn’t know what Holly does; but he is sure that she has an angle. He also tells Steve that Holly used to give large tips to the doorman Isaiah. Steve glances towards Isaiah and Isaiah runs. But he is knocked down by Nicky. Isaiah tells them that he doesn’t even know Holly’s real name. She runs a scam where she rips off rich men. All he does is tip her off when one of them arrives at the bar. But he did not hook her up with Scott.

He tells them that Scott was lousy; all plastic and no cash. In fact, he was surprised to see that Holly showed up from nowhere and hooked up with Scott. He tells them that Holly is not known to drug her customers; but he is also sure that she was working on a different script last night. He gives them Holly’s number. Ho tracks that number through GPS and finds out that the phone is at the Marriott. Kono arrives at the hotel and goes into the security room which is the last position of the phone. The guy in the security room hands over Holly’s phone to Kono and also shows her the footage of what happened with the woman who left her phone at the poolside (Holly). Kono watches the footage and sees that Holly gets into an argument with a man and she tries to leave.

But the man gets up and tries to stop her. Just then another guy steps in between them and punches the man. The Good Samaritan is Arian Foster, the football star. Next, Steve and Danny go to meet Foster. Foster tells them that he was only trying to help the girl. But he wasn’t able to get their names or any other detail. Steve notices that Foster is wearing a class ring. He takes the ring for DNA testing because Foster was wearing that ring when he punched the man and the ring could have the man’s DNA on it. Next, Kono tells Steve and Danny that Holly has been very active lately and there are a bunch of open investigations on her. She also got a hit on the DNA from the ring; Timothy Cross.

Cross has priors in blackmailing and extortion. Before Cross started this life, he was in the Army. He had quite a career before he was dishonorably discharged. Moreover, Cross is of the same height and built as their shooter. They arrest Cross. Cross tells them that he had nothing to do with Scott’s murder. He was gathering intelligence for his clients and that is why he hired Holly. He gave her some sedatives and 20k to sedate Scott and steal the data from his computer on to the flash drive. But now there is no flash drive and he has also lost 20k. Holly got worked up because she saw the news of Scott’s death on television. Cross also tells the officers that he doesn’t know who his clients are. He tells them that he was at the spa at the time of the murder.

Cross’ alibi checked out. Ho tells Steve and Kono that there was no laptop found in Scott’s room. Holly was only supposed to copy the data on to the flash drive. This means someone else took the laptop. Ho tells them that Scott had developed a new chipset and it is a million dollar product. Danny arrives with Holly’s real identity; Lana Sullivan. Steve and Danny go to Lana’s house and find her sister Beth. Beth tells them that Lana told her that she found a buyer for the stuff she stole from Scott’s computer. But she also told her that if she doesn’t hear from her then she should send the details to the press. Beth tells them the place where Lana is supposed to meet the buyer.

Ho tells Steve and Danny that Neil was heavily invested in this chipset and Scott has been warning him that he isn’t sure if the product would work. But that still doesn’t prove motive for murder. Ho tells them that Scott was insured for 30 million dollars. The company insures high level executives who are an asset to the company. This means that Scott is worth more to Neil dead than alive. Kono tells Danny that Neil had forged the flight manifests to prove his alibi. The pilot helped him do that and he confessed. He was on the island when Scott was killed and he did not leave for California. But Kono is sure that Neil would have never predicted that one of his rivals would hire Cross to get to Scott’s laptop.

This means Neil has one last loose end to tie up; Lana/Holly. Next, Neil meets Holly and throws the flash drive into the ocean. He then holds her at gun points and asks her to walk. Just then Steve and Danny arrive and chase Neil. Steve manages to grab him; but he also get his own shoulder broken. Neil is arrested for the murder of Scott Davis. Case closed.

Steve is at the hospital and Danny decides to miss the game and stay with his friend. Later, Catherine brings Steve and Danny to the football field (it is empty). It looks like she pulled some strings and tells them that they have ten minutes. Danny is happy to be on the field. Catherine has another gift for Danny; a football autographed by one of his favorite stars. Steve throws the football to Danny and he catches. Steve feels the pain in his shoulder and says that he needs to see a doctor. The episode ends.