Hookman - Recap

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The episode begins with an aged man crossing a graveyard and walking up a hill. Meanwhile, there is a funeral procession that is driving down the street. The man then arrives at the top of the hill, places a box on the ground and pulls out a long range rifle. He is wearing prosthetic hands. He aims at the guard riding the bike in front of the procession. There is an accident and we see that a coffin falls off on the street from one of the vans. The man quickly leaves. The team arrives at the scene and Danny tells Steve that the funeral was that of Officer Ben Keoki. Steve knows Keoki. He tells Danny that Keoki lived around his block and he was very close to his father. He was like an Uncle to him.

Ho checks the place from where the shooter fired the shot. There are imprints, signs of a tripod stand and also very clearly, the sand has been disturbed. Ho then finds a bullet casing. The casing has Keoki’s name engraved on it. Steve then talks to Officer Troy Ookala. He tells Steve that Ben was a nice man and he always wanted to be a cop. He did not know how to drive and it was Steve’s father who taught him to drive. Steve wants to know if Ben had some enemies and Troy tells him that in their days they did shake few people up. But he doesn’t know of any enemy that Ben talked to him about. Steve then asks Troy if Ben had some financial issues and if he had taken money from someone. But Troy says that Ben was a too proud a man to take a loan from anyone.

Steve asks Troy to stand down and let them find Ben’s killer. Next, the team then discusses the place the shooter took aim from; seems to be like a pro. Steve wonders how many people are there on his list. Looks like Steve is thinking right; the killer takes out another bullet and starts engraving a name on it. The name begins with the letter “O”. Kono arrives to meet Fong. Fong tell her that there are no prints found on the casing. He then points out to the letter O; it begins from bottom and ends at the bottom. Also, the shooter engraved the name on the casing with his hand; he is old school. Kono then checks the casing and says that there are some alterations that have been done on the casing; so the man knows his ammo and his physics very well to know the fact that any changes made to the bullet would affect its fitting in the gun and also its flight.

Kono goes to find a gunsmith who could shed more light on this. Next, we see that the shooter is selling the rifle to an Afro American guy who wants a weapon for his protection. The shooter then teaches him how to assemble the weapon. Steve and Danny are driving and Steve tells Danny about Ben’s life and how his daughter died four years ago of breast cancer. Steve regrets the fact that he did not even meet Ben to covey his condolences as he got too busy. Kono calls in about a shooting. Danny and Steve arrive at the site and we see that the black guy, who our shooter sold the weapon to, was shooting at the cops. Steve learns that the guy’s name is Don McKinney and he is a nuisance. One of the officers tells Steve that they got an anonymous call saying that the shooter was hiding in this building.

Steve tries to talk to the guy but it does no good. He then throws in a smoke bomb and gets to the guy and shoots him. But Steve does not think that Don is their shooter as this guy is reckless and didn’t even know how to use the weapon. The shooter who shot Ben was a trained sniper. Just then one of the officers announces that a cop is shot; it is Troy Ookala and he is dead! Duke Lukela thinks that Don shot him. later, Max arrives at the scene and tells Steve and Danny that the angle of the entry and the exit wounds show that Troy was shot from a higher angle; definitely higher from the window where Don stood and fired at the cops. Fong is brought in to find out the exact location from where the sniper took the shot; Fong points out to the corner of a rooftop.

Steve goes to the rooftop and finds a casing with Ookala’s name engraved on it. Kono tells the team that a CI told her that Don was in the market looking for a weapon; he got iced on some deal and so he wanted the weapon for protection. Danny infers that the shooter got a whiff of this and so he sold Don the weapon and lured Ookala to that place. they now need to find a connection between Troy, Ben and the shooter. They need to check the cases that the two officers were on; that meant a LOT of cases. Just then Governor Denning calls Steve; he needs to be briefed about this as he is holding a press conference. Steve has decides to tell him that they have positively ided the shooter! Well, Denning tells Steve not to make this whole thing personal. Steve says that he doesn’t know how not to!!

Meanwhile, the shooter has readied another bullet with a name on it; McGarrett!! Steve goes to meet Fong for any updates; but he has nothing at the moment. Danny arrives saying that there was a call from the gunsmith who sold the casings. They go to meet the gunsmith. We then see that the shooter walks into an apartment right across the gunsmith’s shop. He aims at Danny; but just then a man who looks like a painter, enters the room. The shooter crushes his neck and gets back to what he was doing. At the store, Steve and Danny learn that the gunsmith hadn’t made the call. Steve realizes that it was a trap. He asks Danny to get down and a bullet comes in crashing the windows. They take their positions and chase the shooter’ car.

After a wild, long chase, the shooter drives off into the water. Kono and Ho tell Steve that the painter was killed; his neck seems to have been crushed. Later, they fish out the car and find a prosthetic hand attached to the steering wheel. Steve thinks he knows who the shooter is. Meanwhile, the shooter arrives at his apartment and puts on a prosthetic with the ends like a clasp. Steve tells Danny the story where Ben, Troy, his father and a bunch of other guys had stopped a bank heist. The cops had to force their way in and at that time the shooter, Curt Stoner, who was also a part of the heist, had his hands on the mains. McGarrett shot at the mains and this blew off Stoner’s hands and now he is out for revenge. Stoner has a military background.

Just then Kono calls and tells Steve that Lukela was shot; and he is in the hospital. Lukela was also in the team that stopped the heist. There are two other officers in the photo and Steve wants them under protection. Next, Max examines the prosthetic hand that was found in the car. it has a serial number which Max tracks down. Their suspicion was right; the shooter is Stoner. He also finds an address. The team goes to the address and Stoner sees the team arrive. He escapes on to the roof of the building across the street and fires at the team; his target is Steve. Steve is supposed to pay for his father’s sins.

Steve has a plan. He grabs a rifle from his car and tells Kono that she will have just one shot and she should take it. He then gets into the car and drives away. Stoner tries to keep his aim and he is obviously distracted. Kono takes her shot; Stoner falls down dead on the street. Steve is standing next to Stoner’s dead body and he sees the spirits of Troy and Ben thanking him. His father is there too. He tells Steve that he is proud to have a son like him. The episode ends.